Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



That’s what my INT2 MC will do probably, also she did well enough too without harrowing, sure she had to be content with less obvious magic which just slightly influenced things around her but still it worked.

Also about Suzane. While she seems like a nice RO and even a good leader figure if you also share her idealistic views, but I agree with @Gforce here. We need to get to know her better. The things you mentioned about her are hardly qualities which would necessarily make her a good queen.

Edit: Anyway was anyone ever so cruel that they took the family blade from S? How did S react to that? Do they still join the rebellion?


You can take the family blade and still have Simon join. In my modded play through my mc is for now still holding on the Simon’s fancy little sword.


Just out of curiousity, is your MC an aristocrat or a helot? Also does he bring it up later that he would like to have his sword back again or something?


There is one scene if you go sheep raiding and talk with S about their past where they try to grip their sword, forgetting for a second you took it. But I don’t think they hold a grudge over it


I think Suzane/Simon had express the willingness to lost the family blade forever … especially Suzane never hesitate to unbuckle her sword in order to join me in the Xaos land :-):sunglasses:

In my 2nd Mc, Simon express that the Theuge Sword is more worthy for him to bear when i give it to him




Well then it shows how cool S is. That they accepts the fact that a helot has their precious family blade.


Except my mc doesn’t wear it. If anything it’s a trophy at the moment.

Grudgingly, but then Simon is about as rare as pink unicorn and not at all representative of the typical nobility. That, if anything, would be Hector. Even Horion isn’t exactly respectful or seeing the helot mc, no matter how intelligent as a true equal here. Like I said before an unorthodox, intelligent helot mc seems to frighten Horion more than anything else.


Well… a low anarchy Rebel who doesn’t attack the Aristocrat is rare as well, that’s why logically such rebel would attract someone like Suzane/Simon :slight_smile: Such MC and Suzane/Simon are all idealistic individual that deserve each other …


Horion makes it pretty clear how much he “respects” the helots when he talks about Kala/Kalt. He actually compared them to a dog even if they attacked him that seems to harsh imo.


A certain type of helot perhaps, fierce but ultimately controllable. The mc helot, particularly the more intelligent and skeptical ones in positions of true authority…not so much. Or perhaps more to the point Horion’s “open-mindedness” and tolerance of helots only goes so far. Having a helot mc be simultaneously skeptical, intelligent and thinking way outside the established boxes “the all things are in flux branch” does not sit well with Horion and this is far more obvious in the helot path then when a “noble” mc has that same conversation.

Note that with a charismatic helot mc Horion can be made to spell out his potential dislike of the mc’s vision when it clashes too much with his own, with the high int mc he remains more circumspect for some reason.


Simon is rare in that he’s an anti-Hegemony aristo willing to stick his neck out for a nascent rebellion. There are, presumably, many other such aristos out there who are just being more circumspect.

Not that I’m disagreeing with most of them being bastards. Because they are. Simon’s just young and full of piss and vinegar, so he throws his weight behind our rebellion right away. Of course there are aristos out there who are good people, or at least okay people. Simon is one, the mc is (potentially) another.


From my playthroughs I got the impression Wards are largery responsible for the unnatural phenomena they are supposedly erected to protect from. Am I the only one thinking this? What are the prevailing theories on the Wards?


To be fair, Kalt/Kala are pretty vicious, especially to aristos. They aren’t unjustified, imo, but from Horion’s perspective, they really aren’t much better than a rabid beast.


I always forget this game I dunno why… It’s one of the games that made me get hooked in CoGs and the first game I bought in app store. When is Stormwright coming btw?


I would like to belive that most nobles act the way they do bc they are afraid of the Hegemony. As for the cruelty towards the helots, sure there are nobles who enjoy it like Hector but I think there are must be more like Suzane/Simon and the INT2 MCs possible aristo friend at the beginning (forgot about his name) who is still able to think of the helots as human beings instead of just slaves who aren’t worth more than animals.

@Ryuu I try to imagine myself in Horions place in the situation: I would be scared of a second attempt maybe even angry that I couldn’t do much to protect myself. But idk to compare someone to a dog… Guess the reason I don’t understand it bc I didn’t grow up with hearing all the time that some people are only worth as much as animals.


Of course he’ll have no small amount of bias against helots working in there. I’m willing to cut him a little slack since even the most well intentioned noble would be understandably put off by Kala/Kalt. Might be because animal based insults aren’t common where I’m from, though I haven’t paid much attention admittedly, but calling them a dog felt somewhat tame.


Less actually. :unamused: It is certainly firmly established that the Keriatou and likely most Shayardene nobility value their horses over the helots.

Ganelon is not a friend, probably never was. He was a bored kid into books in a backward, backwoods rural setting where none of his “noble” peers shared that particular affection, whereas the INT2 helot mc does and that humors him. But to infer a friendship…or more from that, well let’s just say that’s a mistake my mc is never going to make again.
Heck, later on in the game he even joins Hector’s merry gang of torturers and rapists.

My crystal ball says 2021, but then the tea leaves say 2022…it’s all very confusing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even Simon probably is…as his former treatment of starving helot poachers can attest to. He somewhat makes up for it by being cute and super brave. Still Simon is really, really rare in that he can even agree to live exactly like one of our helot rebels, I suspect that won’t be true for (m)any other aristo’s. Which still makes him about as rare as a pink unicorn.

That may be true for some barely nobles like the noble mc and their father but generally, Horion’s statements belie that as he already states the modern Hegemony would be nowhere without their loyal “noble” Quislings in the provinces. In Hera’s time that was likely different but the way the system has evolved means it is no longer true, assuming it ever was.


I’ll admit I complately forgot about that… Then nvm what I said about him.


I am agree with you. Helots are considered worst than animals. Mara considers them people, lesser people. But people. With soul and rights. Like medieval times a just queen. So she knows that explain nobles that they helots are humans and will be free people like sherfs… Will be complicated to accept so She will use religion to convert them. Using mages and Hegemony as sacrifice goats.