COMING NEXT THURSDAY: "The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds" Pre-Order, Trailer, Demo, Author Interview!

That’s super convenient. Preorder it is then


i like the solution.

well done :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it but I do have a question, will there will be a discounted period on the week of the release?

There usually is one so I assume yes.

I also might make a possible suggestion since we were taking about sales and promotions lately… since this is part of a series and such games with sequels are getting more common, might I suggest during the initial release if the first game was discounted for a short period? I know some might disagree but picking up both games for a good price would likely increase sale numbers. Just my opinion anyway. :slight_smile:


Yes the normal sale period will apply. Yes the first installment will be on sale during release week.


I’m looking forward to this title as well.

Thank you for the clarification. Looking forward to the release. :tada:

I am against pre sales by moral reasons. However if there is really favourable for the company long term maybe giving the people who preorder a extra discount or have extra chapters early… I don’t know only wants to help. Still I will buy this day one.


Hi, big fan of CoG will surely buy the game when it will come out (just can’t see what advantage I can get from pre-order it as the discounted price will be the same now and the 28th and frankly from a steam user perspective is just a bother buy now then had to remind you “I’ve already buy it” and ask for the steam key later) Anyway aside my 2 bit opinion (sorry for it) I just wanted to point out an error in the description of the game on the blog:

“We’re offering our fans a chance to pre-order our next game, The Superlatives: Shattered Worlds by Alice Ripley, the upcoming sequel to The Superlatives: Shattered World’s”. (name repeat as it should be The Superlatives: Aetherfall and link should direct to the prequel)


Can’t buy using telecom services. Will you increase the price at the same time as the release?

Please see their reply here:



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I have nothing against pre-order or discount sales…it’s a privilege and anyway you always have a choice not to avail the marked down price…

Anyway surely I will avail this installment…cheers to all!

I’m really excited to play this. I loved Aetherfall, and hopefully the sequel will be just as much fun. Our new Martian ally seems very entertaining, it’s nice to see Patel make a reappearance, and I’m intrigued to discover how the first meeting with the mysterious Vesper goes. Also, I will gladly sabotage my character’s safety in a hundred different ways if it means being nicer to the cats.

Does anyone know if Aetherfall has a save system implemented yet, so we can import our previous choices?

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Yes, it does.

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Man its going to be fun with Mc powers and then That shadow girl’s powers (forgot name). Did not had much time to spend together last part .i been waiting for this one. Exactly what time does it comes out?

Android pre buy is not working for me too.

So I proposed to Dusk last book and it’s saying she’s gonna be away for a couple of weeks. Is this the case for all the ROs from last book? Are we not gonna see them at all in this one?

@No_This_Is_Patrick All the ROs are out of town at the beginning, but don’t worry, they show up later


Ok that’s good, was worried they were gonna be left out to focus on the other MC.

Definitely gonna spoil game if not much to do with Dusk and all.

Still not in Android market. It’s Thursday