Chop Shop [Crime WIP | CH.02 released]

The logo looks cool!!


hi! the car in the cover/ graphic is a Ford Falcon XB and the icon is a BMW M3 e30. so you were right about the german import haha!

as for the cars in game, i am going to keep that under wraps for now!


The chase scene and “intro” to the crew has me in tears. :joy::skull:


Oh this. This is interesting. Your writing style trapped me in the first page, without even mentioning the character interactions…I’m very interested in where this is going.

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This is awesome. The end made me laugh. Looking forward to more updates :heart:

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I love this. It doesn’t seem as gritty like the other stories in the genre but it looks fun. Definitely has some Baby Driver vibes goin on

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thank you so much!! i was a big fast and furious fan growing up haha so it’s definitely an influence. i love the flashy and cheesy fun side of it all!


Lol my cousin would force me to watch those movies with him everytime lol. The only one I liked was Tokyo Drift.

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Just finished reading this and I loved it! I know less than nothing about cars lmao, but your writing style is so vivid and descriptive, and it really sucked me in!

I really loved Maz so far, ngl. And as a fellow italian speaker, I was so happy to see them speaking italian too!

Just a few translation notes:

In the beginning, it should be “Succhiami il cazzo” instead of “Suca” (“Suck my dick”, instead of just “Suck”)
After the chase, when they say “Sfacim e merde”, I’ll be real and say I have no idea what they’re saying lmao. Tbf, “sfacim” could be a word in a dialect I’m not familiar with, but “merde” should be “merda” instead (“merde” is actually how you say shit in French, not Italian)

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Italian writer here to the rescue, agree with the first one even though we say suca which isn’t exactly the same as saying suck my dick, it’s more of a “In your face!” And i disagree with the second. Sfacim e merde it’s in southern dialect and correct as it is.
Actually I’m impressed, it’s rare to see Italian written correctly by non Italian writers.


Ngl, I’ve never heard either of those used that way, but it could also be bc I haven’t really lived in Italy itself and my family who does live in Italy didn’t really grow up in the southern provinces.

And yeah, same! Those two things confused me, but other than that, I was really impressed by how everything else was written! I especially liked the detail of Maz stumbling on the “song and dance” expression while speaking English - I’m fluent in both languages and it still happens to me all the time lmao.


your style of writing is great, I enjoyed the read from beginning to end! It’s going to be interesting to see where this story is going :blush:


thank you both so much! i really appreciate the input. i’ve been working with a friend of mine who is Italian for the Maz translations. from what she’s told me ‘Suca’ is slang, so i imagine it’s specific to her dialect/region. i’m glad Maz came across positively in general though :smile:


I know I already screamed in your dms about this on Tumblr, but now I have the ability to do it on the forums too. I was super excited when you first posted about this wip on Tumblr, and I knew that I was going to keep my eye out for it.

From what I’ve read so far, you’re a brilliant writer as well as an artist (seriously… if you could spare me some of your talent I’d love that!). Everything felt so real, and action-packed, and immersive and I can’t wait to see this wip grow.


MILLAAA! honestly, seeing you pop up made my day haha!! your support and enthusiasm is such a blessing, i can’t thank you enough :face_holding_back_tears: i am so glad you’re enjoying it so far!!!


I’m really loving this so far - Maz already seems like an awesome character, and the action is well written and a lot of fun. :heart:

Just a question - is the demo going to remain at the prologue and chapter 1, or are we going to get updates with more chapters as you finish/polish them? Just something I’m not really clear on as I noticed you mentioned you’ve already written chapter 2 and 3.

Anyway, can’t wait to (hopefully) meet more of the crew and get into plenty of trouble! :grinning:


hi! thank you so much for your feedback :)! yes, the project will be updated as i progress. i plan to release ch2 when ch4 is complete.


I’ve missed some criminal action. Was fun to read, good luck with your work!

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thank you so much! :slight_smile:

hello again and happy feb! i realised i keep forgetting to post my updates here too, oops! :face_with_peeking_eye:

there’s not much to report on at the moment - all i can say is that i’ve been writing!

things have been progressing steadily. i’ve been able to write 12k for ch4 last month, putting it at a total of 18k! so we are over the halfway point!! editing is solely focused on ch2 right now, which is currently sitting around 30.8k.

total word count: 118k

i have set myself a few goals for this year - the priority to launch a patreon at the end of the year and celebrate the first year milestone! i have ideas planned for the extra content/short stories - a summer special, an end of year/seasonal special and a jax special :pancakes:

i haven’t drawn at all this month, but i am hoping to whip up some portraits for maggie, jax and taha soon!!

lastly, and given my progress, i am confident that the tentative release date for ch .02 will remain the 3rd of march. so excited to share more soon!

edit: ch. 02 will be released on the 10th of march!

thank you for your support and patience :heartpulse::checkered_flag: