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Could be… and Radmar aggressively wanted Breden killed whenever there were small misfortunes :slight_smile:


I can’t imagine Radmar being a traitor because that would lead to Poric’s death if you don’t try and stop the Harrowing (unless he was counting on someone stopping it?) and despite Radmar’s flaws, he seems to love Poric a great deal.
…or maybe it is all a pretense


Is there a way to kill this dick Hector?


Not in the first book, he has plot armor. But there might be a chance to do it later in the future sequels


Not for a good long while I fear, besides a mere killing is far too merciful for the likes of Hector. My mc wants to assure dear Hector is going to live both long and in utter misery.


What should a high scepticism Rebel Theurge do with regards to the eclect thing?




Yeah, just refuse the offer. Without high charisma you’ll never be able to convince your followers to become skeptics.


Also, is it possible to have a high ruthless helot who hates the injustices done to his people? Because try as I might, it just doesn’t seem to be happening.


Entirely possible. Aggressively wreck stuff and kill people and you’ll get a high ruthless.


Also, for a noble, ruthless would be trampling helots and hating children?


Ruthless means dealing harshly with your enemies, regardless of whether you’re a noble or a helot. You can’t be actively anti-helot in this game, because most of your manpower comes from the helots.


I meant relatively. Such as yelling at Breden and not looking for Joana during the Harrowing.

The biggest contribution to the ruthlessness stat comes when your MC is asked what the MC hates most and you pick as your first choice:
    *label loathe1
      *if (aristo) and (aristochoice = 0)
        #Its brutal disregard for the rights of the nobility and other free folk.
          *gosub aristocomp1
          *goto loathe1
      *if (helotchoice = 0) and (breden = 1)
        #All the ways that helots are treated as less than human—above all the harvest of their blood in the Harrowing.
          *if aristo
            *gosub aristocomp2
            *set tick 1
            *set ruthless -3
            *set cred_h +10
            *goto loathe2
          *gosub helotcomp1
          *goto loathe1
      *if (breden = 2)
        #The unrestrained, excessive violence inflicted by the Hegemony on the helotry and drudges.
          *gosub aristocomp3
          *set tick 1
          *set ruthless -3
          *set cred_h +5
          *set ruthreal %-30
          *goto loathe2
      *if (helotchoice = 1)
        #The Hegemony's terrible brutality to non-helots—for example, the torture and assassination of nobles by Kryptast spies.
          *set ruthless -3
          *gosub helotcomp2
          *set ruthreal %-50
          *set helotchoice 2
          *goto loathe2
      #The Thaumatarch's lack of ruthlessness when it comes to punishing his own corrupt and decadent officials.
        *gosub bothruth
        *set ruthless +1
        *set ruthreal %+50
        *goto loathe2

The Thaumatarch’s lack of ruthlessness when it comes to punishing his own corrupt and decadent officials.

We can recruit from the yeomanry instead of the helotry.


Yelling? If you really want to be an anti-helot noble, beat Breden with your riding stick or sword.

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