COMING THURSDAY: "Choice of the Cat," New Author Interview and TRAILER




600,000 words and she likes dogs better???

Wow inspiration must have struck hard for get the author to the finish line!


I love all our authors, but as it is my project, I am just proud as pie of Jordan for writing this game. It’s really, really fun. She captures the “cat” of it all well.


600,000 WORDS…

giphy (21)


I should note that yes, Choice of the Cat is our longest game yet, but both Rebels (in copyedit) and Tally-Ho (beta just opened today) are also…600,000 words long.


And she did it in 1.5 years. Assuming writing pace of 600 words/hour (for rough draft), multiplied by 2 (to account for redraft, edting, etc.) = 2,000 hours to write this, give or take. That’s 25 hours per week, every week, for 1.5 years.

That’s a part-time job! Wow!


I can’t speak to how quickly she writes but it was actually 1 year, 5 months from pitch to publish, and we were at full draft after 1 year, 3 months.



Hah but what if 100,000 of those words are “meow” though?!

I’m very impressed, am looking forward to playing!


600,000 words about cats?! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


This makes me feel better; when I did the beta I thought it was odd just how long it took me to do just one playthrough.

Y’all are in for a treat with this one, it was quite clever and creative.


By the way…this is the best Choice of Games Youtube ad yet. Great job, Dan and company!


Yes I must agree about the Youtube ad, awesome!


I admit I was skeptical when I saw the blurb for this in the CoG schedule thread, but the demo really won me over. I will definitely be buying this.

One thing: you might want to attach a content warning on this one. Some people might think a game about a housecat is one of your more “kid-friendly” offerings, and I noticed that Andre uses some language they don’t allow on network TV.


Uh, yes: this game is not for kids.


Uh huh. And I’m saying, maybe make clear that the game about the cute kitty and their new family includes words like “fuck” and “twat.”


If you look at the ratings on iTunes, it’s marked as “frequent profanity.”


One thing I noticed that’s new about iOS 11 iTunes is that it includes reviews, charting, and rating info right at the top in big, readable font.


The Amazon site for this game has it listed as “All Ages.”


Congratulations to both you, as project manager, and the author for executing a game I find well written and which has some very fun choices in it.