Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Don’t forget the fancy uniforms. It is counter-revolutionary to distinguish yourselves in any way.

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Ah yes how could I forget?

You know it comrade! :+1: A true officer of the revolution needs no fancy uniform do perform his duties!
See, even comrade Bryce knows now, re-education at work my friends. :sweat_smile:

Can I have my girlfriend back yet?

Painfully forced smile

Da comrade General Username! I serve the Username Union long may it prosper!

(Is hoping desperately that the secret police doesn’t take me out back and shoot me for not answering fast enough)


May I add my MC to that list?: (considering that I only irregularly view this thread…)

Oh, and it’s the People’s Union of the Username Socialist Republics, comrade. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you talking the post-rebellion state is a civilized one, unlike the brutal, barbaric and decadent Hegemony, as such we no longer use the death penalty.
It’s clear though that you’ve not been re-educated enough yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You worry me sometimes Bagel.

Good lord. S-so lewd :scream:


With what? The nippletwister? The snipple? The obsessive focus on pillaging and chaos? The fact that my mom flings GSDs across the room? The references? The training in swordfighting? The fact that I’m a furry? The fact that I’m Spiderman?

What is the official title of the Thaumatarch’s designated heir anyway? And is the heir just any noble mage the current officeholder chooses or must it be a child (adopted or not) or blood relation?

In all seriousness I’m surprised the heir would even deign to speak to a (largely) self-taught, self-described (or possibly a real one by that point) Goete, let alone make those insinuations.
Helots are supposed to be just dumb slaves and farm-animals, who are not supposed to be able to read or write let alone use magic, right?

Also, the heir a potential love-interest? How does he figure that ever working out, if not with us as his “pet” sex-slave? Considering he really does represent everything most of us are fighting against, even those not quite as radical as my mc.


The second one, please promise me you’ll make preventing exsanguination you top priority next time. Portmanteaus can wait, profuse bleeding cannot.

It’s not my fault I’m hilarious.

Titking. Titking Nippletwister.

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Nah, that would be the nickname, or unofficial title most likely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How dare you accuse me of an untruth!? You’ll get what’s coming to you when the dreaded Titking Nippletwister stabs you in the underboob.

Titking “Tuning in Tokyo” Nippletwister. :stuck_out_tongue:

pls forgive, Havie

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One therugy scene I found particularly interesting is the blindness/eye sharpening. When our MC sees human eyes in telos vision they appear with beams of light coming out as the Greeks believe that was how we see the world. Clearly this is not correct in actuality, but that is still how the MC is perceiving sight and how they can manipulate it with therugy. I wonder how telos vision would change if the MC’s beliefs were challenged.


Hmm…maybe we’ll find out if we really do start to use and channel Xaos in a more than just metaphorical manner and thus change the way we likely practice “magic” from how the Hegemony’s Theurge’s do it.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Yeben. How he understands Theurgy, or if he can use it all because of that.


Hear, hear! Which I think is great. Good dynamics manage to move arround better storyline and all that.

I’m pretty sure Yeben will catch Theurgy quickly. Maybe sometimes he’ll even be able to see better due to it.

But, call me paranoid… but I don’t think making Yeben learn Theurgy might help in the long run. This smells like the good time for a tragedy to strike.

What? You mean the “apprentice” possibly outstripping the “master”, normally that would be something to be proud of you know, however if we do want to remain the leader of this rebellion it might be something we cannot afford, which is why my mc promises to teach him later, hopefully after we’ve had our own INT and theurgy skill boost somewhere during the second game.

@Havenstone I do wonder why that blind theurge of legend remained blind, if he still had his eyes couldn’t they simply have restored them to their righful telos, thus rendering him able to see, or did he lose them some other way, maybe as part of some cruel Byzantine punishment of the Hegemony?
In any case Yebben still has his eyes right? So it’s possible he might yet be “cured” or even cure himself of his blindness.