Chop Shop [Crime WIP | CH.02 released]

Chop Shop - a crime-action interactive fiction.

Crime. Cars. Cash.

Unfulfilled at work, struggling for money, and witnessing the exponential success of your best friend, you learn that your intel at AutoLuxe Insurance Services™ is not entirely useless. The call for a new opportunity arrives, abruptly dragging you down into an underground car theft ring.

Meet a crew that runs a shady auto body business and face the world that is fuelled by greed, risk, ego… and a lot of gasoline.

So, are you in it for the thrill or the money?


  • Genre – crime, action, thriller.
  • Player character creation – determine your PC’s appearance, personality, background and gender identity.
  • Character driven narrative – bond with many side characters and the main crew, conceal your new double life, test morality within an underground criminal enterprise and witness the growth of your new counterparts.
  • Pursue relationships or play the field – flirt, f**k and find your partner in crime.
  • Learn the tricks of the trade – gain skills in high-speed driving, lock-picking, pickpocketing, mechanics and critical-thinking to pull off espionage jobs, boost cars and uncover secrets.
  • What’s your motive? – fuel your need for adrenaline or play it safe, reap the rewards to help out those in need or keep the money to yourself for your own spending pleasure.

Play the Demo - CH.02 Released [73k words]
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Character Intros - Meet the Chop Shop crew.
Ko-Fi - Support myself and the game!

Current status - CH.04 is in development. CH.03 is undergoing editing. Alpha word count: 130k.

Update Log
  • [05/12/2022] - Prologue + CH.01 Released
  • [10/03/2023] - CH.02 Released

Hello! I’m Becky, lurker and reader. I’ve been interested in IF for the past couple of years and have been developing ‘Chop Shop’ for some time now. I am finally ready to start sharing! I would love to hear feedback and general interest. Thanks if you check it out! :heart: :checkered_flag:


bookmarked! gonna test this one out as soon as i finished the other two i’m currently playing.

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I am looking forward to the updates of this WIP

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Are the crew the ROs or will there be more?

oh gosh, I’m really interested in this story, the characters are great! (mostly Maz and KJ). I’m looking forward to read more about the story and where are we going now :smiley:


Is there a defined year/time period for when the story takes place? Early 2000s, 2010s or present day?

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According to the character info on the tumblr it’s 2021.


Thanks, must’ve missed it. In that case a small car related nitpick: That mercedes Maz drives at the end of chapter 1 can’t possibly be a manual unless it’s a 15-20 year old low end model. At best it’s an automatic with paddles, which still means there’s no clutch pedal.


hello! Mercedes-Benz still manufacture manual transmission cars in the UK (as it’s more popular to drive a manual)

here is an example of a 2016 reg C-Class. pictures include the gear shift! thanks for the input.


just the crew are the main relationships :slight_smile: there will be opportunities to flirt with side characters down the line.


Fair enough I assumed it’s something higher end like an SLS or an AMG G-class coupe which don’t come in manual in Europe. Manuals are a thing in less powerful trims only for brands like Mercedes and BMW, like the 1.6l diesel you linked.

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you assumed wrong. again, thanks for the input :)!


Finally a wip I didn’t know about but I needed. I just love story’s where a character has to live a secret double life.

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Great opening! After the shitty birthday MC really need a thrilling drive🥲 and a job-change maybe.


No doubt, however the hard part is not being a criminal but being a successful one, and the ending of the prologue foretells nothing good in that respect. :worried:

And even if the mc can become successful as a criminal the hardest part is laundering your criminal gains, particularly if you’re poor like the mc. Inconvenient questions tend to get asked in our modern day if you suddenly start throwing large sums of cash around. In general the wealthier you already are the easier and cheaper it gets to launder your criminal proceeds.

Writing is good though and the game is gripping enough to make me really pity our poor mc at the moment.


True enough, and hopefully MC will get a chance to learn to be a good criminal. Maz is a bit daft, picking up a random person in a stolen vehicle. The rest of the crew will have to show more competence to make up for it or we’ll have to question how they didn’t get caught yet.

I agree, the writing is very punchy :slight_smile:


I hope so, it is the key to staying both alive and out of jail after all. :wink:

Even so their prospects for laundering any money they make will remain very, very poor, which likely means the poor kid may not gain as much out of it as they think. :worried:
So, no way being a criminal gets them into KJ’s type of world any time soon. :disappointed:

Awww…I really thought we stood a chance with the best friend down the line…pity…it would have been a powerful motivation for my mc to try to get rich and successful too. But maybe it is for the best, because even if the criminal life is successful it would probably take decades for the mc to translate success as a criminal to outward success in society and by then it would be too little too late anyway. :worried:

Pity Maz isn’t a guy tho…as I’m not feeling the other two from their descriptions on the tumblr.

The first part of that sentence is possible…the latter one not so much, unless the mc is really, really desperate to go to jail.


Well, hello. Anyone who knows me knows this concept is extremely far up my alley.

I’ll give the demo a try after work. My first burning question is this:

What cars will be featured in the game? The illustrations above are impressive, and I see the rear end on the cover looks to be the back of a 1969/70 Charger RT. The front end in your profile pic is definitely an early 2000s German or Japanese import, like a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta. So right off the bat, you’re hitting those nostalgic notes.


Hello, update,

I already am in love with Jax. If he’s not an RO this is a humble suggestion to consider him so.

Additionally, just finished the first chapter and WOAHHHHH you have a great concept on your hands. Looking forward to where it’s taken.


Ohh i love crime stuff!