Hiding Choices?


Someone might’ve already asked this, but I can’t sift through the forum right now: when making a set of choices, is there any way to make one choice hidden and become available after one or even both/all of the other choices are selected and brought back to the label? If that’s impossible, I know how to just make another choice selection, but I thought that might be a bit cooler. Also, while I’m here: the ‘titling statistics until they’re revealed thing’ is a bit confusing.

Choicescript help again

Place a variable on the code, then follow:

[Tab]#Option 1
[Tab][Tab]*set VariableBlah +1
[Tab]#Option 2
[Tab][Tab]*set VariableBlah +1
[Tab]*selectable_if (VariableBlah = 2) #Option 3


*selectable_if would still make the choice appear but it would just be greyed out and inaccessible. What i think you’re looking for is a choice list that doesn’t display a certain option at all (for thematic or spoiler reasons) unless a certain criteria is fulfilled? If that’s true then a simple *if statement in your choice branch should work i.e.

[Tab]#Option 1
[Tab]#Option 2
[Tab]*if (variable)
[Tab][Tab]#Option 3

In which case Option 3 only appears if the variable is met.


My bad. Need coffee.


Okay. I think I’m getting it, but the variable thing is the problem: do you happen to know how to make the other options the needed variable? Variables are my mortal weakness today, apparently…


*hide_reuse globally

At the beginning of the scene.


I’m not really sure what you mean by this? Could you post an example of the code you’re using and maybe explain a bit more what you’d want it to do?


I figured it all out. I set it up under a different name so I can change it at the desired time. Thanks, though! These forums are really helpful.


Hello, sorry for necro-ing a thread but can you share your solution here please? The problem stated here is exactly what I’m facing now and I would really like to know the solution, thank you!


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Not completely certain what you want to do, but here are a few options for you. 

One: show an option that you might or might not be able to click on. 

basicly something like
    *selectable_if (fighting >= 2) #punch him. 
        Your text here. 
With this you can choice the option if fighting is 2 or higher. If it's lower the option will still show in grey and can't be clicked upon. 

The second possibility is to have a hidden choice.  

If you want people to go through multiple options and then reveal one do something like this. 

*label start
    *hide_reuse #Ask for advice.
        *set askedthequestions +1
        *goto start
    *hide_reuse #Think about it. 
        *set askedthequestions +1
        *goto start
    *if askedthequestions =2
        #give the answer 
The hide_reuse makes it so that the question only shows once. The goto gets the person playing back to the choice, which will now only show one option. Once he/she has just that one the value is 2, meaning that the third option appears. 

Another way to hide a choice is to use one of your variables, lets say fighting again. 

    #Option A
    #Option B
    *if (fighting >=2) #Option C

Option C only shows if fighting is 2 or higher. If fighting is lower only option A and B can be seen. 

Hope that this helps you.


That looks like exactly what I wanted. I’ll get to trying right away, thank you!