Chronicles of Sekherion: Book One (WIP) (CANCELED)

As soon as I saw that one of the name options were Dula Peep, I immediately knew I would love this game.

Was not disappointed.

Also, it’s one of the few games I like most of the male RO’s :sweat_smile: loved that you added a pinterest link as well. I have a super hard time imagining what RO’s look like without references and so most of them end up looking the same in my head


Thank you so much for reading! I’m glad someone noticed that tiny Easter egg! :sweat_smile:
I’m super happy to hear that you like most of the male ROs, and I’m really glad you found the Pinterest links useful.

@Bella_Morte Thank you! I’m really glad you like the characters! ^^

@Pedro_Ferreira Thank you! I’m very happy to hear that!

@Cheezabelle Thank you!


I thought this was a wonderful start and reading about the upcoming characters was super interesting. Oh and yes those Pinterest boys :blush: my goodness


Congrats, it look like its going to be amazing. Looking forward to more.


This demo has me hooked. Can’t wait for more.


I’m interested. The writing style is easy to read and understand. Gah, the prologue is so good I can’t wait for more. KUDOS. By your romance options, I love Drake, Trixel, and Ilinoki. They seemed like my type. I hope they can be romanced by male MC. Oh I didn’t consider myself a cat person, but reading with Elio I quickly like him. Maybe in the future you could add save system. That’ll be very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing :hugs::100:


Love the demo, hope this game works out for you because i can tell it’s gonna be E P I C.
Elio is too precious, i love him and if anything bad happens to him or Fenryel I’m going to r i o t . Can’t wait to burn down the religon destroying the Kingdom. Also, also, seeing that Shaze is romancable by males only makes me so excited to meet him. (Yes, and his back story too, even if i know nothing about him) and his Pinterest board has me :heart_eyes: (You’ve given me a tough decision between Shaze, Drake and Ilinoki, guess I’ll have to play multiple playthroughs )


@Sakinah_Saraswati Thank you so much for your remarks! Just like I wrote in the original post, you can romance Drake, Trixel and Ilinoki as a male MC.

The save system will be added with Chapter 1.

Oh, and I’m happy to hear you liked Elio! :blush:

@nulCat Thank you for playing! I’m glad you’re interested in more than one RO! I can’t promise that nothing bad will happen to Fenryel because every character has their own arc that needs to be completed… :blush:

Oh, and you’ll have many ways of dealing with the religion - Cult of Aeu.

@snas Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the prologue!

@Takashi_Shin I agree. Religions are perfectly okay (often beneficial) as long as they’re not trying to make people feel bad about who they are. If you play your cards right, you may be able to start your own religion once you’re done with the Cult of Aeu.


Story really good for now I like it , but to many male ro and so few non human female ro :sob:


I love love love this concept! Especially the stat screen, the quest system, I am in love with having varied rpg mechanics in text-based games. Plus, cats make everything better! Lemme smooch Erio’s head as much as possible mwahahaha

Here’s what my one brain cell has thought of so far in term of misc stuff:

  1. The third entry of the main quest tells that we have already rescued the dragon, when we have not even gotten to the front of the crowd to see what was happening.
  2. Might I suggest implementing the save system on dashingdon from chapter 2 and onwards? We love erasing mistakes and acting like nothing bad ever happens lmao

I have no problem with the religion but I do hate people who use religion to hurt people or animals like the witch hunts both human and black cats been Hunted because of that and they’re still stereotypes about black cats but back on track by the story I might despise the order and the Mad priest who was playing to kill a baby dragon did nothing to them


the whole mc and talking animals thing feels like a fun little fairytale, super charming. helps that they all have distinct and likable personalities too. cool stuff!


Thank you so much! I’m really glad you mentioned the RPG elements as they’re one of my favorite things as well!

Thank you for pointing it out! I’ll make sure it’s fixed in the next update.

The save system will be added with Chapter 1!

Once again, thank you for playing!


I would like to ask a simple question all of you cats are adorable creatures


I’m more of a dog person, but cat’s (including the talking kind) are nice too. Even though I can tell by the look in their eyes that they plan world domination


The Lonely Tower (Twine)

The very first side story for the Chronicles of Sekherion is out now!

It’s a rather boring morning until you get downstairs and realize that Fenryel is already sitting in your grandmother’s kitchen, a sly smile on his face. He asks you to go on an adventure… Adventures are fun, but… what if this one turns out to be dangerous?

Oh. Tilly is also coming along!

The story is over 7500 words long and it’s available only to patrons. For the next three days, it will be available to all patrons, regardless of tier. After that, the password will change and it’ll only be available to the Keepers of the Third Tablet.


November is slowly coming to an end, and I’d like to give you an update on the Chronicles of Sekherion. While it may not seem like much, I managed to write the first half of Chapter 1. The second half will be less linear, and it’ll let you fully experience the quest system I mentioned earlier.

Here are the detailed wordcounts for the alpha build:
Stats page: 871 words. (Including the journal.)
Chapter 0: 13541 words.
Chapter 1: 16565 words.

By the way, you’ll be able to meet four ROs in Chapter 1:

  • Baze/Baize. (M/F)
  • Fenryel. (M)
  • Drake/Deria. (M/F)
  • Trixel. (M)

B and D will be either male or female, depending on your sexual orientation.

The alpha build of Chapter 1 can be played on my Patreon, and it’ll be added to the free demo a few weeks after it’s finished.

Thank you for remaining interested in the project! Stay safe!


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