Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

How do you come up with all these things Havenstone? Do you just have sticky notes littering your house with random details about the world you’ve made? :stuck_out_tongue:

A demographics/trade/blood economy spreadsheet, and a Word doc littered with plot notes. :slight_smile: And a lot in my head.

Can only imagine if someone came by and saw your blood economy paper. Oh and I’m really late but I heard you had a son not too long ago congrats!

Great history @Havenstone someday I have to read the codex. But I want to roleplay like my noble character with 1 int, I don’t want have more info than she. And she doesn’t care about slaves or blood mages. What info could she have of codex? Also, you could codex being accessed in relation your character skills, background that could be so awesome! And add replay value

@Razgriz, thanks – he’s burbling happily as I write this.

Mara, there will be some gameplay and knowledge that a noble can’t access, just as there’s some a helot can’t, and quite a lot that will only be seen if you have one or another high stat. For some, that will be an encouragement to replay with a different character – one crueller or kinder, smarter or more charming, than their usual build. If you the reader are interested in things that Lady Mara de Jade isn’t, then try a readthrough as a helot Theurge and see what’s new…


I do like The Unquiet dead. The Bloodless Reach however makes me instantly think that they are a bunch of Theurges who don’t need blood for fuel.

Well if we can’t sail to the West lest us sail to the East. Once we get through the Corsair Coast we need only pay thousands of Dracems to Halassur to sail along their borders.

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@Havenstone great i like that also i had a question about horses. Are they really expensive? And what part of chivalry are in the empire army?

@WinterHawk, sounds like a bit of a reach. (Ha! Reach! Get it?)

Beyond the Corsair Coast it’s not actually Halassurq territory any more – just barbarian-infested deserts and jungles. The continent that begins with Halassur could go on forever, for all you know – though the Hegemony insists the world is round, and that eventually the great eastern continent ends in the western ocean. Theurges claim to have flown round the world that way, though you’ve never seen any map of the lands beyond Halassur.

Mara, horses are expensive, and cavalry is a major part of the Karagond army – but much more so on the eastern borders where war with Halassur is underway than in the quiet southern borderlands of Shayard.


Well forest dont like horses ambush them could be easy.

Any possibility of an entirely separate continent? O.O

Mara: Yeah, they definitely won’t be sending cavalry after you and your band. Just not appropriate for flushing guerrillas out of the densely forested wilderness.

Marethyu: yes… but it’s highly unlikely to feature in this story. At the moment, frankly, it just exists as part of a global map to make sure ocean currents and plate boundaries make sense. I don’t expect the action of CoReb to range much beyond the Karagond continent.

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Abhumans are werebeasts if I remember right

I believe the politically correct term is werefolk. *whispers* The last thing you want to do do is anger the werefolk! :(|)

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Ha! If you thought that was a reach wait for this idea. A canal. Nay! The Canal to end all Canals! Our Theurges are mighty, our helots strong and blood-filled, our nobles rich and determined, and our God Xthonos willing. We shall complete what He began in making that Random River Next To Aveche and we WILL connect Those Two Unnamed Body’s Of Water! That all the Seas may rejoice as one Ocean!


In @idnlun’s new world order with a capital in Avezia/Aveche, a canal on that river and through the crags to the northern ocean might indeed be a priority for the realm’s hypothetical Theurges – wonder of the world/profound folly though it would be (that river’s not navigable for very long).

Any guesses where the major Theurgy-cut canals actually are right now – and why the even the more hubristic Thaumatarchs are not going to prioritise the great Aveche canal?

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Hmmm, I suppose from that big lake near Aekos to Umri?

I suppose that would be it, if the river Veldrin is on is navigable to the city. That way all the trade has to cross to land routes inside of Karagon where is can be easily inventoried and taxed at Aekos.

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I take it this is the problem “eastern borders where war with Halassur is underway”?

An Intelligent guess would suggest the rivers coming from Aekos and Veldrin, got to bring some life to the barren dessert? However I was gifted with Madness not Genus, the Theurges were clearly already attempting this Wonder of Xthonos in Cocenza before the recent hostilities with Halassur.


Is it odd that I always read your name with a conjunction?


@Marethyu Ah yes. Of course, thats what I said. Werefolk. Hehe…

*looks around for weird half animal bea… er… folk*

I cant wait to meet these Liches! :smiley: this could either be propaganda to scare people away from these beings or they are bad but dont eat the living lol just kill them or enslave them and making them undead against their will!

Either way, if theres a way to use thurgy without blood, im all ears! this time, i will make sure to cut my hair, sheesh those scholars are morons!

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Are we gonna have more romance options?