Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



When is it coming out?

Beginning to sound like XoR here. :grinning:

My mc there certainly dislikes the Shayardene (nobles) focus on the “bling of war” so if he sees an opportunity to use something like this in the propaganda you can bet that he will.

This again sounds like XoR from the perspective of someone like my mc. Assuming Shayard is French-esque enough getting kicked in the face or ribs one too many times with the Shayardene aristocracy’s well-heeled boots hasn’t done wonders for my mc’s sense of fashion and fashion appreciation, quite the opposite actually.


@Havenstone Would it be possible to spread the “heresy”, that the purpose of helots having sex is for reproduction, but only telling this to the higher echelons of the priesthood?


I would let you propaganda of our Napoleonic wars… But you won’t understand anything. As its pure innuendo and florid Spanish metaphors. Because our commoners fighters give a shit blah blah politics and noble stuff and their desire was insulting and mock enemy.


FWIW, the Wiki just acquired pages on guns, canals, and spoilers on Halassur – a couple of which are new.

Feel free to head on over and start adding stuff…

@KuriosIasoun, sure, that’s a heresy an Awful Noble MC could seek to spread…


I wasn’t expecting the Emperor to be so young. Is he a Theurge?

Also, why are the Erezziano borderlands so horrible? I thought the actual fighting was confined to the Halassurq part of the border?


I was under the impression that it already is the majority view among the Shayardene elite at least, even though it is still technically a “heresy”.
You can bet that for propaganda purposes my mc will treat it as if it were the gospel truth as another cudgel to bludgeon the current nightmare Church with as it seems to be close enough to the lived experiences of most people near the bottom to give it a ring of truth.

Also the Hallasurq emperor sounds like a real piece of work. Surprising that he is nearly the same age as our mc’s. Though by game 4-5 both he and our mc’s will be (quite) a bit older it seems.

Still, I hope we can manufacture a sufficient WMD threat to move our relations with Hallassur from the on and off “hot” war of the current regime to more of a cold war footing through M.A.D.
Which should also be a possible face-saving proposition for Hallassur itself as it would end the periodic killing fields that drive the Hallasurq population explosion and a good deal of their own theurgy.

As an aside those other eastern nations, what are they like? Are they themselves oppressive societies that might benefit from the export of some revolutionary ideology?


@Havenstone Will Veldrin be a possible post-revolutionary capital?


@Havenstone … the Wiki is awesome !!! I am really beginning to imagine my adventure in Book 2

May i ask for these 3 factions traditionalists (Laconniers), cosmopolitan malcontents (Leaguers), and supporters of the Hegemony (Loyalists). , which faction is Suzane supporting ? I am assuming Suzane would like me to be allied with the ideal faction she is supporting, and what about her father ? i would assume the father is the Loyalist ?
I am intrigued in joining the Loyalist and hear their side of the story , perhaps i can revolutionised from the within of the Loyalist :slight_smile:


the priesthood of the Angels is my main choice for now , what better plot than the Angel Eclekt himself descending to the priesthood and then leading them for an enlightenment Revolution ? :-):laughing:


How far does the story goes goes? I am tempted to buy the full version but i don’t want to end up on a cliffhanger or other kind of situations thathave me wait for a sequels for years


If i am not mistaken , this is a 5 Books series … the 2nd book will most probably be ready by next year …

Book 1 , Choice of Rebels is a huge and epic adventure with 600-800k of words … the ending is enough as a stand alone story , because it does have a satisfying ending of our fate as well as the fate of our allies and companions , it is not much of a cliffhanger … the ending is just a conclusion of one of our life journey, hence it is going to be a good buy for you :slight_smile:


While I appreciate Eric’s vote of confidence, I can’t recommend you buy it yet, Jimmy. The story’s not going to be done for a long time, and each game until Game 5 will end on something of a cliffhanger – resolving a key conflict, yes, but with much yet to be resolved in the next game. I don’t want you to be frustrated by the long waits.

@KuriosIasoun, why are the Erezza borderlands awful? Well, upthread I mentioned it in the context of the big border cities:

To unpack that a bit: “murdered by infiltrators” happens all the time in the Erezza borderlands. Halassurq raiding parties sneak or sail across the Ward, and then buy/improvise weapons or (if magi) use their own blood to wreak as much havoc as they can. The constant hunts for these infiltrators and traitors by Hegemonic Theurges and Kryptasts mean that you’ve got a reasonable chance of being killed by your own side, too.

This doesn’t deter people from settling there; some of the better Erezziano farmland is within striking distance of a Ward. The centuries of war have also left eastern Erezza as one of the only places in the Hegemony where land is freely sold and rented rather than being encumbered by traditional land rights (hence the “speculators” mentioned above). But the farmers of the borderlands are a hard-nosed bunch with little trust or sense of community. All in all, it’s one of the more Hobbesian bits of the Hegemony.

Let’s just say that, like the Diadoch/e, Emperor Tevqar is of a generation that is widely coming to recognize the unsustainability of the current system…though the changes they/you begin to implement will take them in wildly different directions.

Easy on, Trotsky. You’ve got a lot to chew on without worrying about the trans-Halassurq states. :slight_smile: (And I’ve got a lot of other things to write.)

It’s more likely to be in the sphere of influence of a different major faction at the start of Game 5. By the end, if you win, sure.

Rebellion. And you guess rightly about her father.


Offering a counter-point of sorts: Book 1 is quite large, and is a fantastic standalone story (well, many possible stories). The wait to ‘find out what happens next’ is regrettable to be sure, but it doesn’t ultimately detract from the enjoyment.

@Jimmy_Jones Glad you enjoyed the demo. Of all the ChoiceScript books out there, this is absolutely one that’s worth trying out. It’s gripping, detailed and voluminous from start to end.

@Havenstone Don’t suppose you know if there’d ever be a possibility of a ? Was thinking on the use of Wikia for Infinite Sea and XoR, and it may be more suitable to relaunch such pages on a semi-official community-run internal wiki.

I know the company staff have plenty to bemoan regarding budgets and whatnot, but a wiki is a reasonably simple thing to configure and pass to the hands of a community-run team. It would enable us greater customisation and interaction, and would increase the communities’ sense of pride.

Although every ChoiceScript book might not end up with a super detailed breakdown on there, it would still provide fans with a chance to enhance and elaborate on the publically-available details of their favourite books.

Just a thought - I’m personally not a fan of Wikia so was considering what alternatives may be workable.


It’s more i was afraid there might not have been sequels planned, so many games i haveplayed that i liked never got sequels decades later so i was afraid of something like, now that i know you are still working on it i’m not afraid of buying and waiting


Feel free to ask them – but I imagine it won’t be high on their priority list, especially given that Wikia seems to be more or less working out as a freely available tool. As a total wiki novice myself, I’ve no idea of the pros and cons of existing platforms, but have followed the ChoiceScript wiki and Infinite Sea to We’ll work with what we have for now.

And thanks for the testimonial. :slight_smile:


Honestly I find the staff a bit intimidating so I’ll leave this for now. Thanks for the thanks!


A self-proclaimed “Grouch-in-Chief” and team, intimidating? Inconceivable. :slight_smile:

(They’re all great people, but I get it.)


@Havenstone, in later games will there be a more detailed “game map”?


Thanks for making one for us.

I’m not sure if you’ve done it already, but, when it comes to charcters with flipped names, I think the wiki should be more neutral. Like using “De Firiac” when talking about Simon/Suzanne.

What does everyone think?


I actually prefer it that way like in the DA series: fans use the last name of the PCs in order to understand who each one is talking about.


Ah, but there are other de Firiacs. Loanne, and her father who will probably have a role in G2.

Also, I’d like to share this Polandball with you regarding the Koinon: