Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Iget this error as well (25496)


Like the others, I’m getting a game-breaking error (male noble, intellect high and combat low) when I visit the sick helots in the second chapter: ‘bad variable returnn.’

Hiera Olymna, I think.


Right. I have returnned from a long weekend and apologize for leaving the dashingdon version buggy! Hope the one I just uploaded is working fine…


It seems to be working fine.

I did run into a continuity issue. This might well just be something I did funky.

Playing as a noble, if you have de Firiac as prisoner, and then either have her join you, or attempt to kill her/change your mind/let her join…then if you go on the Brecks raid, it seems if you choose the top choice when you draw her aside (something about the band not knowing better), you can run into the ‘romance her dialogue’ (such as kissing, etc.)

This is also bad when you are in Ch. 4, and she is pissed at the player for kidnapping her (legitimately so). But the combination of the romance dialogue, and then this makes her seem a little chaotic in thinking.

By the way, I do love this line you put it, especially if you deal with some deserters with de Firiac: “Is that truly all it takes to move me from love of your life to monster?”


How do we successfully take down the tax collector?
Because #taxationistheft


The Architelone job requires a bit of deviousness. If you don’t have at least Int 1, you will either not get the information you need, or your informant will betray you to the law.


And, the safest way is going after the Telone’s family. Although I do think the raid works if you’re an aristo and contact Ismene de Galis.


Is there any way to save Breden during the food poisoning scene?


sure man just get your morale up and theyll listen 2 u


This is probably too minor to bother with, but after doing another quick play through where you can alter the religion (say with Breden’s help, a CHA 2 MC, or going the Skepticism route)…there is an interaction where you can decide what to do with nobles.

Now, if the MC is a noble, your choice will get a reaction out of your father. And Horion will react as well, if present.

I think de Firiac would have a reaction as well, and I could see Swineherd reacting at that point, especially with the Vengeance/Mercy extremes.


Hey there, so there’s that part near the beginning where you tell Breden what you hate most about the hegemony?

Of the options there, there’s one that something like “they corrupted the religion”. But, what actually does the games religion practice?


Lots of things. :slight_smile: Keep reading the game to find out. But that choice is not so much about the religion as about the kind of character your MC is, and (eventually) the kind of rebellion you’re likely to end up leading.


When my overt wisard MC destroyed the Phalangite supply line, the following screens do not make reference to the Phalangite supply situation and instead talk about how quickly the Phalangites can march. Admittedly, there were still 6 to 8 Theurges with the Phalangite force so I suppose they could airlift in food if the Hegemony cared enough to bother and perhaps that is what happened, but it would have been nice to learn of the consequences for the Phalangites of having their supply line cut.

My wisard MC entrusted one phial of aetherial blood to Yebben and Yebben talked about feeling “them” instead of “it”. It would be intriguing if Yebben was referring not to the number of phials but to some other attribute of a phial of aetherial blood.

The May 28 update removed the gap between “if” statements and the conversation on meeting Kalt/Kala is now working correctly.

It appears that the minimum number of mules needed for the sick now is 1 mule which is reasonable, though I really was willing to assign as many negative mules to the sick as were requested :innocent:.

If it is not too much trouble, I would like the stats page during winter to list the week number. I admit I still occasionally lose track of which week of winter it is which makes sending scouting missions interesting…

I would still like to be able to choose who to accompany on the return trip from the sheep raid if using the trick. The MC appears to get stuck with Breden unless romancing someone else who is present. My MC would prefer to accompany Kalt/Kala even if not romancing that person. I can’t imagine a MC that suspected Breden of being a traitor would get much sleep on the trip back with only Breden as company.

During the summer fighting in Chapter 4, the Band does not loot weapons from the Phalangites when destroying the Phalangite supply convoy. Depending on choices, some of those weapons may be buried under tons of rock anyway but some would be available for looting. On the other hand, rangers getting incinerated by Theurges does not reduce the number of weapons in the Band. It may be plausible that the rangers did not bother carrying melee weapons unless they were expecting to use them such as in attacking the Phalangite supply convoy.

The Tithe Barn you know best, Ecclesiast Zebed’s great storehouse in Rim Square, will be thick with Alastors and Theurges—too many for your band to handle. You’re aware of one other village barn in reach of the Whendward wilderness, though. They’ve probably got enough bushels stored there to load forty mules. Your mules will only be able to carry away a fraction of the grain.

Towards the end of winter, my MC is sending more than 40 mules on grain barn raids. I suppose the other tithe barns and some of the noble grain barns may be larger than the ones with which the MC is initially familiar so this may not need changing.

I tried looking at the source code for Radmar threatening mutiny and the conditions are already very intricate. From what I saw searching for radmutst in the source code, the mutiny threat should never have happened anyway. My MC had Zvad as deputy, was targeting both the Hegemony and nobles so nothief=0, and the tax raid went flawlessly that game. To be precise, I can’t remember whether the tax raid had already happened that game at the time of the mutiny threat but I think it had. I’ve only had it happen once in May and I have not been able to duplicate this mutiny threat. Is anyone else getting the mutiny threats on week 8 when Radmar really should be happy with how things are going?


“So we’ll begin the rebellion by disarming ourselves. Xthonos.” You struggle against an almost overwhelming urge to go and hit something. “And would thirty-nine bushels even be enough?” At the moment, the sick and children are on a bare subsistence diet, the kind the helots used to live on back in Rim Square. Healthy adults are getting by with even less—a three-quarter ration. Thinking back to Terret and the sick tent, you wonder how many more will end up sick or dead on such sparse fare.

Here is another instance of even a skeptical MC swearing by Xthonos instead of Rhupos. I keep trying to find all instances of this, but a few keep escaping my notice until later.

Your eleven mules are by far the most valuable assets your band has. The fences will give you goods worth seven hunded drachems per mule—much less than it’s worth, but you’re in a poor position to haggle. And that would be enough to buy more than As before, you could fence one of your eleven mules for forty-three bushels of barley.

I hadn’t tried selling a mule at the start of winter before, but above is the text I got when I tried.

One other thing I learned in Chapter 4 is that learning to read is healthy for you. It’s true! The members of the Band that are literate never seem to be among the casualties during the summer fighting. So if you know how to read, you probably don’t need to worry about Theurges raining fireballs down on you. :sunglasses:


After lots of bug-bashing with my editor, we’re on our way to beta at long last. Look for an announcement sometime in the coming week. Meanwhile, apologies that it’s finally time to take down the WIP draft!


I don’t get all this hate for DLC, if its the option to do an extra story unrelated to the main one and used to expand the lore and worldbuilding then I don’t mind. Although as of yet no one has utilized DLC in such a manner.

Of course if its to purchase additional in-game items aka micro transactions then no thank you.


No, sorry, nothing intriguing going on here – because you’re handing a pouch rather than a defined number of phials, I’d just had Yebben assuming there were plural phials in the pouch. I’ll tweak this to avoid confusion.

I’d been avoiding it because it is some trouble whenever I convert a temp stat to a permanent one – that needs to be done three times in startup.txt and twice in each of the savescene files. But you’ve persuaded me it’s worth the work. :slight_smile: It’ll be in the beta version.

I don’t want to make this a choice, because it’s inconsequential and will slow down the already stretched pace of the scene; but I’ve tweaked the conditions to make it less likely that you’ll end up with default Breden.

And you’ll only get the line “Your mules will only be able to carry away a fraction of the grain,” if mules are less than 30.

I’ll chew on your feedback on Radmar’s mutiny; I’ve already tweaked some of the conditions so it shouldn’t happen after week 8.

:smiley: This is only really true for named characters like Elery and Pin. The “literate” variable that goes up at the end of the winter is not the same as the “students” variable that you pick for weekly classes. They’re related, of course, but one of the reasons they’re not identical is the presumption that some of your students haven’t survived the winter.

It surprised me, too. But I’m not going to argue with it.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Some people may hate it but I think it does sell. @JimD seems to think the extra training points IAP was worth the criticism in ZE.


I don’t hate DLC per se, though authors do need to avoid having me feel like I get nickle and dimed. In this regard I think I’m a bit old school, I’ve got no problems with addons, like say Bioware did with the original Baldur’s Gate series. However I hate when I feel like they deliberately cut practically finished things from the game just so they can sell them as DLC.
My other issue is with the payment system, since I pay a fee for every transaction and that fee is the same from .001 Euro up to 1000, so I guess I’d rather like some sort of system where I can buy a reasonable amount of “store credit” and then apply that to my small purchases bypassing greedy bailed out banksters.

I do tend to dislike IAP’s though, the adverts can ruin my immersion and I’d really just like the option to buy the full version with all the bells and whistles up front.


I agree, people didn’t have a problem with DLC back when it was just “expansion packs”. There’s an appreciable difference between trying to squeeze more money out of the customer with bullshittery and actually making new content.


Will you be able to think Breden is a kryptast, and try to get said kryptast on your side?
You would probably act like you trust Breden, without any actual trust.
Probably romance too