I like choice of games. Others in this forum like them too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Problem is that it takes a lot of time for people to make these games, plot, type the story up, edit them. A lot of time.
While new stories are tremendously interesting, we’d all like the stories we have played to continue, to expand.
Now, if we’ve got more than one person working one it, say three or four, the amount of time taken is reduced significantly.

So, this is my idea, :-D…we colloborate. Not on your long-term pet projects, but on some common thing, theme, setting with an agreeable plot, etc, things that can be discussed and agreed.
There’s a lot of things CoG can do, perhaps a Superhero story, another fantasy…a lot of stuff.

How’s the idea?? :-W

We already have a collaboration going on. We’ve even made a seperate forum for possible future collaborations. Link here:

At the moment, we’re working on a sim style game where you guide a town, play an individual within that town, and also become a god of that town. There’s only five of us in it right now, you can join in if you like.

I’d like to join. First, I need to know, what you’re doingg. What kind of Cog is it? I read the posts and…a Civ kind of sim?

The main game will be life based, as in you live through the life of one person in a city. However the world your character lives in will be changeable. As you play more, you can unlock different career paths and life experiences for your future characters.

It’s early days yet, with @Reaperoa doing most of the early framework. I need to get back into gear and start contributing more. Writing is a difficult profession to stay focussed on!

I know very little about coding, even with something as supposedly simple as Cog. I’ve tried a bit only to stare at a big bunch of errors. I think I’m ok with the writing bit. Writing for something like this is good practice and you’ll learn.

Isn’t this, life sim a little too ambitious? I mean what you people envisage is really, really big. Or do I have it wrong?
I was thinking more on the lines of some of the games previously done and Cog does well with politics. Apart from Intrigues and Romance, I don’t see any politics.
Frankly, I just want to participate in making a Cog game. That’s all.

We’re collaborating precisely because this is really big.

This will very much be a progressive game, getting better with time. As we are making it modular, we can easily add more content and new writers can add content too. It is a big project, but with help, it could be a huge game.