Hide re-use permanantly

Is there a way to hide the re-use of a choice permanently? is there a command for that?

I have a shop where you can buy things and I don’t want you to be able to buy the same item twice. If you buy the item now, and exit and re-enter the shop, the choice is available again. In addition, if you try and buy something and can’t (ie. make the choice selection) I don’t want it to hide. Is there a command for this, or would I just use if item=false display the choice so no matter what if they don’t have the item it’s there and if they do it doesn’t. Just wondering if ther is an easier way.

Well I use the if system and is useful I believe there is no other way , I could be wrong. I use numbers in sense

*create pistol 0
you get a pistol 
*set pistol +1
*goto shop
*label shop
What do you want buy?
    *if (pistol =0)
        *hide_reuse#buy pistol
            *set pistol +1 

*hide_reuse before any choice will do that for you.

but @Nocturnal_Stillness if you reuse the text in other scene because you enter again hide_reuse will appear first time you play scene again

*label example
  *hide_reuse  #Option1
    *goto example

  *hide_reuse  #Option2
    *goto example

    *goto nextscene

Thats how I use it normally.

If you leave a scene and then return to it, *hide_reuse will reset and everything will be visible again. It’s kind of a hassle when you reuse scenes, but the only way to permanently disable an option is by using an *if statement, as @MaraJade demonstrated.

Now, if you’re not reusing the scene, *hide_reuse works perfectly fine.

If you are reusing the scene, you can use *if commands inside a choice, albeit in a rather unorthodox way:

*if choiceone
----#this choice will only appear if you haven't chosen it before!
--------*set choiceone false
--------*goto bleugh

My indents probably aren’t correct, but you get the gist (I hope)!

EDIT: note that the above code has to be inside a *choice command, or it won’t work.