Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow—Punch Fascists in the retro-futuristic 1930s!

So, who are the possible romance options?


I assume Alexios, Devi, Jacob, and Mickey, because they’re the ones with relationship bars on the stats page (and none of the other characters who are equally or more prominent would be suitable ROs, for various reasons), but romance definitely isn’t a major focus in this game.

I thought the same until I decided to flirt with the reporter on a whim and continue doing so at every opportunity, and I got a romance ending with her. So…

Hello, does anyone know how to recruit the Princess? For the life of me I can’t figure it out, thanks!

First, you have to arrive in Monaco too late to stop the bomb from going off, which means you have to screw up your escape from New York and spend some time in jail. Once you reach Monaco, you have to save the princess when the assassin comes to finish her off in the hospital. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it’s impossible to fail that bit. Afterwards, when talking to her, you need to realize that she’s a con artist posing as a princess, either because you’re smart enough to notice her inconsistencies or because you used to be a con artist yourself, then part on good terms with her.

If you do all that, you’ll get the opportunity to recruit her as your group’s first new member. Take it, because she won’t be available during the second recruitment opportunity.

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Oh thanks! I always got there early, that was my problem.

Hey quick question does anyone know how to recruit agent 44?

It amazes me how reactive this game is to even tiny changes across different playthroughs.

I must have played this game well over two hundred times when I was beta testing it, but I only just today discovered that, if you call Renfrew a “moronic goose-stepping fascist” and then pull a pistol on McClean, the pistol will now have THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS engraved on the barrel.


I just bought the game! I’m hoping for an Enemies to Lovers arc with Renfrew.

I am puzzled on how to get a few acievements. Can anyone please give me a hint on getting Constitutional, Down the Garden Path, and Isis Unveiled.

Those are three that require you to fail at something before getting the chance to get them.

Down the Garden Path: Choose to travel to the Valley of the Assassins in Northern Persia and try to infiltrate it there. Get caught doing so, by using a skill you don’t have. You’ll be captured and Hassan-i Sabbah will make you walk in the Garden of Forking Paths.

Isis Unveiled: Get caught while trying to reach Monaco from New York, by using a skill you don’t have (or trying a solo flight without a stupidly high Drive stat). When you get to Franklin’s Isle, ask the Wheelers for help escaping. HPB is their leader.

Constitutional: Have a Charm skill of at least 59%. Get shot down while entering Illyria (this is easier to fail at than other checks, because you need a stat of 62% or the help of an appropriate companion to succeed). When deciding how to overthrow Klaw, broker an alliance between the communists and the royalists. After you’ve interviewed Istomine, you’ll be given the chance to ask a boon of Tamara. Ask her to form a constitutional monarchy with Andre.

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I named my protagonist Hedy Challenger and I noticed there is also a character named Hedy Keisler. Does her name depend on mine or is it a coincidence?

Just a coincidence! Hedy Keisler was a real actress/inventor during the 1930s, when Challenger is set.

Quick question does anyone know if it’s possible to save both Samson and tuli or muat there be one sacrifice during the escape?

Yep, it’s possible to save both. You need to head straight to the radio tower when the Doomsday Legion attacks, without stopping to collect anything. You might also need to do a good job fortifying the base, but I haven’t tested that.

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Hey thanks mate I’ll give it a shot

Does anyone know how to get the Death Dealer achievement? I can’t seem to figure out how to recruit Number 44.

There are four ways to save everyone:

  1. As stated above, skip doing anything else before heading to the roof of the radio tower.

  2. Use Invent of at least 59% to replicate TULI’s brain. You can then send them to sacrifice themself and then bring them back later.

  3. Use Mystic of at least 62% to control the weather around Longhome. This slows the Legion down enough to do one thing before going to the radio tower.

  4. Use either Mystic or Invent of at least 55% to create defenses for Longhome and have a Time stat of less than 50%. If you have a low Time stat, it has the same effect as controlling the weather. If not, there are too many Legion troopers and it has no effect.


Does that third one require stats over 62? I did tried that for a couple runs with the occultist background (so my stats were exactly 62) and still had to sacrifice someone after choosing to grab something on the way out.

What was your Time stat at?