Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

It’s not as though Ganelon ever made any pretensions toward allegiance. Just because he was nice to you once doesn’t mean he was ever on your side.

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Heh, although I can envision at least an MC or two who might even blame that outcome on their father. After all, things weren’t the same after dear old daddy drove Ganelon away, especially after blaming him of ruining the library…

And given dad’s eventual blow-up, it might be time to slow Harrow daddy…

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Well he did repeatedly slip us books and scrolls if we play a high INT character, so he was definitely (pretending to be) nice to us more then once. I also imagine my mc didn’t have many childhood friends (not many fellow helots would have wanted to associate themselves with the kid who was basically a troublemaker from the start) , Dann was probably the most important as well as his first crush and we all know what happened to him and then there was Ganelon who could have easily had us whipped half to death when he first discovered the high-int mc reading, instead he talks to us and behaves as much like a friend as is possible given the vast class differences. Of course, as it turns out, we were ultimately just a tool for his own amusement, but my mc didn’t know that at the time and likely foolishly developed both a crush on him and chose to believe he was a friend of sorts.
Whether he could have been a potential friend or even lover is moot however the bigger issue is that he made my mc seriously consider for a moment that maybe not all nobles are evil decadent oppressors, so when he ultimately turns out to be just as bad as Hector himself well that once again confirms all my mc’s negative beliefs about the nobility being nothing more then evil, decadent oppressors. Consequently he will never again entertain the notion that a “nobility” of sorts could ever have a legitimate place in a new world order.
Simon really joins too late and is too inconsequential to influence that line of thought much. In my games he is alive because of two reasons one being that he shows exceptional bravery in the face of certain death and the second being that he’s incredibly cute.

Again this reasoning is unique to my mc and nobody else needs to think that way.
It is also important to remember that for all the bits of self-taught education the high-int helot mc has picked up over the years there are likely still yawning gaps, particularly in some of the basics and I freely admit that some of my mc’s thoughts on the nobility and decadence in particular are riddled with fallacies, particularly of the cum hoc and post hoc kinds (the “fancy clothes” and horses cause decadence and evil being two of the more obvious ones) caused by a mix of very incomplete information and teenage emotions strung into something vaguely resembling a coherent theory of how the world works in that regard.
Good luck however to people trying to point some of those out in the later games however, particularly since the people both intelligent and knowledgeable enough to argue it with him are likely to be themselves either priests or nobles and by then he both has an even more formidable mind to defend the reasoning behind some of those fallacies with and he isn’t in a particularly receptive mood to be convinced by said people in the first place.

Helots don’t have libraries that only happens to the “noble” mc. If the helot mc’s dad knew about Ganelon he certainly didn’t let us know and aside from colluding with Hector somehow he wouldn’t have had the influence to keep any noble away from his “son”.
Of course should that turn out to have been true in the helot mc’s case that would likely cause both a spectacular amount of fury and a spectacular emotional breakdown for my poor mc.


I’m curious if you would have allowed them to bargain with one, a few, or even all of those barbarians at the gate?

Do the sand elves hate the sea elves for instance or is Death fascinated by what he can’t kill like the Horror? Death comes for us all afterall and when he smiles at us all we can do is smile back… I guess I’m asking can’t we make a deal here?

Maybe that’s why the heir is apparently a potential love interest, though it will likely be a very bad and rotten one for helot mc’s that forces them right back into slavery or into a squalid “freedman” status with next to no rights that’s about as bad, or did you mean the players in the D&D campaign?

Of course this being, or at least becoming a heavily political game likely means that not only can we make deals with a myriad of factions and individuals we must likely make a fair few “rotten” deals with the despicable Talleyrands if we want to achieve anything that could be called more than just a Pyrrhic victory.

“But I make the best deals! Everyone says that. Ask anyone or just read my second favorite book after the Shayardine Codex. When I’m Thumatarch we’ll make deals so good, and so wonderful, you will all think ‘this is beautiful.’ When my rebellion succeeds, and it will 100% guaranteed, it will be non-stop winning all the time, believe me!”


Anyone getting Iron Bull vibes? No, you do not know what I want. No, do not flirt with me. Who the fuck do you think you are, coming to me with your binary non-furry ass. Shove those deals. Go wring someone else’s areolae. Fuck off.

Alas, Reality Ensues. Has anyone here completed Fable 3? Because XOR’s morality is a perfect match for F3 (and to an extent 2, regarding the infamous Choice).

Yeah, I have, of course the protagonist of Fable 3 is a cute prince who can weasel his way out of the tough choices by simply becoming a landlord and raking in enough cash to fund basically everything. Alas @Havenstone is probably not going to allow for such an exploit, although overall I think noble mc’s may unfortunately have a slightly easier time of both being accepted as magic-users and during the rebuilding phase, once we get there.
The same-sex romance (in Fable III) only being possible with utterly generic npc’s was a big letdown for me though.

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Literally the only way to get a good ending without problem is by owning almost all the houses available and renting them out for huge ass bucks. :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign: :heavy_dollar_sign:

I don’t know about that, considering the 10k+ drachems bugs we’re still getting out the wazoo.

Okay, but take the money exploit away from the game and you have a real moral dilemma.

Same with Fable 2: bring back the innocent, bring back your loved ones like your dog and your spouse, or get really really rich.

I was disappointed with the romances too! Who wasn’t!?

Ha! That’s true. :laughing:

You do get exactly one attractive opposite sex friend who you can marry later on, if you prefer same sex though, you’re out of luck.

You mean the mule selling? Apparently the mule market is really, really hot stuff in our corner of the world and we can apparently use that cash if we play a com2 character to equip our rebels to the point where they stand a chance of actually winning.

Who!? Mmmm PM me if u wanna talk I know some gay games bruh

Finally, COM 2 is good for something… I am free…

Interesting that a COM 2 is what you need. I would think Therugy or bust but I am curious to see how the battle unfolds for better or worse.

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Theurgy seems to be a Game Breaker so I really feel uncomfortable with everybody latching onto it as if it’s the only thing this world has to offer, and for every situation, to boot. It’s overpowered, overhyped and this conversation about “theurgy will show us the way” got old fast a long, long time ago to me.

Except for my obvious incentives, of course.

I just like to hit things with me sword. I got some mates in the woods, they ain’t as good as me at swinging swords but they do alright. All these people throwing blood at one another is weird. I prefer to simply stick me blade through their chest, take their shiny things and go be happy with me mates. It’s a simple life, but a life that suits me.

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I think one more thing that carries over from D&D is that properly prepared mages (in this setting that means having enough blood) are nearly unstoppable forces at high levels, but still fairly weak when caught unaware. At lower levels mages actually need to rely as much on their formidable intellect as they do on raw magical power and aptitude.

Well if we had something like INT 4-5, much more training in magic and enough blood we could probably make short work of this Hegemony force all on our own, unfortunately we don’t have any of these things so we can’t. :unamused:
Though I’m sure we’ll be able to perform some epic feats of theurgy, or goety (or combine both into a style of magic all our own) later on. :triumph:

Also, much like in the Infinity series, it seems that the com stat in this game not only allows you to fight really well but also gives you an intuitive grasp of tactics. Just be sure to actually have a marshall or army leader who has high NT as well as COM in the later games when the rebellion progresses beyond single battles your mc can all lead personally in order to coordinate your overall strategy. I’m guessing either Elery or Simon could possibly become suitable for such a role later on. :wink:

Sigh, you sir confirm all the negative stereotyping about dumb Helots the Hegemony has their ecclesiasts spread. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t think it’s a “game breaker” but then I generally like to play mages and it’s not overpowered because of the sheer quantity of blood required to do anything worthwhile. If anything is overpowered in the first game it would be Charisma.
Of course for my mc magic (goety) will show him the way, if Hera built the current nightmare on Theurgy he can damned well build his new world order on “Goety” and becoming this world’s “Merlin” is stated to be a possibility.

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They spread the word sure. But they don’t do it so well when their heads are removed from their shoulders and put on a spear. They tend to get real quiet when that happens.

Oddly enough the mages aren’t very talkative either when they’re out of blood magic. They tend to start acting real friendly when they’re defenceless.

I don’t claim to be the hero of this story, nor do I say I’m the one that’ll fix everything. What I can say is that I’ll tear apart anyone who tries to put me or me caravan into one of those mulchers. As it turns out a lot of folk can get behind that idea.


You do know that your character is likely to either end up a mere figurehead in a gilded cage or back into slavery at the end with that kind of attitude right? :smirk_cat:

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No, he won’t. He’ll either kill everyone who wants to kill him til they just get tired of trying or he’ll die. Those are the only two options.

@cascat07, Make the Hegemony great again, am I right?

On the Thaumatarch’s heir: I think they might end up being a rivalmance, for those who want it, or have no romance (considering we’re likely going to meet them in Book 3). As I said, rebelling against the whole Hegemony will probably take years, and maybe we’ll reach a time when they’ll think allying with us is a good deal. But accepting them will probably cost us. Then again, having the Thaumatarch’s heir defecting to your side would probably encourage more people to follow their example, right?

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Have you ever questioned why mages are overpowered in most, if not all, the games they appear in?

Because it’s piss and it’s unbalanced! Because things impossible to the normal human being are possible with reality-warping, never mind the cost!