Colonising Kepler 62e (WIP)

Colonising Kepler 62e (working title) is a game in production from @Andymwhy (The Race) and @Samuel_H_Young (Trial of the Demon Hunter).

The game is in development and the design phase includes input from @MaraJade, @CS_Closet, @Storm, @JLBH, @AdolfMcSexy and @LordCypher, as well as everyone who commented on the initial thread here:

During the past month, Samuel_H_Young, MaraJade and myself have worked hard to create this early demo.

Please take some time to play through it and leave your thoughts below.


It should be working now.

Just an initial issue before playing proper, tried giving my character Swift as a surname and ended up with Star? First names seemed to be fine though.

@Samuel_H_Young Ok, it is working now, thanks!

Tried both parts, interesting so far! I think I preferred the Earth 2090 stuff to the other one as it seems more broad and I couldn’t quite see how the story mode section relates, since you seem to be playing an entirely different character. Played as an English guy so I might try it with another nation and gender later. :slight_smile:

As of now, they don’t relate very much. However, when the whole thing is finished, the end of story mode will go right into the beginning of Earth 2090. I’d explain more, but it’d give away too much.

The storymode will be the initial entry into the game eventually. However, for the purpose of the demo, we’ve given you a little of two different sections. As Samuel_H_Young said, we can’t say too much about how it fits together yet. That will have to wait.

Just a quick note: we’ve tried to cater for all nationalities, so if yours isn’t there, type it in. If it’s really not there, let us know.

Picked up some things in the text. One was when you enter the building and greet the secretary, it has “great” instead. Also, when your friend comes up to you and chuckles there is a part that is: .",

Also “you will be we will be familiarizing yourself” when your friend is explaining.

And “Now, does that anything about what I’ve told you sound peculiar?” so far.

Really liking it so far. I like the story mode character creation, though I could understand the other one for quick creation if you’ve already played through the game several times.

Thanks for pointing them out! I’ll correct them in the next update. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

When I choose “Set up my character” and then “Start the game in story mode (demo)”, my name does not get cleared. It gets overwritten by the new name when the robot/alarm awakens me so it’s alright. I just thought I should bring it up.

The real problem is this: When I choose “Set up my character” and then “Start the game in story mode (demo)”, when the robot/alarm awakens me I get male names to choose from no matter whether I choose to be a male or a female. If I skip “Set up my character” the names work fine when the robot/alarm awakens me.

It should be clarified in the beginning, but the character setup and story mode aren’t supposed to go together. The character set up is an optional thing for Earth. Personally, I disagree with having the character set up (since I like narrative that sets it up smoothly), but it’s really up to @andymwhy .

@Samuel_H_Young It should also be clarified that it causes the bug. And I agree with you. If it was complex, it would be okay with me, but it’s very short and out of place.

@andymwhy I think the character set up should be removed.

Aside from those errors, I hope you enjoy the demo so far:)

Ahem… Fun. Really fun so far. Just finished playing through both. I’m wondering, though, are you only going with one or the other in the end? I had fun with both and think it’d be cool to start off with the building and then move on to another MC that perhaps meets the project manager from in the beginning.

With the Earth demo start there was one thing I noticed that Thomas came into the office and called the female MC “Mr.” Haha!

Actually, we’re includung them both :slight_smile: Earth is somewhat of a sequel to story mode. When I finish story mode, you’ll see how it all fits together.

Wow I really like it I like the earth part and kinda felt like what I chose mattered

Glad you liked it! If you read the story mode, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

“What country are you from?”

Choice 1= England.

England is not a country.

It’s a constituent nation state that forms the bulk of the supranational Country called the United Kingdom.
I only bring it up because its listed along side other 4 other supranational countries that also contain diverse constituent nations and peoples (to varying degrees), and given that I can only assume that you are using “England” to refer to the entirety of the British Isles which is… borderline offensive.

I know it probably isn’t intentional, but UK or United Kingdom would probably be a better option. If only to avoid any headaches.

@fitscotgaymer If you are from Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, specify so by selecting ‘other’. We have taken you into account. You can also use Great Britain if you wish, or United Kingdom. All, as well as many other nations not listed, are taken into account.

Fair enough if you don’t wanna change it so that it actually matches the definition of Country then okay.

Sorry I brought it up.

I have changed the text to read “Which nation are you from?” instead of country.

Placing England on the list is intentional as that is the nation I come from. Also, being fully aware that Scottish citizens, for example, would prefer not to be seen as British but more independent, we have included Scotland as a separate choice.

In total, over 40 nations have been accounted for in the game. If you come from a nation not included, I apologise and will add your nation as well.