Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Would I have mentioned him otherwise? :slight_smile:


I quote from XoR on the Infiniverse Discord:




Don’t eat the mules! They go for seven crowns a pop!


Eat helots instead cheapest and less fuss Mules are intelligent. Like Mr Pumpkins. Also I am proud to announce i am in working of My second character on Series Ming The cannibal


You don’t need to worry about me on Discord, I’ve never used it.

I agree, only eat quality horse meat. :+1:


Mara prefers sell helots left the mules in gang.


I found Bear meat is most tasty and last longer, catching bears is essential for winter survival :slight_smile:


I got twenty people weaponlrss i think with twenty grain for belly and rabbits they areokay more food than people the bear coul be fine and secure. if not game over revolution0 Bear 20


@Havenstone Are Plektos humans(assuming I haven’t misread it and there are no Plektos humans) used in boarding actions? Do corsairs from the Corsair Coast ever raid the Hegemonic fishing villages outside the Wards, or do they stick to raiding Halassur? (Also, any plans for naval battles?)


Err… i think Plektos are Big hounds or Black Dogs :slight_smile:


The Plektoi we’ve seen are dogs, because we’ve only seen the sort of Plektoi that they use for tracking. But I think they’ve got Plektos warriors with Theurge-forged swords for big battles.


@Havenstone Even if we don’t control the borders in G5, will we still be able to Ward them?


@Havenstone… i am wondering, is it possible that an MC be “disfigured” , such as losing eye or limb, or facial recognition be damaged while in the Xaos Land ?
If this happen , how would players feel about an MC who is not handsome or pretty anymore for the remaining of their life journey ? Most importantly , how would the RO feel about a mutated MC ? I could imagine both Breden or Suzane/simon might still love us from the heart even if we are mutated for the rest of our life, but i could also imagine new ROs would stay away from us ? :slight_smile:


Unless we get a Theurge to change our disfigurement back to normal.


I would think this is a perfect chance to test the meaning of "True Love " :slight_smile:


Like Plektoi horses, they’re mainly used as the Karagond Border Guard, and on the Halassurq front.

Corsairs raid Hegemonic villages from time to time, but it’s not their bread and butter. Unwarded port cities in Halassur and the trans-Halassurq nations are more attractive. And there probably won’t be naval battles in XoR; Broadsides has that well covered.

Only a 6 INT Theurge or someone with a high level Theurge in their faction will be able to make a Ward by Game 5. And if you don’t control the territory it’s built on, someone could come and kick down your three stone high wall before it becomes a Ward…

Likely as that might be in “real life,” the XoR MC is somewhat plot-armoured against damage from a Storm, as that would prevent them from ever crossing a Ward again. (Which plot purposes will require them to do.)


To be fair, don’t we meet a Theurge of that level in 2?


I thought Cerlota was the equivalent of INT 5 with INT 6 being Ennearch level.


Mara question is do Level 6 theurges burn. Also @Havenstone could a maximum level Charisma Mara convince followers that wards are a instrument of Devil and should be destroyed and totally annihilated. And even if Mara is nust small Vatican state with Switzerland economic with banks and neutral could cause religious followers cause destruction due everyone see the wards as bad.


So, Wiendrj’s fucked essentially? He won’t be able to take it for a while, and I doubt any other factions who aren’t Wiends could.