Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:The secon poll needs other option lol



It feels good, I just sent Aristarch @ZoilusthePedantic to fight die in a campaign across the Wards for annoying me.

@Havenstone did I do this right?


That’s so boring! Why not use the merchant contact to get some nice blue dye for all the new Noble’s eh?


Well, I want them on the side of my other Mc. No more trying to conquer the Abhumans.


Though I do find it curious, how can Abhumans resist the Thaumatarchy. They’ve got theurgy on their side, is it because they’re already spread too wide and too thin?


i never found it also theurgic weapon for killing beast?though i think a sword will be too close to a i need to keep my mouth shut to get spear.thanks


Have I written anything to suggest the Abhumans don’t? :slight_smile:

We’ll see – too early in the planning process right now for me to say for sure.

No – it’s only possible to get a magic sword at the very end of the fight, well after you’ve dealt with the Plektoi.


Perhaps not as effective as a country with its own blood harvesting system? The Abhuman territory is large, is it fair to presume they have a similar system to defy the Karagonds?


Ahh you mean that sword that officer brough with him? I’ll try again


I got the Magic sword which that commander brought along , by applying Breden’s Kryptast code , i trick the commander into believing i am a kryptast, kill her and took the sword, which in the end i could give it to anyone i chose :slight_smile:


They certainly can’t compete by volume. While their system isn’t similar, it does include some fairly effective deterrent features. More will perhaps be clear by the end of Game 2.


Thanks for info. I never really waited while harrowing. So only once i went into prison.

Does that mean same code we used in prison can be used here? Because i do not keep brenden. She is spy in my eyes. If you do not keep her food does not gets poisoned.

Sorry i can not send message yet. I did not want to spoil anything


I shan’t ask anymore.


Havie could it be possible Implement a choice at beginning of second game that tell Saucepan and theurges something like I am totally against theurge and want destry theurge so don’t give me a chat about theurge.

Basically I as player love Theurge and all lore. Mara is like you go Pope in face relating all your heretic adventures… It has no sense a known anti theurge being bombarded with people explaining theurge. And Mara all chill … when wants murdering them.


Yes, that’ll be a possibility.

Well, you still may get quite a bit of the info before it becomes clear it’s coming from a Theurge…at which point you can go all BURN THE HERETIC if you like.


One more jarring things some rpgs have is Have people from other side that your character despise and promises annihilate Chill like lovers telling all their secrets.

Even if I think mara is quite and a big HYPOCRITE due she eats theurge food has used theurge medicine and other theurge enchanting stuff and has two theurge spears… So lol HYPOCRISY BIG LETTERS .


That doesn’t sound like a good idea. In a best case scenario, assuming you will let us pick a stat boost before the meeting, it’s Theurge of the First Kyklos against a Theurge of the Third Kyklos, and an Ennearch’s protégé. Also, I’m calling it now, that Ennearch was in a romantic relationship or at least had sex with Cerlota.


Where do you get all that info? I do not think any part of 2nd part is up for demo.


As role-playing Questions that have no sense and are bad should be included even if conclusion is fatal. Due i could be role playing a stupid zealot that it will attack theurges is his nature so is the correct choice even if for a metagaming perspective isn’t good option.


This sounds like it will be more feasible if some sort of regional fragmentation occurs. From the little we know so far there doesn’t seem to be much of a “Hegemonic” culture.

Another option to consolidate power would be to maintain the imperial rule already in effect and slap a fresh coat of paint on it, although I suppose you would need to pay at least lip service to the existing religion to do that.