Choice of Rebels-Uprising Help/Hints


So in the final battle I noticed if you didn’t go to explore the new camp side beginning of chap3 and choose to draw the Plektoi attention you can blind it from both eyes (at least with COM2), but don’t kill it…I think. I think the Plektoi was mentioned to run away. Does it have much effect in any way if you kill it or blind it?


No. Either way, you’ve taken out a Plektos that won’t be returned to commission for the foreseeable future. Restoring an eyeball isn’t a skill most Theurges possess.


Traps get used if you choose to fight as well. If you laid down a lot of them they can do some nasty damage (almost completely wiped out the nobles who were after me in my playthrough)


So I decided to make all choices in the winter while playing as a Theurge whose only interest is raiding the Hegemony and by the end of winter I only have 42 people because I suck with numbers.
Is there any kind of advice how to survive the winter without losing so many people?
Or is it pretty impossible if you saved everyone in the Harrowing cause too many people?


It is possible to save almost everyone even if you saved people from the Harrowing. Are you giving mules to help the sick and buy the grains to keep your group well fed? Giving a good portion of your grains to the sick helps them recover iirc.


Brenen confided “I wish to make an accounting” to me and I havent called out her on that. But still, she poisoned the food in Chapter 4 and my beloved brilliant tactician died. Is there any way to make her wholly devoted to you or to avoid any significant damage from her? If not, what’s the best way of getting rid of her, ideally after the winter has passed?

It’s not hard if you are okay with high anarchy + alienating some social groups. Focus on mules first; assign 0 mules to the sick, then steal mules from merchants and raid a Tithe Barn. After that, attack distant caravan on week two or three (you have to have at least 10 mules available upon embarking on this). Then just buy 45 bushels of wheat every single turn. First few weeks will be rough but then you’ll start to have good foodflow. Set rations to normal as soon as possible (should be able to do this on turn 2). By turn four or five you should be able to afford to assign mules back to the sick.


I think the only ways to get rid of her is either at the end of chapter one or after the poisoning. And no the poisoning can’t be avoided if you have her with you in chapter 4.


Elery’s still alive, just incapacitated.

That said, preventing significant damage is possible with INT 2 - you’ll know enough about herbs to mitigate the poisoning.


I believe if you know Theurgy at that point, you might be able to help people from the poisoning as well. Not saying that it was a choice but more like what happens during it.


Correct. If you don’t know healing theurgy, you use herbs.


But isn’t INT1 sufficient enough to keep Elery alive ? As long as we manage to escape , she will be alive in the end :slight_smile: even with INT1


Elery will survive regardless, as I said. She’s just out of commission for the fight if you don’t have 2.


In my playthrough I declared we are gonna hide in the forests, then Breden said she wants us to go winter among populace so I said okay let’s do that. But only two thirds of people in rebellion did that, the rest along with most named characters (Zvad left) stayed in the forest for some reason. I got discovered when I tried to slip out of encirclement and since that moment it was a shitshow. We had to leave every sick person behind - that’s how I got Elory killed.

Do I have to face the hunting party on every playthrough? Right now Im low-anarchy helot who didn’t stop the Harrowing so I think I’ll have slim chance of good outcome if confronted with the forces sent after me.


The named lieutenants always stay in the forests with you. The amount of generic rebels who manage to hide in the helot camps is not fixed, it depends on a lot of factors. With Breden’s tactic your goal should be to have less than 44 remaining people in the woods with you which allows you to move the band without leaving a trail.

Here are some things you could do to get more rebels out into the helot camps:
-Have a high charisma
-Have a good reputation with the yeomen
-Declare yourself Eclect
-Preach the Common Angelic Voice
-Have more literate followers

Things that decrease the number of infiltrators that you should avoid:
-Preach Kenon
-Have a bad reputation with the helots


You have to set up things in chapter 2 for the strategy you plan to choose in chapter 4. If you want to fight the phalangites then pick Radmar to do tasks as often as possible and try to use the others as seldom as possible. If you want to hide in the forest then Zvad and Elery are the ones you should favor. If you want to infiltrate the Rim then Breden is whom you should use. That way your followers will be more ready to support your decision. There will still be someone who tries to talk you into another strategy but if your choice is the most popular one then don’t let them convince you other way.

Maybe I’m wrong but it seems to me that the problem was that many of your followers didn’t support your decision.


Got Ghosts in the Woods with 0 mules, 63 followers (total 43 casualties) and all named characters alive and in the band (except Elory which got Harrowed in Chapter 1).

Strangely, in Chapter 2 got lots of Linos and Horion achievements while being only pragmatic with them, then keeping both hostage without ransom.

At the Moot I only let speak relevant characters, then I declared we will hide in the forest. I have great Brenen relationship (she even revealed she’s a spy - without marriage) so I made her change her mind after she tried to send people back into countryside.

All of us went into forest. I have chosen to demoralize the hunting party with messages, then succesfully got out of encirclement in the night (the band trained beforehand). Killed two hounds with spears donated by nobles and caved-in the third (revealing my power for the first time).

So yeah having 100% support after Moot is probably necessary for success when playing low-anarchy rebellion.

What’s the prevailing opinion regarding Brenen? Is she gonna remain loyal to Kryptas order or will she devote herself fully to our movement?

And who did you leave in charge of the rebellion?


I still think Breden is the traitor. That plot haven’t been resolved yet and there’s just too many unanswered questions regarding her past, where was she before she was moved to the helot camp where she met the others like Radmar and how did she know the Kryptast code? :thinking:

In regards in who I left in the charge of my rebellion, I gave the task to my second, Zvad, seeing how he has experience leading people in survival tactics and I get a feeling that he knows guerilla warfare as well which can serve pretty well seeing I have at least 200 adults and about 150-170 children in my group. They’re going to need someone that would know what to do in a situation when my MC is over at the Xaos-Land.


If I remember correctly Breden mentions they were from Southriding Coast (I sure hope I said the name right) before sold to Outer Rim after her masters were killed. The Kryptast code Breden claims she learned from her old masters.


Yeah I’m not buying that story. I just feel like there is more to that when it comes to Breden


Even if Breden speaks truth of her masters, I believe there’s more to her than that. The fact she only reveals the code to romanced mc and possibly breaks down in tears if mc is grateful seems to indicate it was significant revelation. Also she tenses up considerably when recalling her first kill if mc breaks down in tears after winter. Now who could she have killed?