Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!


Once the Hegemony is torn down and a new order is installed, will there be a possibility to install some kind of Communism? Well, socialism, in this case but something along the lines of Agrarian Socialism or Radical Religious Egalitarianism (or Atheist, if you go full Anarchist) like the Sassanid Mazdakites.



@Havenstone, there’s no way for Horion to live unless the MC takes him for ransom and realases him later, is there? I think I’ve reached a playthrogh where I just kidnapped him to thin the Phalangites’s numbers, and I don’t remember the game ever telling me he was dead, but I have a suspicion.

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Yeah, that’s right.



I’m hoping all / most of the “Horion died!” paths are actually evidence of his intellect and cunning, and he faked his death to protect himself.



Apart from the ones where you directly murder him, of course.

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So do I. I like Horion as a character, and would love to see more of him. But if he did die, I’m confident in Havenstone’s skill when it comes to writing interesting failures. I’m pretty sure it’d make it harder to be buds with Teren and the Leaguers, thoigh.

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@Havenstone It did occur to me regarding the world map that with enough latitude longitude information, one could project that map back onto a sphere just to get an idea of the actual planet. Of course much of that planet would be unknown based on just that map so I thought about adding “Here there be monsters” to the unmapped areas in homage to old maps. Then it occurred to me that if Xaos storms ever go out to sea, there might actually be sea monsters. Do the Xaos storms ever go out to sea? Does the Sun rise in the east and set in the west in XOR world? The Earth happens to rotate to make that the case for us, but there is no reason it could not work differently on a different planet and I cannot recall it being mentioned.

From a recent addition to the XOR Wiki Wards page:

There is obviously some ambiguity around what constitutes a weapon. Rope can cross a Ward despite its potential use to attack people. So can a stick that has not been too blatantly shaped into a bludgeon or spear. Any metal object with a sharp edge, however, will be stopped by a Ward, even if (as with a spade) it is most often used for non-violent purposes. People’s teeth ache and tingle when crossing a Ward, as more than any other body part the teeth have “attacking” as part of their telos.

Just out of curiosity, does this only affect incisors and canine teeth or molars as well?

@Havenstone Is the experience different for those trained in unarmed combat? What about fingernails and does any effect for fingernails vary based on their length?

On a different note, from XOR Wiki Agricultural Theurgy:

The herb mullow, which sedates the homunculi in both male and female seed, was carefully bred by Theurges to be a completely effective contraceptive. The shrub yam, helots’ primary food, was tweaked to have the opposite effect.

My MC is going to react VERY strongly to finding that out.



As would mine, believe me. Fortunately, it does not change sexual orientation, so he’s pretty sure he doesn’t have any brats that might complicate things later on. :sweat_smile:
Luckily the primary food of the rebellion thus far has been meat and grain, with not much mention in-game of yam.

This should be less of a problem when part of the goal is expropriating the oppressors and most big land-owners are part of the “nobility”.

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My Alya will laud that. Ronia won’t really expect any different - it’s the Hegemony, of course they’re going to increase the reproduction of their mage fodder.

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@Havenstone What sort of currency does Halassur use? The reason I ask is that in the long term if it becomes necessary to fight Halassur, while counterfeiting the Hegemony’s currency might be counter-productive due to it causing economic harm locally, I anticipate fewer qualms with devastating Halassur’s economy with counterfeit currency. How well would Telos-vision detect counterfeits? Ideally they would be made to pass for real currency so would they have the Telos of being real money?

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Terrific article, thanks! But as I’ve said somewhere recently, paper currency isn’t used in the gameworld, and flooding Halassur with gold and silver coins wouldn’t I think occur to people as a helpful warfare strategy.

It’s an interesting question in theory of whether paper money printed by the Halassur Central Bank would have a visibly different telos from that printed by Iasoun Imprestor of Soretto. I’m inclined to say that it would be very hard to distinguish them, as both fundamentally have the telos of “being trusted to pay for things,” and a telos-sniffer looking for “intent to deceive” would probably find it on both



Well we could mint coins with different concentrations of precious metals, the coin equivalent of counterfeiting. With the right combination of metals, we could probably match the density of the real thing at a fraction of the cost of the usual metals.

That was in response to one of my questions. Sorry, I misinterpreted the answer as applying only to the Hegemony.

Where does the Hegemony mint its coins anyway? Just in Aekos? What is the status of foreign coin use in the Hegemony? Does pretty much every country use the drachem and stater combination? Is there any foreign coin preferred for use in trade sort of like the Maria Theresa thaler?

Given how decentralized aetherial blood collection is, I’d be surprised if there isn’t a black market for aetherial blood. It would be extremely risky for the Rebellion to try buying aetherial blood on the black market, but it may be a worthwhile option to attempt under the right circumstances. If a black market for aetherial blood exists, what would be the hypothetical price in coin for a vial of aetherial blood?

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Theurges can detect forgeries? Interesting…



Well…actually we might have to do something with all the useless jewelry of the former nobles…
So depending on how much the Shayardene nobility really loves their “bling” of war or otherwise…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would make paper currency much more viable too actually.

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Exactly Mara BankChurch empire firstaction will use checks and stocking actions in special paper money. Far more reliable for trained… AND MARA BLESSED sacred paper interchange in all Mara churches all the continent. Remember MARA BANKING churches are neutral ground sacred and destined to free trading.

It would be super cool. We will be peaceful traiders and suppliers of commerce interchange and religion. Angels praise prosperity and free commerce. And Kittens



Is he a forger?



This is absolutely done in both Halassur and Hegemony, despite being punishable by death (and readily detectable by a Theurge). So is clipping. But it’s done for personal profit, not as a war tactic. Debasement of your opponent’s currency through large-scale counterfeiting is I’m pretty sure something that never occurred to anyone until the age of paper money.

In a world of successful alchemy, of course, you could have the experience of gold becoming as cheap as chips if one side figured out how to transmute it from base metals. But the history of that would probably be of that “lucky” side suffering an unexpected economic collapse and switching to using a genuinely scarce metal again, with its neighbors following suit as their gold coinage also became worthless…

The Hegemony must have mints outside Aekos – you couldn’t supply a continent-spanning empire from a single central mint. But every province uses the Hegemonic drachem and stater, not foreign coinage. Trade with the Abhumans and Halassur during peacetime uses ingots of metal rather than coin.

Theurges are the only market for aetherial blood, and they don’t conduct transactions with non-Theurges. Anyone who tried to sell to them or buy from them would find themselves rapidly turned into product.

I’m not sure. Like I suggested above, there’s an element of fakery in all fiat currency–a promise that’s only true as long as everyone keeps believing it, and falls apart when seriously questioned–that would make it hard for telos-vision to distinguish “real” paper money from a good forgery. It’s not quite the same thing as detecting a faked painting, or a tin coin pretending to be gold.

I made up “Iasoun Imprestor” as a hypothetical forger. You won’t actually meet him. :slight_smile:



The question then is how much does the Aristocracy love its “bling” as the Shayardene one seems to have a big fetish for it. So melting it all down might we not have a big surplus of gold that might profitably be exported to halassur?



I’m not sure how plausible that is. One of the ideas behind coins is that the face value of a coin must exceed the value of its metal content (otherwise people would just melt them down). The difference in value is also a source of state revenue. So it should not be the case that what is being traded could be minted into coins at a profit.

Can coins even pass a Ward?

If Theurges lose their property rights, that is really all the more incentive for some of them to sell aetherial blood to anyone willing to buy it. Of course other Theurges would get the most benefit out of aetherial blood and it would take a Theurge or something equivalent to authenticate the product unless the buyer were willing to skip that. Still, I would be surprised if some Theurges weren’t willing to sell to the highest bidder if those Theurges thought they could avoid being caught. Considering that the Hegemony does not know how much aetherial blood is collected, that would make evading detection much easier. Even if Theurges were actually only willing to sell to those they believed to be other Theurges, the Rebellion might be able to fake its way past that at great risk or find leverage against individual Theurges. I think the biggest risk would be Hegemony sting operations if they even bother with those.

To what extent do Kryptasts and Theurges overlap? Are there any Kryptast Theurges? It seems like having spies with those powers would be useful but given that Theurges also occupy a religious position, maybe undercover Theurges would not be done for religious reasons. The Hegemony also might not like the idea of Theurges receiving Kryptast training that could be used for escaping the Hegemony.



A question could be aetherial blood being tainted or poisoned to cause some sort of chain reaction that exploded in the storage of that kill mages.

and about paper as money i think that is believable as how started being used in Renaissance. As a promise of being paid in gold or silver in the bank for certain amount. to whomever it has the paper or a determined person .
If My theory of Switzerland Vatican or a Mega church bakers guild it has sense using religion as a authority that blessing the paper money to give it a trusted image and a church bank could have church delegations that change thepapers to local money…
Also who wont want a Mara paper Kitties and mules and angels and tulips