Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

Cheers m8, will give it a try now

Is there a way to save Carles in the intro? Everything I try ends the same

The jongleur? It is possible, but only if you play as a helot.

I think the key choice is this.

Choose: I kept singing.

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Damn. Oh well thank you

A bug/omissions. If you got the Telone to help you:


The Telone hesitates for only a moment. “Taken by a Keriatou delegation the day afterward. Accused, confessed under torment, condemned, Harrowed. A shining example of Hegemonic justice.”

“So you’re not under suspicion…”

That top “And…” should have either the noble or the merchant. It seems blank

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For those who might be interested:

The upcoming update will not have fixes to all the bugs etc. identified upthread, but it will have a complete game you can play through, with only a couple of “to be filled in later” bits like marrying Breden. Fingers crossed that I can finish it soon!




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I hope for my sanity and your ears There is not a bug That makes Evil Gandhi married Breden… Or I will die by a rage attack :wink:


The closer this gets to completion, the closer Tea gets to playing an almost-exact interactive fiction version of Tellius’ Radiant Dawn Part 3 Chapter 3: Blood Contract.

Come on? We’re oppressed by the empire, but especially, the peasantry are oppressed! Priest-magic using rebel leader hiding a bad past, and their vaguely-forced love interest? Priest-magic using rebel leader also possibly first person to magically heal things without assistance? Giant animals with natural armour as hard as steel that require specially forged weaponry to kill? Oldest most experienced guy on the squad literally just lets the crazy teen lead? “Whoops everyone let’s go to the desert I messed up”? Rumour of a secret heir to the late royal family is in hiding who may or may not be the actual heir?

-rubs my filthy little hands together in glee-


Awwww the part I want most of all :sob:

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Well, I have to save something for the “official” beta test. And for the folks who, y’know, pay money for the final thing. :slight_smile:

  • offering the completed optional romance path behind a paywall
  • not offering the climactic battle and ending behind a paywall



Not a problem for me since I almost purchase everything that has come out :wink:

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I think I’ve said on other threads that I don’t really believe we lose sales by doing open betas on the forum – or at any rate, that whatever sales we lose are more than made up for by the benefits we get.

And there’s no question – given how many moving parts I’ve got in the game right now, getting the collective power of this thread’s community to help me debug and properly balance the final battle is going to be more than worth it. I’m not going to get it right without your help, any more than I’d have got Ch 2 right.

I see the completed optional romance path(s) as a nice sweetener for the final version.


Romances pufff!!! All are helots and a nun… Mara totally prefer a good clothing and cocoa. Cocoa is not like Simon saying boring knights crap Mara have to pretend being a honor lady and not laugh in the Lacoste face. Couldn’t you add some viagra mumbo yumbo I could add his beverage to be more normal. WHY I HAVE TO SUFFER THE ONLY NUN CHASTE NOBLE MAN IN HISTORY???

Viagra isn’t an aphrodisiac, Mara. It doesn’t… excite a person, only… cures… physical problems. That and I doubt it exists in this world.

I do know of a fair amount of plants and herbs which function as aphrodisiacs, however… [distant sniggering]

Ah, the things we do for love… bless 'im. What a lifestyle, gotta respect that; and his argument for doing so.

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I will respect him until a better noble appears with a ring and power. A noble I will kill when I reach power.

u keep doing this mara, and i keep telling u, u’ll end up single if u keep killing every boy u meet

Hey now. Not all of us knights are boring…

Alone but powerful and with lot of lovers