Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


I understood it as Brenen indirectly confiding in her being the spy. I haven’t stumbled upon hard proof on my playthroughs but her confession about knowing the Kryptas code and later her anxiousness when band is resolving the poisoning (she is described as the only one being anxious as contrasted with the other two cooks) made me pretty sure.

So that’s why I’m wondering not whether she’s a spy or not but whether she will switch allegiances.

By the way, is there a path in which Brenen is dead and the poisoning happens? Cause that would be quite compelling meta-proof Brenen is not the spy.

I don’t think this is relevant to her being the spy. Just shows us she is a human too (or a sociopath with nerves of steel trying to strenghten her relationship with PC).

I think Zvad is a poor choice.

  • was described as a great deputy ready to follow orders but never wanting to lead himself
  • has 0 ideology - just wants to survive, doesn’t really care about ideals or politics
  • is from Wiendrj and not particularly cosmopolitan so leaving him in charge of Shayard branch won’t end well


Problem is… if Breden was dead then the real traitor won’t had a reason to frame her…

The actual traitor’s purpose was to frame Breden , so the poisoning only happen if Breden was alive


While it is true that he has no love for politics or anything, I always found that those that did not want to lead usually ended up being a good and cool-headed leader in a sticky situation. As the story started, Breden had an opportunity to lead but she just froze up with fear right on the spot because she knew people that were about to be executed, I doubt Zvad would had done the same thing.

The reason why I picked Zvad to lead is because I chose not to let my rebels go back to the helot camps because that was just too dangerous so I wanted my company to keep moving and find some safe places until my MC came back from the Xaos Land and Zvad would happily give up the leadership once he saw you coming. Hard to say that Breden would had done this because she has shown plenty of ambition to become a leader and depending on your playthrough, she will straight up challenge your plan to evade the army. That is just too risky when the rebellion is barely starting to get more support.


I agree with you that Zvad is an excellent choice to leave in charge. Being the deputy means that you’re the guy who holds down the camp when the chief is away, and his lack of ideology or politics means that he won’t do anything new until you get back.

I mean, imagine leaving Radmar in charge. Would you have anyone left by the time you got back?


I CANNOT get the achievement where you intimidate horos and linos. I’ve tried everything, gotten my ruthlessness up to 88% and still, every time I ask “why shouldn’t I just leave your body at rim square” he just tells me not to and leaves.

Any help?


Good points but in regards to Breden being the spy, if you do get captured and then use the code to escape, you talk to one of the head people and if you tell her that your name is “Breden reaper” she doesn’t know who you are. I took this as solid proof that Breden is in no way the spy, considering the other side doesn’t know who she is. Unless of course Breden is a fake name.


This is more general discussion than tips and hints. I wonder if it wouldn’t fit better on the main game thread.


A spy using a fake name

Imagine that…


Hey, I’ve written up what’s needed for this achievement - if you have any problems or questions just shout.

Achievement: Your Mission Or Your Life

From your first moments with Horion make sure to be rude and unkind at all times: have your character roleplay a scary evil bandit overlord in all interactions with Horion. FYI good relations with Simon / Suzane can cause slight problems with this, since they increase Horion rep a bit.

During their capture choose one of the following options if possible. You usually must threaten to (or actually try to give orders to) kill them, which will result in their pleading and offering information, allowing you to take them hostage. The situation varies quite a bit depending on your followers and their dispositions:

#On second thought, Horion’s ransom could get us through four bad winters.
#On second thought, if we could collect it safely, Horion’s ransom would get us through four bad winters.
#On second thought, if we could collect it safely, Horion’s ransom would buy us more than a few rusty maces.
#“On second thought, kurios…I can’t let you take that risk. Why don’t you come back with us.”

The night before the interrogation, your father will come to visit. Choose one of:

#“That’s a harsh word for it. Call him a paying guest.”
#“Yes.” I struggle to restrain a fierce grin.
#“I’ll ask the ${moot}.” Which will almost surely lead to our holding him for ransom.

If it’s available in the same conversation do NOT choose the following (he is a rat):

#“No, father. He’ll enjoy our hospitality, answer some questions…and in a day or two, he’ll be on his way.”

If things have been setup correctly, the night before the interrogation you should be able to choose:

#I don’t feed them. I want them hungry and frightened for the interrogation tomorrow.

During the interrogation choose:

#“Tell me, kurios, why I should take the risk of ransoming you—rather than leaving your body in Rim Square.”


I didn’t know about this… thanks

Breden said she / he got the code from her/his master, it could be that she betray or killed her master and escape

That’s why i always think the actual traitor wants to frame Breden for some reason, now after learning this… this could be a solid reason, the traitor among us know exactly Breden had killed or betray her / his kryptas master :wink:


Yes I have read your guide and actually completed every single achievement except for Your Mission or Your Life. Basically I send Zvad to capture them and bring them back to camp, and then refuse to speak to them. I do not feed them and want them to see me as a menacing interrogator. The problem is whenever I select the “Tell me, kurios, why I should take the risk of ransoming you—rather than leaving your body in Rim Square.” He never spills the secret. I treat them horribly and like I said, even got my ruthlessness up super high, but he kind of answerers my question and then automatically leaves. Is this a glitch in my game or am I doing something wrong?


It sounds like your Horion relations are too high, i.e. he still likes you too much / isn’t scared enough. Without knowing anything else my suggestion would be to capture him yourself if possible, which will give you extra conversation opportunities to be rude and hostile to him.

Let me know if this helps.

Here are some further notes:

If you’re aristo, at the end of the night before interrogation you can choose:

#“Mother was the unlucky one,” I retort hotly.

For an extra hit to Horion rep. You can also say this to Linos for another hit (so perhaps interrogate Linos first for this extra reputation change):

#“And how long have the two of you been lovers?” I’m keen to see how he reacts to the scandalous suggestion.

Finally another hit to his rep after taking these two choices:

#"$!{tell} me more about yourself, kurios Horion."
#“Best pray they don’t ignore you now.”

Additionally I would note that if you go to capture them yourself, and have Kalt with you, then you can get a great start on Horion fearing you by choosing:

#Fix arrows on the strangers, while I tell them to throw down their swords or be killed.
#I bellow for {kalt} to stop before {zhe} kills either stranger.


Do you have Simon/Suzane or Kalt/Kala? The latter is a huge asset here, especially if you go to collect the prisoners yourself.


Could you please confirm that it’s still possible without having Kalt/Kala? I glanced around a bit and began to suspect Kalt/Kala might be a necessity for the relations to get low enough. Just curious!


Sorry to ask but could someone make a very successful non violent walkthrough with every single choice you should make? I want to be prepared for book 2 and I didn’t do very well on my uprising,


Hey chief,

I wrote a non-violent playthrough some time ago:

It’s the second playthrough listed on that page. It should be perfect - tested it thoroughly at the time of writing - but if you have any problems or questions just shout.


Recently got this game and really enjoying it! Trying some different playthroughs, doing an aristocratic Compassionate (Though not really caring at all about Helots…) / Deout / Homelander one now. Things are going well, but I can’t set up a meeting with Calea, no matter what I change. So I wonder if I’m overlooking something, or if I need to have 2 INT in order to do it? As I believe I had that in the two playthroughs I took that route. It’s the only major difference I can think of that makes any kind of sense.


Or a past love affair with Hector, in which case an attempt to rendezvous with Hector turns into a meeting with Calea.


Can’t believe I didn’t try that! I guess that just the thought of being so near Hector made me throw up a little in my mouth. Will have it in mind for the next time.

Thanks for the quick reply, and it’s great to see devs/authors engage as much (as I see looking through the thread(s)) you do with the fans.


As I said before way up there, I really feel like Radmar is the traitor/Kryptast and Breden is someone trying to figure out a way around the Harrowings, this why she tries to avoid violence (which only feeds the blood death fuel) and either gets blackmailed or is working with the Nobility who want change (which could also explain the password and caution because war costs the Nobility too).