Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


If i’m not being frendly with merchants, I use standing orders for Owlscap


I don’t really use it. I prefer to set orders manually.


Just some observations, and this may not be true for other people.

I don’t know if there is a way to check the code for the number of mules. I just got hit with the second theurge attack (around week 8)…and yet, this was after I raided the Architelone.

I gave the wounded/sick 2 more mules than was recommended…by all rights, they should have been fine, but weren’t.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen all the time but then to get the “Why didn’t you give us the mules?” dialogue will get called out by players.

Also, the morale system seems borked, at least on my end. I understand if to many people die, they will get pissed. However, I’ve had successful raids, kept people fed…repaid Yeomen, never stole from helots, and still get utter dismal for my band’s morale. If this is mostly due to being an Int 2, Cha 1 character, then I can understand that.

Note: I’m not arguing about the yeoman feelings towards the MC; that part has been fixed :wink:


I was making note of any bugs or issues I found as of the update on May 19. I apologize if any of these have already been fixed by the May 24 update.

I am seeing the scene of Yebben asking a covert wisard for training now and the scene of the MC asking deputy Zvad about Elery again. The Cut the Line achievement is triggering now.

I like that our stats now have both numbers and text which I think will come in handy for distinguishing between different levels of a stat at the very high end of the scale. It might be hard to make it clear with words alone that stat level 4 is inferior to stat level 5 for example.

You blink at the unexpected request, then beam at him. “Xthonos, Radmar! Of course I’ll witness it. How long have the two of you been promised?”

Even a skeptical MC swears by Xthonos here instead of Rhupos. I apologize that I keep missing instances of this happening. I really did try to list them all at once but I somehow overlooked this one.

I would like the option to sell mules in Chapter 4. We don’t know how many adults we’ll have by Chapter 4 so it is difficult to decide on how much wealth will be needed for buying weapons. I think Zvad’s estimate of the number of mules the Band will need after winter is far too low, but perhaps that is because the deer population is recovering and the next winter should not be as challenging in terms of getting food?

Terret informs you that the ten followers in his care need at least -1 or zero mules if they’re to move quickly in a crisis. At the moment, of the band’s fifty-six mules, one is reserved for the sick. You change that to a total of:

Terret informs you that the seven followers in his care need at least -2 or -1 mules if they’re to move quickly in a crisis. At the moment, of the band’s fifty-eight mules, zero reserved for the sick. You change that to a total of:

I am perfectly willing to assign negative mules to the sick (freeing up mules for use elsewhere is always good), but the game won’t let me.

“We’ve heard a lot about you down on the great farm estates, captain.” His words spill out with youthful fervor and only a trace of audible nervousness. “They say that you’re trying to fight the Thaumatarchy, but haven’t yet got the helots to love you.”

“So why are you here?”

“To teach you what we really want from your rebellion.” Before you have time to react, Kalt presses on. “Will you take a fleeing murderer into your band?”

My MCs always earn the achievement Rob from the Rich but sometimes Kalt/Kala claims the helots love the MC and sometimes not. I looked at the source code yesterday and so far as I can tell, Kalt/Kala’s speech depends on having helot credibility above 299. However, I’m wondering whether his/her speech looks at the credibility before making the donation to the helotry at the end of winter. Every time after I donate 800 drachems to the helotry, the stats page claims the MC is on the way to becoming a helot folk hero which means helotry credibility is above 299. So Kalt/Kala should always claim the helots love my MC. It is hard without digging through the source code to figure out how much to give to the helots at the end of Chapter 2 so perhaps one of the Band’s leaders could give some advice to the MC on that and the same applies for donating to the yeomanry.

The conditions for Radmar threatening a mutiny need some more refining in my opinion. My MC’s band hit the 54 casualties since the start of winter at the end of week 8. But they had been on full rations since week 2 and the Band’s morale was “exceptionally strong”. What pushed the Band over the 50 mark was raiding the Alastor garrison on week 8. I suppose that raid could have waited another week or two but Radmar of all people in the Band should not be complaining about casualties from a successful raid on an Alastor garrison. It also felt out of place that the very next screen after Radmar threatening mutiny was Radmar asking my MC to officiate Radmar’s wedding, and I didn’t even get the chance to tell the would-be mutineer to drop dead. Radmar threatening mutiny also does not take into account whether the Band has been recruiting people. Prior to the introduction of literacy classes, I had several games where the Band had more people at the time of Radmar’s threats than at the start of winter which makes Radmar’s comments about there being none of the Band left at that rate ludicrous.

I never thought I’d see the point where my MC would condemn the MC of @idonotlikeusernames for not stomping out the Hegemony’s vile nonsense adequately.

To paraphrase A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, my MC plans to educate the superstition out of the populace. That was the reason why my overt wisard was willing to spend a priceless phial of aetherial blood to burn down the temple rather than simply having Breden preach about “angelic compassion”. I think along with the anarchy stat, there should maybe be a stat to measure the skepticism/devoutness of the population.

What remains of religion will be bound by two sets of laws under my MC, sedition laws and commercial false advertising laws. Preaching anything less than full equality would of course be sedition and would be dealt with accordingly.

Even “nice” priests like Linos still consider helots a lower order to be Harrowed so Linos should count himself quite lucky that he was in Horion’s company or my MC would have simply disposed of Linos. Olynna was cooperating with the Hegemony Harrowing people which makes Olynna an accessory to genocide in my MC’s opinion. I doubt there would be many religious branches that would not be covered by the sedition laws. Any that are not already covered will be treated as commercial businesses and would be expected to provide demonstrable quantifiable “blessings” before being permitted to receive any wealth in exchange. Any that could not prove the benefit of their “blessings” would be deemed con artists (which my MC thinks they all are anyway) and dealt with accordingly.

That may very well happen but that would be unwise on the part of the superstitious devout considering that my MC will be training skeptical wisards en masse and any enemy that expects to counter wisardry by waiting for the “angels” to save them is going to do about as well as Linos did at opposing the Hegemony. In any case, according to the in-game world index’s history section, it took 80 years for the Hegemony to form so my MC is reluctantly expecting decades of warfare to topple the Hegemony even under the best of circumstances and this may coincidentally solve the problem of starvation because the population may be much smaller by the time the rebellion wins.

If you don’t mind my asking, what is the forecast for Yebben or Ganelon being potential ROs in sequels? Xaos storms with a chance of theurges raining fireballs? I suppose if Ganelon becomes a potential RO my noble MC might refrain from plundering the noble estates at the Fourth Harrowing.

I’ve been pondering the realism of the prices of mules and I still can’t make up my mind. We can sell each mule for 700 drachems and we get 16 mules from the Architelone raid. Although we cannot sell those mules, they can replace other mules we could sell and the total amount we could sell them for would be 11200 drachems or 112 staters. However an Int 2 MC (not sure about other MCs) estimates the non-mule loot to be worth 83 staters which means the mules we acquire on the Architelone raid are worth far more than the loot they were carrying. I honestly cannot decide how realistic this is for a pre-industrial society.

I’ve never used it.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Don’t use it, I think setting everything manually is more reliable.


Perhaps it would be better to say something like “You are quite fond of old Joana, but today you’re looking for someone else.” or something else that doesn’t seem like she’s been mentioned before.


Spacing suggestion again. This is at week 10 with the learning:
As you turn your mind to this week’s mule train, you’re gratified to see that Elery and the outlaws who have been learning their alphabeta are now comfortably able to read a written message. You reckon that thanks to your efforts, about fifteen of your followers have achieved low-level literacy. At the start of week ten when you send out the barley run, the band has around four bushels of grain in stock; you’ll need to get that up to sixty bushels before the end of the week if everyone’s to eat at the rations you’ve set.

I would suggest the line paragraph (At the start of week 10 barley run) making that a separate line. Where numbers are involved, it is easy for that to get lost in the writing.


It’s hard enough to stomp out a (particular version of, which in my mc’s case is the Karagond Codex and its caste-system) of a religion, it is harder and practically impossible to stamp out spirituality. Of course my mc would rather have new-age mindfulness, zen and whatever else the hip crowd is into these days over here.
Incidentally my mc isn’t going to teach creationism in school so in time he hopes a thorough and mandatory secular education would decrease the influence of religion more like has happened and is happening here in Western Europe than it has in the US which tolerates all sorts of nonsense in its schools and is still overwhelmingly religious.



Theurgy in the Bleys raid is working fine now. :+1:

Ghost Elery is still showing up all over the place, though. Don’t know if you’re still working on that, just thought I’d mention it.


OK, help me out, code-sniffers. If Elery gets Harrowed, I don’t see any way of getting through Ch 1 without el_here being set to false. It either happens immediately following the text describing her Harrowing, or if you’ve tried and failed to stop the Harrowing (so the others die while you’re unconscious), the flag is set when you wake up in the Keriatou jail.

I think every appearance of Elery in bandits.txt is conditional on el_here being true, either directly or through a different flag being set (celery, telery, el_almule) which can only be set if el_here.

So whence the Ghost Elerys?

She was mentioned in another option of the choice you just made: “Joana, naturally.” The aging helot who maintains my family’s groves is very dear to me, if not to my father. I treat the choices as part of the story, including the ones we only read and don’t pick.

Yebben: a decent chance, limited only by my desire to not impossibly over-complicate things. (Which, believe me, is being reinforced by our current debugging experience.) Ganelon is currently zero.

Beasts of burden are some of the most valuable assets there are in a rural pre-industrial society. And remember, you’re getting the fence’s price for the luxury goods you give her/him – not the market price you’d get in an urban center.

So many thanks for all the continuing feedback. :slight_smile: We’re getting there!

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I don’t. Figured changing up what I do each week is part of the game and prefer to do it manually.


While my mc was likely in love with the guy once, it was likely not mutual seeing how he’s a fairly typical aristo who doesn’t really consider helots human. After him turning into one of Hector’s cronies I imagine my mc interest in a romance with the guy quickly fell to zero too. That being said Ganelon is a potentially discomforting “ghost” from his past for my mc and there is a lot of unresolved business between them,


I took a look and I can’t seem to find the issue either. wtf elery???


Her power transcends the code.


I only ever really do it for Caravan Raiding and Alastor Garrison. I only really use them because last I checked you need to set it weekly to extort alaine, and let Elery lead, and for Alastor attacks it gives fewer casualties.

I generally prefer being able to customize week to week since lots of stuff is just a one time raid and the additional followers from recruiting or events always makes me change my numbers a little. If I didn’t think it was a better option I probably wouldn’t use it.


@Sneaks Could you maybe give a little more information on where Ghost Elery is appearing? If possible, please describe the first scene in Chapter 2 where Ghost Elery appears and I can try going backwards from that. I never play that route usually so duplicating and debugging that is proving a bit hard for me.

I did also notice the cara_el variable and that Elery is mentioned in passing depending on whether Yebben is set as quartermaster.


Have you been using the skip to chapter two option? I remember there being problems with her showing up when I used it but not the normal route. Looking at the code it seems like *elery gets set to 0 but nothing happens to *el_here in those options if that is the important variable for most checks that could be the issue.


I tried it again starting from chapter one and Elery stayed properly dead. I guess it is the skipping to chapter two that did it.



I don’t use the automated jobs either. I usually play with the smaller band of people, so I rarely have enough to do more than 2-3 things a week.

@Havenstone There is one thing that sometimes bugs me during the winter. Some decisions take up your time, and make it impossible to do something else with that character for the rest of the week. However, other actions still leave you with the choice to do more stuff. There is usually some logic behind this, but it is often hard for me to know which option does what. It would be nice with a clear indicator to inform which choices are final and which allow for more actions during the week.