Civil War: Liberty or Union! (WIP)

After some discussion about this topic, and some positive encouragement @Mirabella and others…

I would like to showcase the first chapter of Liberty or Union with a demo link here…

This game puts you in the role of a private in the Mexican-American War (first chapter), expands through
the 1850’s, and ultimately puts you in the role of the leader of either Union or Confederate forces…

In the stats screen at the bottom, I have included a historical list, and summary, of key leaders and terms of the Civil War Era. If you wish to see a couple of battles I will showcase, look at the historical battles section.

I’m just going to put this here that I strongly wish for this thread to stay on topic about the game, and not branch of into a debate about parts of the civil war or etc…

I strongly appreciate comments: good, bad, feedback, tips, anything really.


Can’t wait for another update. This is my favorite WIP yet!

If we join it will the confederacy win?

Also will there be romance?

While I haven’t been much of a fan of Civil War Era games before, I enjoyed the small demo I played here. :slight_smile: With a few small errors, that including those silly “there/their/they’re” and I believe four punctuation problems, the game itsself was nice and I’m curious to see where you go with this. Good luck!

Love it. Cannot wait for more.

@Dark_Stalker the south shall rise again! :stuck_out_tongue:

@BraveMustang I like what you have so far. It just seems you kinda over crowd sentences, like when you’re in the carriage going to the fort. Also, when you first see Lee and have the conversation with him, after the choices it goes straight to the top of the page, so it’s kind of annoying having to scroll back down to the choices. I’d suggest putting a *label before the choices then a *goto at the end of the narrative

If you choose female and then enter a custom name the game immediately jumps to the male name selection screen and makes you enter it again unless you enter a name that starts with a lowercase later, in which case it displays a confirmation screen and properly continues to the last name entry.

I liked it.

@Darth_Stalker Not necessarily, I have several “win/lose/tie” scenarios for the Union or Confederacy.

@BAPACop I looked at the coding and it seemed correct, however your error was occurring…so I just re-did the coding and I believe it is fixed now.

@StarWarsMaster Yes their will be…I’m working on that now.

@that1german Thanks I’ll do that later.

@TheCourier, @Warm_Whispers, @MSox99 Happy to please!

“This game puts you in the role of a private in the Mexican-American War (first chapter), expands through the 1850’s, and ultimately puts you in the role of the leader of either Union or Confederate forces.”

Just a quibble – if you wind up commanding one of the armies (a la Grant or Lee who met while fighting in Mexico) you’d have to go through West Point first, so you wouldn’t start out as a private.

@distracteddad: Slight spoiler, but West Point seems to be where Chapter 2 is going.

In the beginning why did those 2 guys refer to you as private(first name here)? Shouldn’t it be last name, unless things were really different back then.

Uh, if I might make a suggestion, maybe you could read up on more quotes of people at the time and write a bit more in line with their turns of phrases? It’s just a bit jarring to read “My name is Robert E. Lee, son of Henry Lee III and proud citizen of the state of Virginia. We have much in common as southerners wouldn’t you say?”

I would replace Washington with someone else on legendary generals, idk much on us history in the 1800’s but i heard stonewall jackson or something was good if he was alive then or Hannibal was certainly legendary ( im just being picky )

Ok ive changed my mind keep him actually, he would be a hero to them back then

Hannibal Barca, since this is set during the Mexican-American War died about 2000 years ago halfway across the globe. @-@


I think I get what you mean? I plan on having your character go through West Point after Mexico, not before. For now, I plan on including a note about this not being “completely historically accurate”…but later on I’ll look into switching the scenes.

@ninja6398 I messed up there, it will be fixed in the next update tommorow(?)

@The_Royalist1 Washington would be especially prevelent with Washington being an American and the Revolutionary war only decades earlier…

Good game! I liked the fact you started in Mexico. Most people tend to forget that the majority of the commanding officers in the Civil War got their initial experience during that war. Are you planning on going through the entire Civil War? Also, I noticed that there is only one Northern state you can choose for a starting point. Can you choose to be from Florida and fight for the Union?

@BraveMustang - yeah, I was working off your description, rather than the game itself. You said that your character starts out as a private in the Mexican War and works his way up to be commanding general of either the Union or Confederate army during the Civil War. So I was merely pointing out that that’s not normally how it would have been done – you’d either be an enlisted man (a private) or a lieutenant or some other junior officer (if you went through West Point). Privates don’t rise to become generals simply by being promoted a lot. Grant and Lee were both West Point graduates and were lieutenants during the Mexican War, though Lee was a rising star and Grant was a nobody.