Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow—Punch Fascists in the retro-futuristic 1930s!

Ah, that might be it. I don’t remember, but my time stat was probably running a little high. So saving everyone really just comes down to a low time stat, at least for the weather spell?

Awesome thanks mate I was about to try a mystic run so this will be fun to see

Finished the game last night, really enjoyed it. I love the bits of background that get mentioned but never expanded on. The Freudians and Jungians fighting “The Dream War” was a perfectly evocative level of detail. The game was also incredibly reactive and fun, and reading about all the paths that occur if you fail checks make me want to play again, this time taking more risks.

But only complaint is this: I picked options to oppose fascism every chance I could and never was presented with an chance to kill Hitler. Anyone know what sequence of events leads to that opportunity?

Recruit Hedy. She’s being held captive by Hitler.

Going to try and go for a gunslinger type character lol

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Cool :slight_smile:

In my headcanon, this is the “official” version of Challenger:

His trademarks are his tuxedos (handmade for him by Henry Poole of London), his pistol (a gold-plated, pearl-handled Blaise pocket revolver), and his guitar (which he has played with Django Reinhardt and his band).

He owns a penthouse in New York, a villa in Monaco, a casino in Shanghai, and a secret gallery containing the greatest (stolen) artworks of Europe.

He is a longtime frenemy of Al Capone and Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln, commands the loyalty of the bandit tribes of northern Persia, holds credentials as an agent of French military intelligence, and (in his guise as the Brain) is the true secret chief of the New York rackets.

He is both a skilled stage magician — proficient in the arts of ventriloquism, disguise, escapology, and sleight of hand — and a dabbler in actual magic, which he has used to climb severed rope ladders, walk on water, telepathically communicate across continents, and find a kidnap victim by dreaming at the scene of the crime.

He has seduced Soviet diplomats in South America, smuggled diamonds out of the Transvaal, escaped from Devil’s Island, and flown to the Moon in a stolen spaceship.

He goes by many names, but you may call him Max Challenger. He is…the Most Interesting Man in the World.


So I managed two of these but I have to ask what path did you take to get the bandit tribes and French intelligence ones?

You can become a leader of the bandit tribes by choosing to directly assault Alamut. You get the option to claim to be a member of French intelligence by reaching the capital of Illyria (so not messing up during the dog fight right before) and then choosing that you know the hotel manager when you check in.

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Thanks as always my friend you remain a font of information

If I could ask as well for the new york racket boss question as well I’m about to start a scoundrel play through and that would be a blast to be a new Lucky Luciano

When you’re at the bar after the prologue, choose to investigate Yanis L’Algérino. Then you can track down Arnold Rothstein and have the option to kill and impersonate him to take over his organization.

As a side note, my biggest gripe with the game is that you can only choose to do one thing that night out of so many options, which (I’m pretty sure) can lock you out of some of the ROs if you choose to do something other than their route.


Thanks mate and yeah I’m inclined to agree with you on that as well. It’s a bit of a rough go at first trying to figure out what to do in order to figure out the perfect route

I disagree with that slightly if you read closely a couple of times you can note stat fail points early on it’s hardly gameover or imminent death level of fails however they do impact where and how you’ll carry on. Some are so subtle you won’t realize you failed until another playthrough

Death dealer you need to go after her instead of disarming the bomb, have a civil conversation regarding her beliefs and I believe but am not 100% sure you may have to make her doubt the validity of them in that conversation


Ah, I didn’t realize you could still go after the assassins if you rescued the princess. I always thought you were locked into going to London. Thanks for the tip!

Death dealer Pt. 2 going to recruit her afterwards she popped up like anyone else as an option

Who’s Ignaz Trebitsch-Lincoln, and how do I meet him?