Chronicles of Sekherion: Book One (WIP) (CANCELED)


The world is dying, and that’s the only reason why you are alive.

Raised by your loving grandmother in a small house East of Gorden’s Keep, you never learned much about the outside world. When fate tears you away from all that you know and takes you to places you’ve never even dreamed of, will you be able to convince the people of the Northern Kingdom that you might be their only hope? And, perhaps even more importantly, will you be able to convince yourself?


  • Play as a star that was forced to be born as a human.
  • Play as male, female or non-binary. Let your character pick their own gender!
  • Play as gay, straight, bisexual or asexual.
  • Shape your personality.
  • Speak with animals, including your cat Elio and your mini dragon Tilly!
  • Romance one of 9 unique characters, even more in the future books. Some of the tropes include friends to lovers, enemies to lovers and bound by prophecy.
  • Explore a living, breathing fantasy world, rich in lore and human emotion.
  • Take down a religion that’s been destroying the kingdom for half a century.
  • Become a leader, a ruler or maybe even a god?
  • Discover your secret legacy and change the world forever!

The current version of the demo is about 13.5k words long.



Every mission you get (from things as simple as picking apples to those more difficult like… killing a god) falls into one of four categories. Main quests are things connected to the main story of the game, guild quests are things you do for specific guilds to earn some reputation, companion quests are things you do for and with your companions and friends, and side quests are all the small missions you pick up on your travels.


Your journal will keep everything you know, and you may need to use it to make sure you complete a certain quest the way you were supposed to.


Some of the people you meet on your adventures will be willing to follow you and aid you however they can. Some will do it because of your destiny, others may simply like you as a person. Every quest in the game will let you pick from a group of people who can accompany you. Every person will react differently to how you complete a mission, and they can even unlock extra ways of dealing with problems.


All guilds, orders and religions in the game have their own quests, and working with or for them will raise your reputation with them. Also, every guild has a guild storyline – these storylines span across multiple cities, introduce many interesting characters and have some exciting twists!


To be added!



Gender: male.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: human.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: This young mage may come from a family of arrogant nobles, but his loyalties lie with all those who are kind to him. Obsessed with ancient writings, Fenryel will do absolutely anything to expand his knowledge. As one of his closest friends, will you help him discover his destiny, or will you let his obsession turn into madness?


Gender: male or female.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: unknown.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: Born thousands of years after being conceived, D has always felt a bit out of place on Sekherion. When they learn about a prophecy that connects your destinies, they leave their home and start looking for you. When they find you and tell you the truth about your destiny, will you help them fulfill the prophecy, or will you push them away, destroying the only thing that has kept them going?


Gender: male.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: half-elf.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: Born and raised in the free city of Pelletheliana, Trixel has always enjoyed the primal pleasures in life. One day, too many bottles of wine and an unfortunate sexual escapade makes him stumble upon a cultist ritual. He escapes, but the cult kills his family and forces him to flee. When your paths cross, will you help him make things right, or will you let the shadows from his pas catch up with him?


Gender: male or female.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: human.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: This young man/woman left his/her home at a very young age to join the Order of Purified Souls in Aeuria, the capital city of the Northern Kingdom. While you knew each other as children, becoming a knight may have turned him/her into a different person. Now that he’s/she’s back, will you be able to reach the real him/her, or will you succumb to his/her new self?


Gender: female.
Romanceable by: female.
Race: tyllian.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: Exiled from the elven lands and disowned by her own family, Milvi has been fully independent since a very young age. Her deep devotion to Maye, a dark spirit of nature, forces her to live on the outskirts of society and her race makes it difficult to feel accepted. When your paths cross, will you help her find a new home, or will your actions make her feel even more alone in the world?


Gender: female.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: human.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: Born and raised to a family of blacksmiths in Bridgeshore, this young woman has always felt a bit out of place among her friends and neighbors. When she meets you for the first time, she somehow recognizes what you really are and asks to come with you. Will you help her find her own place in this world, or will her need to help people consume her, leaving nothing but an empty husk?


Gender: female.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: human.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: This young woman might have been born and raised in the Northern Kingdom, but her love of magic and dragons led her far to the East. After years of working for an enigmatic patron, she’s back in the human kingdom, though her intentions remain a mystery. Will you remind her of the beautiful things in life, or will you let her drag you into her own misery?


Gender: male.
Romanceable by: male.
Race: dark elf.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: This dark elf has lived for hundreds of years, and life certainly hasn’t been kind to him. The loss of his brother turns out to be the last straw that makes him reject the teachings of his nation’s leaders and travel East to the Northern Kingdom. When your paths cross, will you help him find a new home, or will you encourage his dark urges and let him succumb to the one thing he hates most?


Gender: male.
Romanceable by: male, female and non-binary.
Race: elf.
Appearance: Pinterest.
About: As a Keeper of the Fourth Tablet, Ezra is always busy with work. His oath - known only to other Keepers - means everything to him because it’s the last hope for the survival of Sekherion, and he’s willing to do anything to see it kept. When your paths cross, will you be able to show him a new light of hope, or will you watch as his own light succumbs to darkness?



How many books will there be in the series?

Will we get a save system?
Of course! It will be added with Chapter 1!

Any poly/harem options?
Nope, sorry.

Sex scenes?
Fade to black.

Can I be evil?
To an extent.

Do I have to have a family (grandma)?
Yep, sorry.

Why can’t I pick my sexuality?
The option will be added in Chapter 1.

Is Sekherion the name of the world?
No. Sekherion is the name of the continent. The world is called Qevox.

Marriage? Kids?
Not in the first book.

Can the ROs form their own relationships?
Absolutely! Well, at least some of them.


Feel free to leave comments with questions, ideas and any possible errors (including grammar and punctuation) or bugs you might have encountered.


Prologue: 100% done.
Chapter 1: tbd.


This demo will be updated once a chapter is finished. A more frequently updated version of the game is available on my Patreon. It’s called the alpha build, and it’s updated as soon as I finish a quest/scene.


28 September 2020

  • Uploaded the first version of the prologue (ca. 13500 words, excluding code).


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Benefits include early access to the alpha build of the game, posts about lore (towns, religions, magic, characters), short stories involving the main characters and polls connected to the development of the game.

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Very good beginning. I can’t wait to know more about the world! But could you add saves please? As the prologue was already really long and if the others chapter are like that,it’s going to be a bit tedious to try out all the options
Will definitely follow!


Can’t wait to find out more about the world and the characters.

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This seems very interesting. I’m gonna play it now


Will you be able to do every quest, or will doing one sacrifice the ability to do another?


Loved it!! Your writing is great and I already love Elio :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Can’t wait to learn more about the other characters.


Fourteen ROs, though? And more in future books? That’s… a lot. I think it’s usually better to focus on a small (5 perhaps, 7 if you’re feeling generous) number of love interests so they each can get enough attention and development in their romances. That’s my opinion, of course, it’s your story and you can have 100 ROs if you please :kissing_closed_eyes:


@Asterya1 Thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m glad that you’re excited about the world! The save system will be added with Chapter 1. I fully understand why such a thing may be needed, especially in a WIP. I already added that info to the FAQ.

@pikachu_boy Thank you!

@WarMaster999 Thank you for giving it a try! Hope you enjoy it.

@Logan_T You won’t be able to do every single quest, but it should be possible to do the majority of them. There may simply be conflicts of interest… :upside_down_face:

@Holtzmann Thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you fell for Elio, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the rest of the cast! :blush:

@Kirlett I know 14 is a relatively big number, but I try not to see the ROs as just ROs. They are characters you meet during your travels, and many of them have their own quests, duties and agendas. The other reason why the number is this high is the fact that I’ve decided to avoid gender-flipping. Every RO has a set gender (m/f/nb). Anehuti is the only exception as she can switch between genders whenever she likes.

Still, thank you so much for your concern! :blush: I’ll make sure to give every relationship a lot of thought and love.

@Trazen4 It will. He is one of the main characters in the series.

@Taylor_Enean Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m glad you like the concept and the characters! :blush:

@Tloc Thank you so much! I’m truly glad to hear that. There’s much more lore and world-building to come.

@Nagisa18 Thank you for reading and for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the prologue. As for the MC’s age, you are almost 18 in the prologue and about 20 in the main story (Ch1+). Elio calls you a child only because he’s been with you since you were but a baby. He’s used to it. :blush:


Will saving the dragon remain mandatory?


I’m excited for more lore and world building.


Oh, a cat! And a talking one! And a mini-dragon!

Jolly well written too, methinks. I like it! Also the concept, fascinating. I will make certain I shan’t miss out on this one. :relaxed:


I really liked this. I liked the delicate-ness in which you wrote the mc. The portrayal of their naivety and innocence with the emphasis of their sheltered life. Granted before the age was reveled I though we were playing as a child like 14-16, cause of being called a child :baby:. But 18 is still technically a child :crazy_face::sunglasses: but als, I’m very addicted to your writing, called it as a sort infatuation being a huge fan of your other wip story.
~bookmarked ~3 books. I can’t wait, I don’t mind waiting years for release if the story is this good. ~ p.s until next time this was really well written, seriously the pacing was Phenomena. :fire:


Great start, though I’m a bit worried about the scope, especially considering that you’ve already got another work in progress on the go! My WIP also had 15 ROs planned, but over two years I culled that down to only 6 (plus other smaller stories) for sanity. The full scope of this project seems like a multi-year ordeal at minimum!


I like it so far and anticipating to meet some ROs, but the dialogue and choice options felt really lacking.


That was a well written one. I usually get bored reading lots of info dumps at the start of the chapter, but not on this one. Also, the relationship dynamic between MC and their companion is so dang good too. Kinda worried about the numbers of RO though, but still… I’d give a chance.

Also… A talking cat? That is one helluva plus point for me.


@will I realize it’s a dangerously big undertaking, but I want to give it a try. We’ll see how things develop as I get further with the story. It’s definitely a multi-year ordeal. The first book might end up being three times as big as my first project. Still, I’m quite excited.

As for Temple of Endless Night (my other WIP), I want to have it finished by the end of this year. It’s a rather short game as it’s my first project, and there isn’t really that much left to write. Well, relatively speaking… :upside_down_face:

Still, I’m glad you enjoyed the prologue!

@ilovecoins Thank you so much! I’m glad you didn’t feel bored, and I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed getting to know Elio!

Also, that picture reminds me of Ilinoki.

@Bokeh Thank you so much! I’m glad you like Tilly! :blush:

@Ara I’m glad it got you excited!

@Arcane_warrior You will be able to make some questionable decisions during some of the quests, and you can already pick some harsh/unpleasant dialogue options (conversation with Fenryel). That being said, you are playing as the good guy and the only hope for the survival of the world. You will be able to be a bit gray, but you won’t have an option to become a full-on villain.

@Arcane_warrior This might simply not be the best game for you, then. The MC is supposed to bring hope to the broken world. It’s connected to their origin, but I can’t say much more right now because of spoilers.


This is so cute! I’m going to protect Tilly with everything I’ve got.

Talking animals… I didn’t know how much I needed that in an interactive game.


The world is dying, and that’s the only reason why you are alive.

Hmm interesting, I squeak in happiness just by reading that, idk why.


So will we have the option to not be same damn nice to everybody.


Just not a fan of when everything is black and white i would rather be in the middle and just do what i feel like. Never been a fan of being forced to be a good guy.