🕵️ Clued In - A Murder Mystery

Use your detective skills to solve the heinous murder of a local aristocrat in modern-day England!

This game is loosely based on the popular board game Clue (also known as “Cluedo”) but it has been significantly modified for a one-person experience

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This is a game of deductive logic, not a story about a detective who happens to solve crimes. The only way to successfully solve the murder is to take careful notes!

Hint: Let the Constable assist you with the investigation

:heart: :raised_hand::exclamation: Murder isn’t sexy, so there is no romance in this game

Hint: You can “buy” hints about the murder from the stat screen

Game link: >>>>>>>HERE<<<<<<<


This was a nice little project!
Will you release this later on in the hosted section?

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From what I understand, by putting it in the Hobby Projects section an author is expressing an intent not to publish it through either Hosted or COG.


Hey I just tried the game and it is quite fun, what I would have liked is a short explanation that unlike in Cluedo, that an accusation, that the suspect can’t prove is Not true does Not mean the suspect is guilty. I first thought that. But apart from that I had some fun, even If it can get a bit repetative

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Just uploaded some fixes, minor bugs, and smoothed out a few other things. I’ll also tweak it just a bit to accommodate @Kaelyn 's excellent suggestion :+1:

For anyone unfamiliar with the original game, see here.

For anyone interested in some of the logic behind the original game, see here (which is somewhat replicated in my game)

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I’ve released several “Hobby” games here partly to just share them for fun and partly to get a little feedback, and I’ve got another one coming up next week (the card game Blackjack).

One day, I may bundle them all into a “multi-game” Hosted story, if such a thing is possible.


I do not know, which kind of feedback you are seeking, but I have one or two ideas, If you would like to hear them. But they could involve more Work than you might want to invest.

Feel free to tell me literally anything. I promise I will not get upset :smiley_cat:


I only thought it might be nicer to get the rumors about the people Not at the beginning but while questioning them, so the text regarding every Person would be shorter, so less Wall of text and at the same time the investigation might get more interesting.

I thought you could whenever the Person has no information you could let the constabler give a rumor about them, after they left. Or they give a rumor about one of the other suspects. But the coding would be more Work.


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