COMING THURSDAY: "Love at Elevation" New Hosted Game TRAILER



I don’t understand half of the choices. I don’t understand my character. Others seem to be like from Venus I don’t get what they drink or what idiom talking…

It is immediately clear my character is from another planet and with a totally different philosophical point of view. Like The question about what is my song in life . I don’t understand it I don’t understand 90% of the demo and absolutely all romancs where exactly same for me except the ex.

I don’t think that is the game is bad. I think is for a sub culture from another country and with other lifestyle and philosophy I don’t even know the name. So It is not for me but I am not saying this game is bad. I don’t think it is. I only could say I am lost in translation and hating my character. lol.


Yup. I think the writing is probably far too embedded in American idiom and more complex uses of English for you, in addition to being set in a place and milieu you don’t have any personal reference points for.


Yes I had to look at the dictionary about idioms And that I am very grateful as I learned lot of new use for words. But that influence the lack of immersion. However I probably will ended buying it not for pleasure but to see another examples and use of idioms in a game.


I had bought it immediately after reading the Demo… simply because the love interests are so well develop and well written as if they have their souls of their own, the interaction with them are intriguing and meaningful , even the non romancable characters are adorable such as Alice and the two Lisas … as those office colleagues…

But what i don’t understand is why the Ex Wife is considered toxic? :-):thinking: it was well written that MC miss her so much and i was in the wrong for my past actions, but Louisa seems willing to forgive me at any moment with her kind and gentle message , all those interaction had shown that she didn’t angry at me at all and even express how she really felt in the email she sent … most heart warming was that Louisa pick up my call immediately in the middle of her date, and hang on to it until i said otherwise… this clearly shown she didn’t really care for her date as she didn’t bother to hide about me I really feel bad when trying to romance the other RO when the Ex Wife is still caring… So i had decided to enjoy the read until i get back to my ex wife again :-):blush:

The strength of “Love at Elevation” ultimately is that all the characters are charming and Not bland … The ROs have distinguish personality and charming characters of their own, and the interaction with them are meaningful…

This had proven that we don’t need too many RO to choose upon as long as these ROs are well developed and meaningful interaction :slight_smile:


Id don’t feel them well developed in fact in several places I thought one was the same that the other same type of personalities. i loved the ex though.


Not an ex spouse, just an ex romantic partner. Toxic is arguable, I guess, but I think reinserting themself into your life is not great behavior.


They are truly well develop if you read after the Demo
Kesha is caring, idealistic and love to mix with society to gain personal ambition, but she never want to neglect the MC and always hoping MC share her enthusiatic … and she value true love more than physical attraction

Rae is more passionate , outspoken but insecure … she seems prefer a more loyal companion since , she hates MC disloyal towards Kesha too but at the same time Rae seems more keen on physical attraction

And Louisa , there is the certain calm and charm with her personality … she is not the usual Ex who scream, curse and bad mouthing the MC, her constant attempt to reinsert herself to MC 's life had shown that she is confident either with herself or confident with the past history she share with MC
@Mary_Duffy , i however get the sense that Louisa and MC split due to a moment of insanity where both of them spill words that they didn’t meant to , hence i think there is nothing wrong for her to feel remorse of her past action :slight_smile:


Is it on IOS yet?


Yes. Though as I’ve said, I think more than once on this forum, a game is never “released” until we send an email announcement to the mailing list.