Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!


Nope. It was the wonderful work in polishing Havie did with testers help. We play winter over and over and over during months to rid code of bugs and balance it. Breden don’t tested shit :wink:



That happens if you hunt early in the winter. Hunting bears later is unbearably dangerous without a full crew.



Wow !!! I guess Lady Luck really loves me or Breden is my Lady Luck :-):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I never knew that but somehow my men survive and happily devouring the bear meat to endure the winter :-):rofl:



@Havenstone Are the Wards based on the Ghostfence from Morrowind?



Nope! Still haven’t played Morrowind, never heard of the Ghostfence…



You really should.

Also, what happens when a new Theurge is selected? Is it “Yer a Theurge, Chirex.” or is it more of a test?



Hah! I just managed to survive the winter. And with the summer reinforcenments, the band is almos five hundred big. A third of those are the children, but still. I still couldn’t manage to get a kid named after my noble MC, and there’s a slice of my brain that wants to restart and see where I went wrong. Too much work, though.

Now I just need to figure out a way to keep both Horion and Linos alive. I tried ransom, but I think Linos got killed halfway.

Hey, I am roleplaying. That’s why kurios de Maeos didn’t do the Inner Voice or was named Ecclect. :slightly_smiling_face:



I got the child named after me with Cha2 and maintain good morale within the group , well i told the kid leader , forgot her name … i think it was pin ? why we shouldn’t rob and how we would be alright, and both me and Breden visiting the camp every night to cheer them on :slight_smile:



HAVIE YOU HAVE TO PLAYED seriously you will Love the story and the lore it is similar to yours. in many details like slavery a terrible nobility flying rock temple a rebel a turbulent situation also have your own Mushroom tower with magic teleporting or a Giant stone crab House… also flying mages landing



Breden is life






Hey, Eric, I managed to find a way to save Horion and Linos (assuming they don’t fake theor deaths). You have to take them prisioner and then release them in Chapter 4 before the Phalangites attack.

Speaking of that, the traps I placed during the winter little by little managed to kill ninety five pursuers. So there’s that. And hey, thirty people in the band are literate.

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The Final Battle from the Tagmatarch’s perspective.

be me
Aethleia (not sure if this is right spelling) de Arquin
Archon comes into my basement and tells me to crush a rebellion.
says she’ll give me 10000GBP if I win
says she’ll eat my tendies if I don’t go
agree to go
need six servants and a Theurge to get me into my armour
we set off to Rimmersford
get 98 nobles, 50 Alastors and 36 mercenaries to help out
Alastor captain is a Chad called Tychon
fellow neckbeard Hector Keriatou is leading the nobles
get into the forest
woods start speaking Xaos-lover
all of the nobles and Alastors get killed by traps
almost all of my Theurges get smoked by a seventeen year-old with a goete sticker on his helmet
baggage train gets a landslide dropped on it
all of my tendies were in that baggage train
the leader yeets one down a mountain, drops a cave on the other, and lures one of them into a beehive
we got the leader’s father tho
the leader does the fortnite dance over his father’s body
prepare for battle
send Phalangites forward
they get levitated by the goete
no Theurges left so no way to stop him
realise I’ve only got five Phalangites left
not enough to help me into my armour
make it back to Grand Shayard
mfw when I found out the Archon ate my tendies



Hey thanks, i will try save the 2 poor guys :slight_smile:

I have around 15 educated followers and didn’t set much trap because most of my followers went to begging, sending children to foster home or hunting , and buying food :-):grin:



Oh, I just figured it out. If you hold them for ransom, throw an arrow on Castle Keriatou and wait until Chapter 4, you get the scene where they can be released.

If you hold him as a prisioner, I think they survive, but I don’t think you’ll see Horion and Linos on this game.

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How did you do that? You meant attack or raid the Keriatou ? :slight_smile:

Although i don’t like Hector, i am still reluctant to attack the Keriatou due to Calea .:wink:



When you pick the choice to ransom Horion, you’ll also have to choose how to let the Aristos of the Rim know about it. One of the choices is sending Linos to announce it, the other one I don’t remember, and the last one is to leave an arrow with a message on Castle Keriatou. Then, I think there’s a chance no one’s going to pick you up on that offer, and you can send them away.

But, y’know, you are sending Horion right back to Phyrga and Strategos Nomiki, and he’s not gonna like you for that.

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At least you save him , even though he might not had known it :slight_smile:

I may try this route , though i wonder how is Suzane’s reaction with it… ransoming innocent is not as honourable as she dream of our cause :-):sweat_smile:



I wanted to drop by and say that I just made a playthrough as a compassionate, devout and cosmopolitan Theurge who beat Hector’s veneurs in Chapter 3 and recruited in Chapter 2. It all went so well that I lost only 25 people in the winter and got ten more killed by Hector. All in all, I’m facing the Phalangites with six hundred and two followers, more than the five hundred troops themselves.

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Stop consorting with Xaos, you vile heretic!