ChoiceScript and Chrome


I would like to start work on my game, though I’m a bit confused over what to do and expect when downloading ChoiceScript. I use Google Chrome and when I googled the download link to ChoiceScript I had zip.File. How do I start creating my game?


Google Chrome is incompatible with CS, and Internet Explorer is buggy. I’d suggest using Mozzilla Firefox


If you’re on a PC, you should be able to extract the zip file normally.

If you cannot extract the files, you may need a ‘utility’ that will extract the files. A good (free) zip file utility is 7zip. You can download the 7zip utility from their homepage:

Once you have it installed, you’re going to open the zip file you downloaded with the 7Zip File Manager. From there you should see a button that says ‘extract’. Extract what is in the zip file to your desktop. If 7-zip does not work on your operating system, you will need to look for some other way to extract the files.

At that point the wiki has a lot of information:


Not sure yet if this was answered elsewhere, I’m just a noob here, but the ChoiceOfGames page and it’s games work just fine for me in Chrome.

Was there a fix somewhere along the line? Having downloaded the script to my Mac (OS X Sierra), I am presented with a script error right off the bat in Chrome. Is this something that is local/Mac specific that will go away once I upload this to my Linux webhost?

I prefer to use Chrome and would like anything I create to work as broadly as possible…


I think the games work in pretty much every web-browser, but self-made games tend to kick up a fuss when ran in anything but firefox. (The published version should work fine though.) Not sure what causes it. You should ask one of the more tech-savvy people :wink:


Specifically, the problem occurs when you run ChoiceScript on a file: URL on your own computer. Chrome doesn’t let HTML files access .txt files on your machine. When you use a web server—any web server—Chrome works just fine.


Gotcha, that makes sense and I feel a lot better now using this. I am really looking forward to experimenting with this framework.


Note that the error message kinda said that, but maybe not clearly enough.

We’re sorry, Google Chrome has blocked ChoiceScript from functioning. (“file:” URLs cannot load files in Chrome.) ChoiceScript works just fine in Chrome, but only on a published website like For the time being, please try another browser like Mozilla Firefox.

Do you think it would be possible to rephrase this message in a way that would have been clearer to you?


I never saw the error message above, instead what I saw was:

I only knew that there would be an issue from the ‘Trying it out’ section of the ‘Introduction to ChoiceScript’ page. I just wasn’t sure if this issue would prevent Chrome users from browsing these pages from the web in general. I plan on using this on my own web server, so I am happy to know that it won’t be an issue on the web.