Is there a easy way to make *hide_reuse work globally, back and forth from scenes?

Or do I need to create a variable for each option that I don’t want to be able to be reused when the scene gets visited again?

What I mean is a scenario where the player can go back and forth between scenes but the options he already picked cannot be picked again. I was working with the wrong assumption that the *hide_reuse command was going to fit that purpose, but recently I learned that it does not.

The only way I think I can achieve that effect is by creating a variable for each question that I want the player not be able to choose twice, but that’s a bit troublesome because I have dozens of those. Perhaps is there an alternative?

Yep, you’re going to need to use variables for it.

OR just allow for repeating questions.

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That’s quite tricky if the player have to jump back and forth between 2 different scenes, since *hide_reuse command will be reset if you move to a different scene.

Well, since the only variable that will be kept for the whole game are *create variables, I think you have no much option but to assign individual variables to each choices.

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Use variables like the above members have been saying.


   *selectable_if (choiceone = 0) # Choice 1
      *set choiceone 1
      blah blah

   *selectable_if (choicetwo = 0) # Choice 2
      *set choicetwo 1
      blah blah

Anyway that’s how I tend to do it. Someone might have a more eloquent way but it works.


Thanks for the help, everyone. I guess there is no way around that, I must have been out of my mind when I thought it would work :joy:

You’re not alone here :cry: