Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



I am Spanish and went to a great private school with scholarship but was a hard core Catholic opus dei nun ruled school Or you directly called it a Indotrination kids center with wonderful forced activities as jailing literally my class in a monastery one day In spiritual retirement… teaching us the sins of masturbating Homosexuals and or communists.
The teaching of love and respect were lost in a interminable hate propaganda and censorship about how Catholic are far better than rest of Christianity. And other shit that makes my blood boil.

It is hard see religion as something tht bing people together when supposed Catholics insulting other people everyday in my city . Then if I look around each church or town with more than two centuries old and close my eyes I could imagine the screaming of agonizing people killed by inquisition.

That’s a universal principle for me Humanity always finds a way to justify killing others.


I absolutely am. “People are awful and nobody cares about anybody but themselves” is an assertion I simply don’t agree with.

I’ve seen plenty of awful people do awful things, as have we all, but in the vast majority of cases it could be explained with “the circumstances of their upbringing were insufficient to produce a loving and productive member of society.”

This is, therefore, not a case of the individual being an inherently “bad person,” but, in a civilisation-wide, long-term sense, an entirely fixable issue.

As we’ve previously discussed, I’m basically playing the story from the opposite end of the spectrum to you - my goals are to see how far helots can be raised up from the dirt and let to live as “normal people.” To achieve this we’ll certainly need to stop feeding them soothing lies in order to facilitate their murder on a mass scale.


@Havenstone Does Slow-Harrowing use more blood than it receives?


Ahhhhhhh. :slight_smile: The penny has dropped. Thanks, I’ll fix that.

The Thaumatarch picks them, at his sole discretion. That said, usually there will be successors being groomed by each Ennearch. Cerlota was one of those, as you’ll discover.

Human minds and emotions are complex beyond the power of Theurgy to shape (or at least beyond what any Theurge can make sense of in trance, which amounts to the same thing).

A former roommate of mine, now a philosophy professor, told me he approved of XoR simply because he hoped it would add telos to more people’s vocabulary. :slight_smile: I’ll let him know we have confirmation.

Agreed – but here again we need to make sure we’re not jumping around between broad and narrow definitions of religion. Plenty of religion is non-theistic, i.e. not resting on “the gods.” As for heaven, it’s not even part of all theisms (early Judaism, for famous example).

All kinds of ideas about ultimate reality end up filling the social space loosely called “religion.” What they have in common is the power to generate a set of practices, rituals, and beliefs that create a strong sense of shared meaning, shared reality – and thus of shared identity. With the ever present possibility of that turning toward exclusion of non-practicers, as Mara vividly illustrated from her own experience.

Another thing they generate is a shared rationality – a set of axioms and rules within which our thoughts and actions can be justified to our neighbors. Within every rationality, there are reasons to work in concert for the common good and a better future… but as we’re seeing reconfirmed these days, it’s also possible within any framework to rationalize selfishness, in-group benevolence, exclusion of outsiders, despair, passivity.

“Hard truth > easy lies” is a tremendously appealing part of just about any mature belief system. Ask any Calvinist about original sin or reprobation of the damned, or any Hindu about karma and samsara. Every system has its hard “truths.” Nobody wants to think they only believe something because it’s easy or comforting… even if consoling illusions creep into all our minds in the end, including perhaps the dream of a single universal rationality and shared vision of the good.

In XoR, you will absolutely have the choice to be the candidate of “non-religious non-religion,” and/or “I don’t care what you believe about the Angels as long as you don’t believe in the Thaumatarchy.” This will have ample advantages in a religiously divided context.

However, you will be passing up on a key opportunity to create that strong sense of shared reality that binds large populations together – abandoning a fundamental tool of the social engineer. “Religion” in the broad sense can be much more effective than enlightened self-interest in overcoming collective-action dilemmas.

You might of course turn to nationalism instead – or just see how far you can get without resort to those big but dangerous sources of social glue!

All that said, if you take too cynical a perspective on religion – too much the social engineer – you’ll also risk losing your followers to a genuine prophet. Religion is never just an opiate. A religious tradition always makes possible the critique as well as the validation of any social order.

One reason compassion and justice are close to the heart of virtually every religion is the human tendency to spend (much) more than 5 seconds thinking about other people. Dismiss that tendency at your peril, if you’re truly looking for religious legitimacy.

And Slow-Harrowing uses WAY more blood than it yields. :slight_smile:


Oh, my MC genuinely believes it. I was simply observing that it’s very useful to keep the lower classes in line.


Really, thank you very much for writing this. I agree with much of it, though could never phrase it so succinctly or eloquently, and much of it is entirely educational and new to me.

Really excited for the future of the series - there is a lot to look forward to.


We were having a discussion about state decadence on the Discord, and I was wondering how long we’d be able to stay in Aekos post-siege? Long enough to throw a party celebrating victory?


Hopefully as my mc intends to go for secularism and a free religious market for all lawful religions and spiritual beliefs.


Known your pc skills and ways I am portraying a Robespierre Freedom of Religion he started … Then Termidor and Republi goddess and guillotine unfaithful.


This should be interesting, yeah. A lot of this discussion reminds me of the ultimately very flawed attempts by the Sassanians to establish a Zoroastrian ‘church’ in their empire, attempts undermined by religious chauvinism and your ‘genuine’ prophets: your Manis and Mazdaks, along with the Nestorians. Social engineering gone wrong indeed!

Of course, for this game, I think I might be trying to take a page out of a certain Ismaili sect’s book. Everything is permitted for the right cause, yes?


I wonder if people will look more kindly on mc’s theurgy if they are declared eclect?

My INT 2 mc only reveals his theurgy to the band after Linos declares him eclect, so I feel he can make a pretty strong case that his magic is a real gift from the Angels.

Now that I think about it, a sudden display of theurgy could’ve given the declaration some serious oomph.


It wouldn’t be my mc’s intent, but, yes, revolutions and social engineering both can devolve.
Still after the revolution monarchism never seemed to be able to really stick in France again, so that’s success of a sort if my mc’s revolution, even if it devolves, ends up being that to slavery and the caste system.


lol with the bad i am for names I would had ended guillotine just because I could not remembering the stupid names they put to calendar month… and the religious attempt… I mean you are mad of power and you create a mumbo jumbo even if you have always be atheistic. BUT WHY IN HELL they created something so bixarre ugly??? I am at least sure you Pc would have fashion sense…


Fashion is an affectation of the decadent elite.

Post revolution, everyone will wear nondescript beige tunics.


Guys can someone tell me how does mc gets offered theurgic weapon ? I used to get them. Now i played many times and can not. Without them i end up dying.
Please tell me what i have to do


99% of my mc’s do. Even if it at times turns out to be very different from the styles I actually like myself. This one is that 1%, so Sneaks is right this particular mc has no interest in fashion and absolutely no sense of style if he did. If this were more contemporary this would probably be the club for my poor former helot mc in this game.


Sometimes i forget not everyone has two free lacoste spears. You have two guarantee if don’t stop the harrowing Two spears will be given to you without you have to do anything


Speaking of fashion, what’s your MC’s opinion on decadence and fancy clothes, and more specifically, a Theurgic masque in the ruins of the Floating Palace?(We were discussing this on the Discord)

  • Fancy clothes AND decadence? Sign me up!
  • They could be useful to impress people.
  • Seems a bit wasteful.
  • Fancy clothes and decadence are signs of an oppressive caste system and must be burned post-haste.

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  • A Theurgic masque in the ruins of the Floating Palace sounds awesome!
  • It could be good to raise morale.
  • Seems a bit pointless.
  • You do know where the blood for that masque comes from, right?

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Thanks. So if i do not stop it.brenden will call my name out and that is how i will get 2 spears? Is there any other way too?


The spears are only obtained via not stopping the Harrowing due spoilers plot reasons. However The others can tell you how obtaining a sword or something similar through raid and that obtainable even if you stop harrowing.

The spears if you don’t stop the Harrowing will be given to you near the battle automatically