Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



True nonviolence will be hard, i am happy with low anarchy… not going to do a perfect nonviolence route purposely… :slight_smile:

Considering low anarchy as potential energy, always conserve energy for one deadly blow :wink:


Funny thing you and me following similar strategy for very different reasons… And I have already a hard core difficult due My total decision of never use blood magic


No ethic is natural. It’s a plausible ethical principle that some people agree with and others disagree with.

Your decision not to use blood magic will limit the number of people willing to follow you – but that’s not the end of the game.


I love magic, so i sure will try to use it myself or ally with some Blood Mages as long as we have mutual agreement, i even don’t mind to work with undead too because no faction is truly evil, if some of the undeads can have mutual agreement with me… they will be powerful allies too :-):grin:

And @Havenstone, i suppose we can also request our attackers to surrender, then there won’t unnecessary violence :wink:


What will be the max level for attributes?


Personally my strategy for my non-violent MC is to prevent his followers for being harrowed. Secondary is to strike. Starve the Hegemony of blood and labor and it will collapse under its own weight. The challenge is setting up some kind of shadow state while still avoiding the harrowing AND non-self-sacrificing blood magic.

It’s gonna be a steep climb. I think it will also rely on the other opposition groups being violent by proxy.


There will be one point per game, so someone happy to bring a 0-level stat to Game 5 will have a top stat of 6.


It is natural as you attack any live being it defends from bacteria to a lion. No ethic is natural, but the act itself is.


@Havenstone will the knowledge of telos and healing affect how much we can teach future rebel theurges?


well it was a assumption and assumptions can be wrongs so, anyway I must say you did an amazing job during those dedicated days


The extra stuff you can learn in Game 1 will have an effect in Game 2 – but Game 2 is also where you get a Theurgic teacher, so your knowledge will be accelerating pretty quickly from that point, no matter what you learned in G1.


I am dying to see If I can religious condemned to stake the Saucepan of Devil And Prepare my regal speech About How all blood mates are aberrations that has bring Xaos storms and bligh to the land.


By the teaching of the compassionate Angels, all lives are equal and deserve compassion , the knowledege we learn is Neutral, there is no good and evil about it, it all depends on how we use it…

It is by the will of Xthonos that our blood mages brother and sister learn the Theurge for sustaining life and order in the land, they are misguided by the Thaumatriach which i intend to lighten their way back to the path of righteous :wink:


"DIE FOR THE HERETICS !!! FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE NO MORE HARROWINGS NO MORE BLOOD… NO MORE FIRE NO MORE STORMS…" That’s Mara visualization of the total destruction of Theurges and their tools.

Using a religious crusade against them convert they people to point they ended as Cristianism did They would grab the Theurges and clean up them. Also burn all the available knowledge of the process.


Religion can be wrongly turn against us if we are too zealous with them, similar like the Knight Templar , faithfull servants and high idealistic knights who had been betray by their own church…

So i call for balance and compassion as deem rightous by the Compassionate Angels :slight_smile:


Compassion…? pfff Mara is not going anywhere without achieve The Shayardene revenge… I think she will rewriting a little The Codex with the idea of The blood mates are the spawn of Xaos That should be wiped out from the land. Compassion doesn’t include Agents of Xaos . I will be the Pope not an order like Template the difference is be supreme lord or a mere rich noble.

I mean pacifism is great for reaching the goal… Religion will bring me there but when I get control over The power of a faithful army I will delenda est Hegemony And let helots get all the resources from them and try to prepare for the famine


I’m just curious, how you will prevent people from figuring out they can do therugy since anyone of capable of it?


Not the Pope, that is too “Rigid” , historically i think a King can be a pope as well, King Charles I rules as Monarch of spain and as Charles IV for the pope…

For a more dramatic and adventurous figure, Paul Atreides of Dune is a better example as a supreme Religious Ruler

However, without compassion … we will be constantly longing for a conflict / chaotic reign no matter how much one side think they are the righteous one … Mages will form their own resistance against anyone who try to alienate them, don’t forget the mutants and undeads are here as well…it will be opening a war with multiple fronts but without adequate method to confront them , it won’t end well in the end :slight_smile:

@cascat07 only those with Int2 can learn magic so i guess not everyone will understand how to use them :wink:


All right, I have a plan for a situation where some traps might be more useful than recruiting would have been. Will report back with head-to-head comparisons.


Compassion has never ever won anything similar to a war in the story of humanity, It is like saying humans have wings and mount unicorns while singing Jon Lenon Imagine.
Gandhi, imagine he were opposing anything that weren’t British. Stalin for instance, would have been killed all them in seconds…

Compassion could remotely have some sense if Weren’t the fact There will be dying of famine anyway less alive is best for the collective. And there are other ruthless empires go there talking of compassion… They will punch it with it in your heart while slaving and sacrifice all your people.