Chronicles of Ilyiat: Hellgate (Updated 8/14/23)

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I’ve been juggling with creating a normal thread for some time. After questioning if my content was okay and getting a confirmation, I will be posting the non-nsfw version here.

I’ll probably keep most updating this one over the nsfw thread.

I suppose without further Ado:

Chronicles of Ilyiat: Book One

(I need to make a paper version but I’m lazy lol, so here is the normal version. Made with Inkarnate.)

The evil Lich, Zha’ackh, has awoken from his ancient slumber. He has only one purpose. To open the Gates of Hell and resurrect his fallen master, the King of the Underworld, Drachk’zul.

But Zha’ackh has woken up too early, his powers not strong enough to break all the seals that protect the Gates of Hell. With no other option, he destroys the first two and vows to consume the souls of the damned to increase his power. Lesser demons flood the lands, razing countries to the ground. The rivers run red with innocent blood, and the world drops into an eternal twilight. Thousands die and Zha’ackh drinks in their life, growing more powerful by the day. A strange disease known only has The Taint, has spread throughout the land, changing any humanoid who gets it into the abominations of the underworld. The end of the world is nigh.

You are a simple adventurer, and to be quite honest, you never expected the inn you came upon, suspiciously devoid of rats, would change your life. At this lonely tavern on the edge of inhabited civilization you meet a band of adventurers keen on saving the world. Through trial and tribulation you join them, taking orders from their fearsome leader as you traverse the broken realm.

Duke Azzerad the Cruel is his name. His mission? Slay the Ancient Lich Zha’ackh and save the world. Not too much to ask, is it?

Armed with only your measly skill, no money, and perhaps some wit, you embark on journey to save mankind. One man, two elves, a halfling, and an orc, against all the armies of hell. Will you succeed? Or will it all go up in flames?

Or maybe, you have a taste for world domination yourself?


  • Play as male, female, or non-binary

  • Play as Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Asexual.

  • Enjoy custom maps and locations.

  • A full lore compendium spanning from nations to characters.

  • Build relationships, romantic or otherwise with seven characters.

  • Save the world from an untimely demise.

  • Defeat an ancient Lich, hunt dragons, or make deals with demons.

  • Prevent the remaining five gates of hell from being broken.

  • Build rapport, and maybe even romance, with the God of Death

  • Travese the legendary Fae court and play politics.

  • Enjoy combat shaped by your stats and choices.

  • Engage in a multitude of optional side quests and bounties for special loot and money.

  • Shape the outcome of ancient nations.

  • End the eternal twilight plaguing Ilyiat.





Azzerad Craymere is a ruthless man who used to lead a dukedom in the Kingdom of Amerlarn. Enlisted in service to his king at the young age of 16, he swept across local and foreign lands alike, conquering all that lie in his wake. He was the vanguard, the first line of offense and the last line of defense. He has been at the head of massive and historical battles, as well as the most covert of operations. He is known for his ruthless and, sometimes cruel, nature.

Little to nothing is known of his early childhood except he murdered his entire family, presumably in revenge for the way they treated him. Rumored to be the offspring of a human and demon, his family tried countless times to assassinate him. It all came to a head when he was aged 8, and a maid poured acid over him in an attempt to kill him once and for all. It is not known what the acid accomplished or whether this incident, if any of them, truly happened. All that is known is at age 12 his entire family was announced dead and he took over the dukedom. His hand in their deaths has been rumored but never officially connected.

After the Day of Twilight, he roamed the land for 15 years. He now seeks answers, and to right the state of the world. Thus he put together to team he now leads.

Not my art, All credits go to the artist, but this is the armor I imagine for him. But in all black.




Quini is a young halfling bard who has known Azzerad since shortly after her birth. Calling them friends would be generous, but there is a loyalty and respect there that no one understands. Rarely does she talk about her relationship with him, and never does she speak of how they met or why she fell into his care into the first place. But, she does mention that she learned music, not only because she enjoyed it, but because it was the only thing both of them ever seemed to like at the same time.

Quini, despite her secrets and supposedly tragic past, is outwardly joyful and happy. She loves life and laughter, and tries to make the best of every situation. She owns a beautifully crafted lute that she uses to play music, as well as use as a medium for spells. She isn’t much of a fighter, however, and prefers to stay out of conflict as much as possible.

She believes that life is sacred and must be protected, very different from Azzerad. This is why she decided to help him when he told her of his plans to put together a party of adventurers to solve the problems that have been plaguing the world. She gets along very well with all the current party members, and surprisingly, is very close to the half-orc Zorgulg. She truly hopes that they will succeed in their venture.




Leandyr, brother to his twin sister Lyndris, is a native born elf from the Old Elven Empire. He was displaced from his home at the age of 6 during the The Day of Twilight. The demons that were released from the Second Seal of the Hells targeted the great Elven Empire before any other race. He had to escaped with his sister to one of the other, albiet much smaller, elven Empires. But, despite this tragedy he is ridiculously easy going and rather lazy. He feels no need to bring back the glory that was the Elven Empire and could care less about their legacy.

He is an exceptional elemental mage, and even before he was displaced from his home, he was learning how to control his magic from a very early age. Though he is powerful, he rarely uses his magic for anything but impressing young men and women that he fancies. This is a point of conflict between him and his sister, who values their elven heritage. Unbothered by what anyone chooses to think of him, he is extremely confident and exceedingly charismatic.

He joined up with Azzerad at the same time his sister did, simply due to the fact he has never left her side. Despite his flippant attitude he has a deep love for his sister, and would do anything to keep her from harm, even if he rarely shows it. He has a deep seated sense of honor, and values the lives of innocents when the need arises. But, most of the time he ignored conflict unless it will result in unfair death. He isn’t really interested in saving the world, but agrees that having the natural order back in place would be better than the current state of affairs. Getting rid of the demons and restoring order saves much more innocents than if things were left as is, even if it is a lot of work.




Lyndris is the twin sister of Leandyr, but their looks are where the similarities end. You couldn’t find two siblings that were more different. Despite them have the same past, escaping the demon attack on the Old Elven Empire hand in hand, she took a much different course in life. She has great pride in her heritage as an elf and does everything in her effort to bring back the ways of the Old Empire. She believes that elves, immortal and powerful, should be the ruling faction of the world. While her brother followed her no matter where she went, she left him behind to seek out every battlefield, every war effort to help the elves. While her brother did little more than guard duty, she helped the injured return to battle, or to their families. A renowned and powerful healer amongst her people, her efforts singlehandedly turned the tide of the war.

Her pride in her people and their superiority is a point of tension with the Half-Orc Zorgulg, who was once enslaved with the rest of his kind by the Elves before their empire collapsed. She tries to avoid such topics, but deep down she knows that perhaps not everything should return to the way it was, even if she wont admit it. Despite thinking Elves are the pinnacle of all, she is still kind to those around her. Learned and scholarly she tries her best to help those in need as well as fight for those who do not have a voice.

She does not know much combat magic, but if the need arises she can handle herself. When Azzerad asked her to come along on his quest, she mentioned she can do naught but heal. Much to her surprise he said they would likely need it wherever they were heading. Resolved to help the world back from the brink, and by extension return to the golden age of elves, she puts her all into this quest.




Zorgulg Mahk has been an outcast since the day he was born. Half human, half orc, he wasn’t accepted in either circle. But that didn’t stop the Elves from enslaving him, even if he only was a half-breed. For the first 9 years of his life he was enslaved in an elven mine, laboring away his days with his family. These years have caused a deep seated hatred for elves that he carries with him till this very day. Lyndris is particularly infuriated to him, because she believes Elves are better than the others races, yet condemns the very actions they do for anyone but her people.

He is not a vocal activist, in fact he isn’t very vocal at all. He prefers actions to words. He gets along quite well with Quini for this very reason. She does all the talking for him, and expects nothing but his sword arm in dangerous times.

He cares about his people more than anything, despite the treatment he receives for his impure blood. However, the orcs, along with the other races society outcasts, has thrown their lot in with the demons. They seek revenge and conquest over the people who has oppressed them for centuries. Zorgulg does not accept these actions, condemning them as fools for becoming the very thing they fought against. He seeks to make is people see reason, and defeat the demons so that no one can use the orcs to further their ambitions ever again.




This will be very slow to update, but since I have no writer or reader friends I wanted to put out what I have. I’m not terribly interested in small things like typos or grammar.

I would love general feedback on story/plot and game breaking bugs.

Character Portraits were made in artbreeder, I know, spear me if you must. I do have an artist in mind once I get closer to the end.

Goal is to be 5 200,000 word chapters, and 7 side stories, plus a full lore compendium that unlocks as you travel the world. The goal is to be a bit like a home-brew DnD campaign.

At some point I do want to add random dice with advantage/disadvantage based on stats that will help randomize things such as battle or conversions.

It’s a lofty goal and I’m a very busy woman, so who knows when it will be close to done. But for now I’ve got a lot done on vacation.

Currently sits at 27,645/1,045,000 words.

Future update goals:
Near future- 1-2 months

  • Fix a few small typos.
  • Fix a few stat issues.
  • Fix a line repeating issue.

Further Along 2-4 months

  • Add a chat with the Barmaids
  • Rewrite Azzerad questions scenes to be bigger and more world building.
  • Rewrite battle scenes to make them flow better and be more eloquent.
  • Add Duke Village attack Scene
  • Add Twins Village Attack Scene
  • Write Boss Battle Scene
  • Write Shopping Scene


  • Write up interlude.
  • Write Bounty 1
  • Write Bounty 2
  • Arrival at Atrine
  • Follow which companion
  • Meet new character
  • Quini’s Arrest & Ch 1 end

Inspiration Playlists:

Young Adult fiction. It shouldn’t be any worse than say, Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven levels of violence/language/content.

Please Enjoy

Chronicles of Ilyiat: Hellgate


Wow from reading the summary and a little bit of the future update stuff sounds like you’ve got a really cool wip on your hands! Hope it’s not too much work and you definitely have my support!

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Sorry for the late reply, I just got out of work. Thanks! I’ll be trying to do a little bit at a time, once I finish BG3 that is. I’ve finally hit a lull in my activities so I can finally get back into this. Thanks for your support! :heart:

I have the strangest feeling of deja vu, like I have read about it somewhere. Did you by any chance posted an earlier version somewhere? I’m pretty sure I remember the elven siblings.

Well, I’m off to read this.


On the adult thread yes. But that is a very old version over there. For now I’m removing anything nsfw because it’s simply easier to maintain a thread here. So, you may have come across it before!


Im glad to see this again after so long.

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