Choicescript help again

how do i make certain options available for example

Hey! stop that filthy pickpocket

you run over and stop him(requires 10 strength)

This should work.

	#Help! A thief!
		Run away
		*goto run
	*selectable_if (strength > 10) #Hey! Stop that filthy pickpocket!
			You run over and stop him
			*goto stop

the second option is greyed out

If you don’t want the option to appear at all if unless they meet the criteria, change *selectable_if to just *if.

Because you don’t have 10 strength. You need to create that stat and set it to at least 10 for it to be selectable.

Have you read the into to ChoiceScript and the wiki?

I would recommend reading this:
Choicescript Intro (And what comes next)
The Choicescript Wiki (I was too lazy to find the exact page)
And Some Forum Topics (I included one that had some info on greyed out vs. hidden in the comments, not the initial post).

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I am thinking about making my own game, do i need all that legal stuff at the beginning

I’m guessing you’re talking about the copyright stuff that appears on the startup page. And if so then firstly it won’t appear in your game either way because of the coding that’s beside it. So truthfully erasing it won’t make much of a difference.

So . . . no you don’t.

ok thanks, thats really helpful

when you have two choices to make, how do you make sure their separate, for example say u have a choice of taking a shower or eating breakfast, you choose breakfast, how is it possible to separate the 2 choices

sorry for any confusion, this sounded a lot better and a lot simpler in my head

	#Take a shower
		*goto scene1
	#Eat breakfast
		*goto scene2

I did that, but it came up with an error, am i doing something wrong

Did you create a scene 1 and scene 2 variable and indent properly?

Blah, blah.
  #Take a Shower
    *goto scene1
  #Eat Breakfast
    *goto scene2
*label scene1
You hop in the shower and...
*label scene2
Yummy. You get pancakes with...

another error increasing indent was not allowed but thanks for your help