Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Oh my goodness I’m in love. The entire concept of this game, and it’s meaning… Bravo, sir, bravo.


“A familiiar voice cries: “Radmar! You’re alive!” Breden bursts through the circle, her giddy exhilaration plain in every springing step.”

Should only be one ‘i’ in familiar

You’ve won, @Havenstone.

I already commented upon oyur richly detailed index of lore, but that was before I got to the game itself. I did spot some railroading (and what Choice game doesn’t have that, to some extent?) but… how can I put this eloquently? The track was a great ride. Or something. Metaphors suck.

You did something that many WIPS I’ve lurked on cannot do. I cannot complete the demo., Not because I don’t love it, but because I am constantly restarting nad muttering under my breath, “There’s got to be something I can do…”

I can count on one hand the amount of games that have made me care that much about their outcome.

One thing I noticed, though, was the in-app purchases. I’m not really for the monetization of games, and the-- ah, hell, what am I saying? I’d love to plunk a buck down for the raid against the tax collector, if it didn’t feel like I was bribing my way to victory that way.

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Lol @lovinglydull I found myself doing the exact same thing! And I do agree with the IAP… I would have no problem paying for each chapter, however I think that you should pay for the game itself, not pay to make it easier. But I would be fine with paying over $5 for the entire game, with a charge at each chapter based on the excellence I’ve seen so far

Unless you plan for Choice of Rebels to be free, which is something I’d strong suggest against, I’d say don’t do the in app purchase. I hate them, I’m not even sure if I can buy them with google chrome. Instead raise the price of the game.

I’d be interested in Choice of Games figures in regards to how much in app purchases make for them. I’m never going to in app purchase, even if I do support a game. In order to buy it’s a lot of effort, I need to find my credit card, type in the number, hope that the sale goes through and my popup blocker doesn’t get annoyed at it. I get frustrated at seeing content blocked off. I’d much rather pay more and have the full game to play.

I am strongly opposed to DLC for the same reason. I will sometimes throw money at free to play flash games as a thanks for making such a good game, but I tend to resent being made to pay extra for content I think should just be part of the main game. I feel cheated out of some of the story.

I think that the makers of Defenders Quest had an interesting thing to say about DLC. “It’s impossible to sell more copies of DLC than of the original game.” Actually I like their whole article and I think some of it’s relevant so I’ll link it here.

It’s not all relevant mind you.

But I’d much rather not pay for an in-app purchase. I’d rather get all of the content and pay a higher price for it. I am also more than willing to purchase sequels, but my purchasing of sequels tends to rely upon me enjoying the first game. I don’t like hidden charges, and in app purchases strike me as that.

I’d hate if I was reading a book, (like Dragonlance) and suddenly it skipped an interesting section and expected me to purchase something else. It kills my immersion.

I think the in app purchase thing is fine as long as said purchase changes the game in a profound and meaningful way.

i understand @FairyGodfeather but i want the inverse in app purchase is better for me more practical and simple the demo free and if i liked continue buying modules look a cliche of romances or ze. If they don’t sell that way i have to wait two three years to play some part of game. If you want wait years for all the parts, its your choice but i don’t want wait years for read a new plot of adventures dlc are a good system

I’d say it depends on if Havenstone intends to release the first part as free or not. I like the free demo on the website, pay for the rest of the game format. If the entire first part is free (and @JimD has already discussed the problems with that format in other threads) then I definitely don’t oppose the presence of in-app purchases. I’d rather pay for the game though, or pay for the sequels, than pay for a bit in the middle.

Good game, I don’t mind long text dumps in a game like this which deals with long term events.

I’ve spotted a capitalization error:

“the temptation of a follower who is infatuated with me.” should read “The temptation of a follower who is infatuated with me.”

And if you choose to kill the two nobles in chapter three you get the following message: “line 600: bad label murder” and the following page lacks whatever options it was going to include.

Stats were:

Alkyone Mikilatou Lie-Breaker
Status: Aristocrat

Anarchy: 29

Ruthless: 52% Compassionate: 48%

Skeptical: 60% Devout: 40%

National: 45% Cosmopolitan: 55%

Charisma: 2
Combat: 1
Intellect: 0

Wealth: 74
Followers: 369
Arms: 23
Blood: 0

The rebels who will be remembered with you in legend include:

  • Breden Reaper, charismatic and eloquent helot
  • Radmar Millstone, physically powerful and short-tempered helot
  • Elery Skinner, brilliant helot strategist
  • Zvad of Whendward, outlaw and ex-mercenary
  • Kala Swineherd, passionate and vengeful helot

You are rapidly becoming a folk hero to the helot classes.

You are loathed by your fellow aristocrats as a bloody-handed traitor to your own kin.

The priests of Xthonos dislike you for your impious offenses against the Imperial religion.

The few merchants who have heard of your rebellion regard you as a bandit and hope the authorities take care of you quickly.

I’m also going to say I’m against IAP, especially in the testing phase of a game.

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@FairyGodfeather i prefer bits in middle if ad to story i don’t buy choice of zombies dlc because no add a comma to the story.
in app let me for instance if this first part is so good character inclined than i couldn’t support it without sleep. I simply buy the rest of parts alone. with app purchase if Havenstone add a path Be a maquiavelian noble and gain your own power dlc i would kiss him and pay triple for it. If you don’t want be a noble who fight for power you don’t have ti buy dlc

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found his error when i choose to murder the travelers

line 600: bad label murder

i also agree with Marajade with that i rather prefer to buy to whole game or part one as whole complete game rather than an in game buy so it would be nice to have an option to buy the whole game.

Huh. This was an interesting playthrough. Messing with Theurgy was fun :wink:

Antam Oakfell
Status: Helot

Anarchy: 18

Ruthless: 38% Compassionate: 62%
Skeptical: 65% Devout: 35%
National: 36% Cosmopolitan: 64%

Charisma: 1
Combat: 0
Intellect: 2

Wealth: 80
Followers: 374
Arms: 25
Blood: 2

The rebels who will be remembered with you in legend include:

  • Breden Reaper, charismatic and eloquent helot
  • Radmar Millstone, physically powerful and short-tempered helot
  • Elery Skinner, brilliant helot strategist
  • Zvad of Whendward, outlaw and ex-mercenary
  • Kalt Swineherd, passionate and vengeful helot

Though most helots still don’t trust you, your popularity and credibility as a leader are slowly growing.

The aristocracy hold you in contempt as a helot upstart.

The priests of Xthonos dislike you for your impious offenses against the Imperial religion. In particular, your public displays of Theurgy have led them to accuse you of trafficking with dark powers.

While most merchants think your rebellion is bad for business, a few of them see opportunities in working with you.

Ah, I also encountered one error:

During the Harrowing, Zvad shows up as one of your dead members. Before you even meet him.

@Havenstone congrats on such an epic game and for posting it for public feedback. I just finished reading the last Game of Thrones book and was looking for something new to keep my interest, so this is great timing. You have about 120k words already, so I suggest charging for episode 1, then having IAPs for the other episodes, like CoR.

I’m worried that I’m getting off topic so if we want to discuss in-app purchases I might spin off another thread since my issues are at large. I would pay for this game. Not only would I pay for it but I’d want to. It’s as good as any fantasy novel that I’ve read with the bonus of being interactive. It’s worth money. But, well I’m going to shut up about that.

Finally, I get to ask other people the questions that have been gnawing on me.

What do you think of Breden?

Do you think we have a traitor in our midsts and if so who? And why?

@FairyGodfeather I really like how Havenstone created Breden, giving the MC the option to romance her even though she may very well be the traitor. In my opinion I believe it is her, though in my playthrough I still romanced her for two reasons. One, I was attracted to her (kinda essential in a relationship) and two, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I’m really interested to see if my suspicion about her was correct or not.

How about you?

I want kill all my colleges pf rebellion, i did when game ends with political victory is a typical revolutionary tactic kill your old ally. Stalin did it , think in trosky . French revolution almost all kill one to another Nazi party suffer the knife night half of party leaders killed. Franco in my country kill all their conspiracy companions included his own brother Ramon. all dies in airplanes accidents how convenient.

So my first goal kill them before they kill me idealism in politic always end in a blood massacre. That’s way revolutions work

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Breden is decent enough, but definitely not my favorite character. The PC’s doting on them gave me a bit too many Black Magic vibes.

If we do have a traitor in our midst (and it’s possible) it would definitely not be Breden. Mostly because Breden seems like the obvious choice for a spy.

It might very well be one of the children. After all, it’s not improbable for unscrupulous mages capable of transmuting human flesh to make intentionally child-like demihuman spies.

And it’s just as possible that there is no traitor. Fear of an enemy in your midst can be just as terrible as an actual enemy. Just ask the Nizari of Masyaf.

Mmm. The idea of a route (and a route that’s almost certain to be a popular one; come on, Robin Hood-ing the tax collectors?) as an in-app purchase sounds rather skeevy to me personally. Feels like the annoying way they did day-1 DLC in Dragon Age: Origins, where they’d stick the characters permanently in your camp as annoying ads to buy the DLC.

You don’t need to dote on Breden. You can be suspicious of them, and there’s a couple of ways to get rid of them.

I strongly suspect that Breden’s the traitor. I’d rather that they weren’t though. I’d love to be surprised to discover that Breden is actually innocent. That they did indeed plan to try and recruit Breden to be a… um spy (whatever its fancy name is) but they hadn’t got there yet.

However I think there’s just too much evidence pointing at Breden being guilty. They’re charming and charismatic, showed up with no ties to anyone, seems far too willing to speak out, and not that scared of doing so. They aren’t picked up for the harrowing, unless you choose not to step forward. And when they are they point to you. They don’t get beaten in jail. And for some, inexplicable reason, if you share your bedroll with them, they can start crying after a night of passion. I think that’s caused by guilt.

Anyway I think Breden’s the traitor, I’m not sure though. I do want to know. Hmm I suppose it could even, potentially be the runaway. I’d like to investigate that possibility.

I romance Breden though. I like that dynamic. I like having an extremely idealistic, trusting, charming aristocrat who has a huge blind spot in regards to Breden and trusts them implicitly. Who couldn’t even dream that Breden is anything other than what they claim. I think that story’s the most interesting one, and for me it’s interesting to try and work out if Breden is, or isn’t the traitor. I do desperately want to know. Either way I definitely don’t want to kill Breden.

If they are the traitor I’d like to think they’re being coerced into it, one of their loved ones is being held ransom, or something like that, and I’d like to be able to help them. But that’s my idealistic playthrough.

I also had fun with the playthrough where I went “I don’t like Breden” and did everything I could to be extremely difficult.