Say I want to Hide a Choice Option


How would I do it? I’m aware of the *hide_reuse code, but I want the ability to hide a choice, either whiting it out or not having it show up.

For example, you decided that your character is fifty feet tall and the game recognizes that. You want to get into a palace, but the front door is only fifteen feet tall. You obviously wouldn’t fit, so the option to try wouldn’t pop up. Is there a command to do so?


You need to use variables and an *if or selectable_if

  *if (one) #Option one
  *selectable_if (two) #Option two


Does (one) and (two) mean the variables?

Edit: Would it be any different in regards to a *choice? Because I keep getting an error messege when I get to the *choice.


Yeah. In that choice option will only appear if one is set to true but option two will be unselectable unless two is set to true.


Keep getting an error message stating "Invalid Expression, couldn’t extract another token #“blah, blah choice.”


okay try this

  *if (one)
    #Option One.
      *goto sceneone

  *if (two)
    #Option Two.
      *goto scenetwo


basically you need a variable and use *if when you want an item to only appear when the variable is true or *selectable_if if you want it to be visible but only selectable if the variable is true


Are you sure you dont let a space between # and the first letter of choice? because i have frequently that error.

*if (one) #Blah

*if (one) # Blah.


Thanks, it’s working fine now.