Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



No, If you fight and raid and salvage You will have anarchy, violence and chaos. That’s how world works. If not reme how live were in medieval times with nobility wars going on. There were chaos, riots rape and slaughter everywhere. If you destroy with violence Violence and chaos multiply. …


I would imagine this would come in terms of what your rule would look like afterwards. A high anarchy may make it easier to win, but would likely also make it harder to maintain and grow. Rather than your movement being an actual movement, it would be an assortment of brigands that came together for the purpose of overthrowing a regime. Once that’s over, it may be an “every man for themselves” free for all situation, at least that would make more sense as a counter balance.

Having a low anarchy has shown already that other houses will look favorably to you as well as potentially back you outside of the merchants. This would likely result in more groups being sympathetic to your views as well as other houses actively using their wealth and influence to side with you and your cause.

While I don’t think a full on “Ghandi-route” could work, creating an actual movement that doesn’t burn down everything in your path will be better in the long run. One man’s opinion.


Havie has said a pure Gandhi route will work if you have high charisma and meddle in religion.


I am doubtful of full gandhi route too… does it means mc just sit there and does nothing when the government troops take you :-):thinking:?

Once the troops take MC into the dungeon, honestly i don’t think he/she will even survive one day … :frowning:


MC: I won’t eat unless you free my people.
Government: Good. Saves on food. * locks door *


Lol, that’s why I don’t like the Gandhi route. (I am from India☺)

My MC won’t let it happen. He won’t sit idle when the Hegemonic authorities inflict violence upon the fellow rebels.

But Gandhi never sided with any one religion. He worked out his plans persuading both Hindus and Muslims against the British rule.


Gandhi not for Gandhi, Gandhi . My character is nick Evil Gandhi lol. So that’s all the Gandhi about. Real Gandhi has no relationship with one concrete religion.


But Mara… you really shouldn’t just sit idle and refuse to eat when the Hegemony troops arrest you… that is not good for your health at all :-(:upside_down_face:


If The hegemony capture me I am done so totally go like a martyr. I have no army no power except for capture the mind and fanatism of the people. Until I get part of the army I have no anything. The exteategy is make the people stand up following me They will do all by themselves. So yeah my position is reach their minds and convinced them that another way is possible etc…


Lol… i think that sound more like Joan of Arc :-):stuck_out_tongue:

Buy hey , I need you as a strong ally, not a martyr :-):grin:


Joan doesn’t work as she was all we will burn ingland route.


England should be more compassionate and free her instead of burning her… it will be a great morale victory for England as it shows that they are willing to forgive Joan when the French king chose to forget her :slight_smile:


I’m certain there will be. The low anarchy MC’s successful resistance will embolden others to launch their own resistances, adding to the anarchy, and some will be very violent, making the low anarchy MC’s resistance movement look good in comparison.


That’s who I’m trying to make my CHA2 helot MC based on. Except for the getting burned at the stake and becoming a martyr part, rather then that I’d prefer to go for playing as a “Jeanne D’Arc” who manages to free her homeland from the invaders and also survives the whole thing.
So keeping that in mind my MC actually belives that she is the eclect of the angels and doesn’t just think of the title as a tool to manipulate more people. Of course she wants the helots to be free but she would still accept the old Shayardene ruling class as long they treat the helots better not as slaves and they are also ready to fight for their homeland.

Guess this sounds too idealistic…?


Nope… we all need idealistic motivation to run our life , without such idealistic purpose it will be hard for us to succeed anything :slight_smile:
In the end, a person full of idealistic mind live happier than manipulative or calculative mind …

To fight for the Helot to be accepted by the ruling Monarchy system is a path of reformation for the kingdom… :slight_smile:

My Aristocrat MC however, would prefer to choose a more direct route of governing… overthrowing the current ruling house and replace it with Suzane sitting on the throne while i enforce her rule as Angel Eclect :slight_smile:


My COM2 aristocrat MC thinks kinda like this too. Except she doesn’t wants to share the position of the most important ruler with anyone. She kinda wants to become the queen of the new hegemony (bc Shayard isn’t enough for her) and also the religious leader, kinda like a pharaoh just in a mediavel setting.

Sounds like the complete opposite of my other MC, and this is why I really like this game bc it has so many possibilities to try out different things.


Priest king or priest queen of a kingdom is not uncommon …
I prefer to let Suzane be the queen because she possess the same idealistic virtue , and is equip with the proper ruling knowledge …
I would want to concentrate on the matter of how to terraform the land without using harrowing… in addition, i also intend to negotiate alliance with the blood mages , mutants and other factions for a long lasting peace :wink:


That’s something we don’t have enough information about yet imo. Sure my CHA2 MC wants to get rid of it. But my other MCs, as for the COM2 MC she might keep it around as a tool to get rid of her enemies kinda like the Theumatarch does, and my INT2 MC wants to study it first, are it’s uses really just to get blood for the theurges to catalise their magic powers or is it really necessary to keep the people from becoming mutants also would it really be that bad to let the people become mutants and all that… Uhh, I haven’t really decided yet where I want things to go with this MC aside from playing the skeptic route.


It’s truly said. Love is Blind.:heart_eyes:
We are only in the 1st game, know a little about Suzane. And here you are dreaming of letting her rule your would-be realm. And acting as her puppet.


Hahaha… Suzane’s insistant of requesting me to propose her under proper manner had just won herself a throne :-):stuck_out_tongue:
The scene she almost cried when she learn that she may lost her family sword was too sweet… father would had been proud with our family names bond togethet too :wink:

@Cari-san… i think we need to investigate the source of Sarcifer power without harrowing as well, getting rid of the harrower should be a master stroke to draw support of loyalty from the halots :wink: