Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Or you can try to go the cosmopolitan and skeptical reform route. The church in particular also seems to be loathed enough, more so outside Shayard and Karagon that breaking it is also viable and in fact a must if you want to abolish slavery and the caste system. Which in turn seem to be requirements to obtain and maintain large degrees of power as a cosmopolitan and non-believing former helot.
Certainly one such as my mc who has no desire to base his “legitimacy” on the outright lie and fabrication of “lost nobility” nor play the game by the decadent and largely unwritten “rules” and customs of the current “nobility”. That would at best be like agreeing to fight in a boxing match with both hands tied behind ones back. :unamused:


Ooo I can’t wait to get to that point!


when i go to jail i get no code.all that nobel does is poison guards and then take me outside.i tried to see his face or told him thanks.

but i get no code.i kept my mouth shut in both cases where i did not believe brenden and stayed away from meeting and where i did all brenden wanted.

so what am i missing?i got the spears though.


The Kryptast code?
It was given by Breden the night of our marriage :slight_smile:

She didn’t reveal how she got it , she just ask me to say those words if i got captured … so it indicates she is connected to the spy assassin organisation, however she could be a kryptast herself or she stole it from her master ? :slight_smile:

And i understand that if there was no Breden in the group , the poison incident won’t happen but my theory is that there is a 2nd traitor/kryptast in our group and that traitor recognise Breden, was furious that Breden betray the Kryptas , thus he/she frame Breden by poisoning us… if there was no Breden, there was NO reason to frame Breden but we won’t realise there was a traitor among us…
Breden actually force the traitor to act and expose his/her existance :slight_smile:


thank you for info .i just can not bring myself to keep know a fake friend or fake lover?i feel no need of it.

i have always noticed you are a very positive thinking person.i think if there was another traitor there job was more to do everything to fail our rebellion. rather then hurting one of there traitor.if you can feel even when brenden is not there spy would want to do everything to hurt us.why does that spy then lets us fight and does not harm us?i mean spy were sent to join these groups have them grow and then wipe them out right?

so to me brenden is one who does it.maybe she did not want to do it and had to for positive sake?maybe she does loves or say likes our mc?still she does her job whatever the reason.

is that sword worth it?i mean keeping her?


In my opinion that has no real sense as the leader of rebels is me not Breden. I have no her in group no attack. If the poisoner were other will poison my effort anyway moreover if another supposed spy is not in danger to be discovered by a former Spy like Breden. I mean i understand someone in love him her will believe Breden is an angel . Still more adamant clear can’t be that she he was a spy and she he sell his her group what probably didn’t expect was she he being harrowing with group so maybe she he was and is vengeful against hegemony. I don’t care what my Breden is SHE WILL DIE ON FIREEEE


Oh that sword is Awesome !!! Trust me :-):stuck_out_tongue:

You can keep it or give to Simon/Suzane … i think in future it will be great in a good blade master’s hand…

As for why the traitor only want to harm Breden, well my theory is that IF Breden is loyal to us, eventually she will be able to pinpoint the 2nd Kryptas , she already suspect there is a spy among the elder, hence given time , Breden could trace the pattern… well simply because Breden will know who has the pattern of acting like her…Lol

And the 2nd traitor know it is dangerous to allow Breden to help us… ummm think of it like the Syndicate of Mission Impossible allowing Ilsa Faust to become Ethan Hunt’s lover and work with him;-) Ultimately they brought dowm the Syndicate together, MC and Breden could be the next Hunt and Faust if they are allowed to work togather against Kryptas… that’s why the traitor want to keep my MC and Breden apart :slight_smile:

Well Breden is one of my RO, i have a 2nd MC romancing Suzane but i still keep Breden around :slight_smile:
@poison_mara… well perhaps i am a Cha 2 character, Breden never seem undermine my authority at all, in fact she help boaster my leadership, i had one playthrough where i listen to her plan, and stay with the villagers , teaching them reading and writing in the last chapter… that was fun as well…

And since i am playing non looting rebelion, every week it was me and Breden pleading for mules, food and supplies to survive the winter without a single robbing or looting :wink: you could say Breden and I compliment each other even if we are not lovers :wink:


Your hands will be tied no matter what. You will have made promises to get in that position and those people will come calling due. I suppose you could go on and kill all your creditors when you get there but that would be problematic for a all host of reasons. In particular, good luck declaring war on the theurges because they won’t be swayed by promises of freedom and equality. In addition I was talking more about unifying narrative, some sort of collective dream that brings people together and gives them a shared frame of reference like “God is great” or “Our empire is the greatest empire ever and the only bastion of true civilization” or “our nation is, like, the best” or “look how awesome I am. Don’t you think I will do a great job ruling the universe?”. Democracy and equality on their own do not have enough strength to fill that position especially because I still don’t think those ideas have much purchase on the population at large. I think the best route for you would be to sell it as a pseudo communist “from each according to their ability to each according to their need” type thing.


i have more charisma than mss. coward I don’t need a poisoner and I will be very happy when she burn in a stake. my number goal is burning breden in a stake and she will burn if she is a assassin or a potato i don’t care at this point is personal. Even if she could give the entire empire to me i will slin her anyway. So i don’t attend reasons or stuff BURN BREDEN BURN


but we can not keep sword can we?we have to leave it outside of ward right? so we have to give it someone. i understand it would still be a huge help in future.

i read somewhere that brenden agrees to marry but says no to she is willing to sleep if she has to. or say she likes him.but her priority is still same.that is what i am saying. if you could not change her and your group could not.should you let her get so many members killed so finally she can start loving?

how the hell do you romance someone else?as i male i click on female for romance.but accept brendon all people i get are simon or that helot who killed some aristo kid. never got anyone else

my my Mara is quite angry


I was wondering, what’s the most awe-inspiring feat of theurgy we’d be able to do? Enchant ourselves? Go to the mountains and sing ‘let it go, theurgy all the way!’ while making a huge castle?


If Breden is female rest of romances will male my friend. I don’t care as Mara is bi. But yeah Breden has powers like that. I don’t want to angry people explaining again why I hate her and how false, superficial and coward she is I hardly found in her any virtue and has the empathy of a potato she doesn’t give a shit anyone else than herself and her supposed mission however she is a coward of first calibre. She is Judas.
A brilliant made villain


My mc had that one figured out a long time already, as the regulars around here well know.


If you want to romance Suzane, you must choose Breden to be male :slight_smile:

But my rebelion is doing well with minimum death, till the end … Breden didn’t involve much in my decision …

As for not willing to bear our children , i don’t think she meant anything malicious , even in modern days, many girls will tell you they don’t want to have kids right ? :wink:

In addition of sleeping with a spouse who don’t want to have kid, there are much more we could do.together… such couples are longing for trusted companionship where they help each other in their daily life and struggle, it is about accompanying each other to perform those little things daily like cooking, watching sunset, adventuring and even taking care of each other in the ailing days… it is not necessary about sexual relationship or carrying your baby for every marriage, most often it will be about having someone you trusted holding hands together till the end of days… Breden certainly could be such a person, in the epilogue, if you ask her to come with you to the Xaos land, she will shutter as if holding her fear before making a decision to overcome her fear to follow her love one, this is what i meant about trusted companionship , she doesn’t need to act as if she is the bravest of all… the one who is willing to overcome her deepest fear to follow you is the truthful one :wink:


I had that impression but I didn’t realize you already formalized you thoughts. My bad :sweat_smile:


you have to understand the old thread has more than 6 years lol. We have discussed this and we know each other characters like it were ours. Mara Evil Gandhi was probably the character from anyone that has changed more during development of game.


you my dear friend if you do not mind me calling that is the image of positiveness.

i can not close my eyes though.when a pigeon sees a cat.pigeon closes eyes thinking cat can not see him/her either.


Lol… well to be honest, pigeons and cats co exist in my neighbourhood …

When i left slices of bread by the road side for the pigeons to eat in mass… the cats either watch them eat those bread quietly or they just pass by the scene without interest of catching the pigeons :wink:

My other neighbours left other foods for those cats to eat, so the cats realise pigeons are not cat foods :-):sweat_smile:


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Will we, @Havenstone?