Any way to use *hide_reuse if one of the choices takes you away from the scene (and then back)?

Sorry if the title is confusing. Essentially, I’m coding “days off” where you can choose to do a variety of activities or spend time with characters to build relationships with them. The activities (shopping, resting, whatever) are mostly all in the same “days off” scene, so *hide_reuse works fine for those… However, for character interactions, those options will take you to individual character scenes, and then back to the “days off” scene when the interaction is over. *hide_reuse seems to forget the option was chosen at that point.

It’s eight in the morning. What will you do next?
label daysoffchoices
*hide_reuse #I’ll take a nap.
*goto nap
*hide_reuse #I’ll go shopping.
*goto shop
*hide_reuse #I’ll spend some time with Shery.
*goto_scene shery

(And in the “shery” scene, there’s a command at the end to *goto_scene daysoff daysoffchoices. When you come back to that, all options are available again.)

I realize the easiest solution to this would to be put all of the character scenes in the daysoff scene with everything else, but there are like 11 characters you can do this with, each with 8+ long and sequential interactions as you visit them on each day off, and it’ll get long and messy quite fast. I’d really rather have them all neatly cordoned off into their own files, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to do that while still being able to use *hide_reuse for daysoffchoices.

…Hope that makes sense! I’d be happy to explain further; thanks for any insight and help!

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I know disable_reuse should remember, though admittedly I just tried it bouncing people around in the same scene, not different ones.

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Unfortunately, different scene “jumping” will reset those commands (hide and disable).

Of course, you can work around this by using *gosub instead of *goto.
Another possible solution is to *create individual variables that will remember which choices you’ve taken.

But nevertheless, there’s no simple way to deal with this, if that’s what you’re looking for :[


I’d suggest a variable that tracks the interactions.

I.e sherry_int

Then have it set to 0 and just have

*if (sherry_int = 0)

Above the choice then it will go after you do the choice and it sets it to 1.

Also if days_off is meant to be a scene you return to it also allows you to hide future choices that will unlock over time.

For example

    *if (sherry_int = 0)
        *hide_reuse #Sherry scene one.
    *if (sherry_int = 1)
        *hide_reuse #Sherry scene two. 

Thanks everybody! I suspected it would have to be something like that, but I just thought I’d check! :sweat_smile: I do already have a variable that tracks the interactions (so they can go in sequential order) but will have to make one (probably a true/false) just for the day off as well. Thanks again! :slight_smile: