Choice of the dragon sequel

Hey, everybody!

So, I recently played choice of the dragon a few more times. It was the first choice of game I played, and it is really great. But it go me thinking, “What exactly happens to that dragon after hibernation?” I thought it might be possible that choice of games was coming out with a sequel, and it may be, but in the meantime, I decided to make my own.

I copied the scenes from the first one into my game, and I am currently in the process of writing more, after you wake from hibernation. This is just a side project, as I am currently working on my own game (werewolves rising), but I thought that this would be fun, too.

I don’t think I’ve made enough to post yet, I’ve just been working on the first new chapter so far.

p.s. Just one question. Should you mate wake up too? (if you have one) and help you rule?


Can I suggest that rather than doing a fan-fiction of Choice of Dragon, you try and write an original dragon game? There’s so much dragon stuff out there that you can use and you can put your own spin on it.

I know, I know, there’s a desire to write a sequel. It did end as if it desperately needed one, but I’d also like to think that as great Choice of the Dragon is, it was also the first game, there’s been a lot learned since.

I’d have liked a Choice of the Dragon where you actually could interact properly with your mate. Where the mate had a personality and could be properly wooed. Where you had more of a choice of what type of dragon you were. I think that rather than continuing their story you’d be better with your own.

You could then introduce other fun things.


@lackofmops: Also, don’t make a fangame without asking the CoG people for permission first.


@FairyGodFeather that is a very good idea, but not quite was I was getting at.
I don’t want to make it for the good story (although that is an asset), I just really wanted to continue the adventure that they had already started.
Thanks, though.

@Ramidel you’re right, I should ask… I will.

@Ramidel but I wasn’t going to put it on hosted games or choice of games or anything, just on the forums.


The problem with making a sequel to Choice of Dragon is that you’re not the original author. As such, you do not have access to the game and it’s resources, meaning that you can’t actually integrate what you did in the previous game (not even talking about copyright issues).

EDIT: Ninja’d XD

On the other hand, a Dragon game is something I am look forward to seeing, given that it’s made from ground up from your own (or any other writer’s) original ideas. It’s a really rich part of fantasy that sadly most writers tend to overlook in favor of elves and other more popular fantasy elements.


@Desanion I am asking them, they just haven’t got back to me yet.

Oh yeah and @Desanion the game text files are linked in the site.

Oh, I thought you couldn’t access them. Sorry about that.

The problem with publicly posting a piece of fan-fiction is that it can muddy rights. What if you were to post your Choice of Dragon fanfiction, and it turns out that they’d a sequel planned with the exact same storyline? What if you were to then claim they copied you? Not that I think you would.

Good luck on getting a positive answer from them though.


@FairyGodFeather yeah, that would suck… But it is just something to do in my spare time, I have no problem with deleting it. :slight_smile: But I think they will be nice about it.

I suggest Choice of the Dinosaur instead. :slight_smile: Or Choice of the gryphon. :slight_smile:


Lol maybe… Dinosaur would be hilarious.

This is copyright violation and, frankly, you’re not to-par with the actual author.

@FairyGodfeather Choice of the Dinosaur, eh? Ill go spam one of my friends to go make it, or atleast try but hopefully someone makes it.

Choice of the Dinosaur: Adventures of T-Rex. The most frustrating choice-game in human history: “There is a slab of delicious looking meat in a crevice, too narrow for you to fit your mouth into. Do you try to reach in and get it?”


I think the T-Rex is the most bullied animal on the internet. Who would’ve thought having a perfectly logical shortening of the front limbs for better mobility would bring so many puns? The internet’s ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.


They said their might be a sequel…A long time ago though(PLEASE MAKE ONE!)

I have a question somewhat related: How do you get a mate (West specifically)?