Choiceofgames downloader

So, I’ve been thinking about making a choiceofgames downloader. It would download from the web versions of games, and would be able to use either mygame.js or startup.txt to retrieve an initial scene list. With mygame, it would take from the hashes section that all choice games on itself seem to include, which would give a complete scene and image list. Is this a good idea, and permitted by the staff?
It would ask for your CoG email and password to log you into your account using the api so you could access the scenes of your purchased games, and it would most likely be open source so that people could see that their information wasn’t being recorded somewhere else as well.
I put this in general because I wasn’t sure it fit into game development or choicescript help, etc.


I’d recommend on sending email to the company itself: support (AT) choiceofgames (DOT) com.

Just state your intention on the mail. Although perhaps the staffs themselves will probably take a look on this thread, send the email for the formality.