Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Well… whoever ruling is fine as long as he/she is compassionate and capable , that’s why i will support Suzanne or perhaps that future Aristocrat RO if me myself is rulling :slight_smile:

Sarcifer looks fine … i don’t mind an alliance that benefit both side as long as he is trustworthy and honest … A Lawful Evil character is actually an honourable , although dangerous ally … because he/she will stay truth to any agreement even if they are evil :slight_smile:


Yep, I recognize that you’re entirely consistent, and this is how you’ve handled just about all of your characters. That said, personally I prefer physical descriptions, especially for RO’s. It makes them feel more real to me and helps me to picture them clearly. Physical chemistry is a necessary element of attraction. For me this falls under show, don’t tell. Telling me I find someone attractive isn’t going to work 99% of the time. Suzane works for me simply because I find her personality sufficiently appealing that I find myself willing to fill in the physical details. That clearly didn’t happen with Breden.

Thom Baylay’s descriptive imagery of the RO’s in Evertree Inn is the most impressive I’ve seen for gende-flippable characters, as Daisy/Dandy managed to charm both myself and @idonotlikeusernames and we have extremely different tastes. I can still vividly picture the droplets of water dripping from her jet-black hair and running down her every curve.

Not that I expect you to change anything, and I still love your writing overall, but I wanted you to understand where I’m coming from on this.


True, Dandy has managed to leave quite an impression, perhaps the most powerful of all the CoG RO’s to date and, as the Tiger said, the author magnificent use of descriptive text does help.

Other then the gay/straight thing Isn’t that just political?
I mean who doesn’t love a sexy, fictional bad boy/girl. :wink::heart_eyes:

(Note that my short, choppy replies should end in a day or two, once I’m back at my real desk with a decent computer.)


Yep, that. It does tend to significantly change the appearance of the RO in the mind’s eye, but Thom managed to make it work well for both the male and female versions of the character with only very small changes in the descriptive test here and there.

I’ll give you that my friend. :relaxed:

Oh no! I’ll never get the last word again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So rock the big stage, big tiger! :tiger: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definition of sexy is subjective as well … Lol, perhaps it is with respect to eyes , voice , lips …or merely the way of walking ? :-):thinking:

Anyway, i survive the winter with only 5 casualties … 3 children and 2 adults who scared to death when 2 Theurges flew past them above , but the morale is generally positive… Yeh !!! a successful winter campaign thus far :-):laughing:


And Not for being The different always I didn’t find Dandy scene sexy . I mean objectively speaking He should be sexy and is a great written scene still I found it forced into me like a Hurricane. I am really sensitive to anything that smells author want me to fall for it.

However, I felt in love with Semryu first scene he appeared.


Has it been mentioned if Thaumatarch’s heir will be same gender as Breden?


IIRC it was said they’re the opposite of Simon/Suzanne, so yeah, should be the same gender as Breden.


Is it too spoilery to ask which factors you will take into account when calculating the influence of our faction?


Number of followers, for one. (After subtracting splinter factions led by your disgruntled former lieutenants.) Mages, blood, money. And it’ll quickly become apparent in the diplomacy/espionage phase of each Game 5 chapter whether you’re able to attract enough allies and vassals to be a contender for continental power or whether you ought to be focusing on carving out and defending a smaller circle of control.


Are you Ahmad Shayard Massoud or Ahmad Shayard Durrani???


Wow… that’s going to be hard…
Perhaps my current strength is able to attract followers, don’t have mage yet unless i recruit Sarcifer…
I don’t think i will have much Blood and Money…Lol :-):sweat_smile:

Unless, @Havenstone, is it possible Calea or that Aristrocrat RO in Book 2 sponsoring some money to us? :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damnit @Havenstone The Politics and Nation building of Game 5 is the main reason I got into this series and while I love to learn more about it , it hurt to then realize that the series is only on book one and to think that it took @Havenstone years to make that (Even though I would think a good deal of it was just fleshing the world out to it’s fullest and doing his other job, Could be wrong)


@Havenstone Now I wonder do you gotta be high CHA if you aiming go be contender for continental power since it focuses on your ability to attract people? Or is it like in ch4 where your possible extraordinary visions attracts certain people to your cause? Like high cosmopolitan or homelander and all that


The world-fleshing happens as I write, for the most part. I spent some time early on sketching out the basics of the world, and more when I pitched it to CoG, but it was a matter of dedicated days, not weeks or months.

The day job, on the other hand, ate two whole years of my time during the writing of Game 1, and most of another year was taken in polishing the final draft and publication prep. So I really wrote it over a four year period.

The day job has eaten most of the past year too, alas. I’ve fit in more world fleshing-out and lots of story planning, but the actual writing has been sparse. I can’t promise a Game 2 anytime soon. But as I’ve said elsewhere, my hope is that I’ll get a sabbatical from day-jobbing in a few years’ time, so we may get Games 3, 4, and 5 a little sooner than my track record so far would imply.

Fate880, you can achieve continental power with any combination of skills. To be a nonviolent transformer of the system at scale, you’ll need to max out your Charisma.

For violent rebels, Cha will also certainly help if you’ve got a small faction or none and still want to exert power at continental scale…but there will be other routes to success as a Genghis or Merlin as well.


Havie A question about your concept or non violence and or pacifism. Mara is non violent except is attacked, due I firmly believe in the legitimate defense. Would the game consider me violent? Because I think should recognize that I don’t attack or raid even if I respond to a direct attack.

It is a variant of pacific behavior classical. Tell me that I won’t be treated as a raider and that When I am not.

Also Take your time, we could wait for a working of your quality


The game will reward your behavior with low anarchy and all the benefits (and problems) that accompany a low-anarchy playthrough. Including of course better relationships with the groups you could be attacking but aren’t.

However, the nonviolence achievements will be reserved for the Gandhis and Kings out there who decline violence even in self defense.


King had a national government that was sympathetic, and he still was assassinated, while the Brits that Gandhi faced were nowhere even close to as ruthless as the Hegemony. I look forward to seeing how you make this believable.


I don’t care achievements, I mean I don’t want to being treated as a raider or something similar because I am not a hippie. Due It wouldn’t make sense. And self defense is a natural principle.