Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Well, the wayback machine says:


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Using blood for magic is just wrong for my MC.


It’s probably not actually a desirable avenue to go down in the game, but I know if I were a member of the world, I’d be interested in a kind of metamagical examination of why blood works, and whether a more inoffensive material could be somehow itself altered via theurgy to be useful as such a source of power.

Don’t imagine it would work, of course. Internal logic seems like it would demand a kind of conservation of magical energy, that imbuing, say, water with theurgic potency would require more such power than could then be drawn from it.

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Maybe the special blood theurges use is special because of the harrowing machine.

Maybe the blood is mixed with something that is only gained when they kill the helots.

Maybe it has to do with harnessing energy from human teloi?

Like when a human goes against their teloi it creates lots of energy and it’s added to the blood to give it that power?


True, but cut the wards and all “luxury” blood spending and we just might be able to manage, or at least that’s what I hope.
Plus while helots may be a large plurality of the total population a blood drive would have an expanded base from including everyone, or at least mine will.


This is actually an important part of the story, and you’ll get it early in Game 2. Hopefully it won’t be too midichlorian for people’s tastes.

Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Yeah, I wasn’t even thinking of that, but I suppose that’s a factor too. Too much in the way of explanations for mystical matters rather wrecks them.

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I have a feeling it’s something to do with an early death… /His Dark Materials flashbacks/

Oh, and it’s “midi-chlorian”, Havie, in official material. Pronounced “ˈbʊlʃɪt”.

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Yes, well… We’ll just have to wait for the MC to discover more details on the nature of theurgy before setting any plans in stone.


Yes – it’s (belatedly) worth emphasizing that, despite their Greekiness, the Karagonds would be about as likely to have nude Olympian athletes as the Victorian Brits.

:slight_smile: Well, I don’t think I’ll run low on NPCs, and Bagelthief de Marin and Idonotlikeusernames Tanner would stick out a bit. But I’ll be mentioning you all in the credits.


Just throwing this arround, but what if… it has to do with the telos of blood.


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This post and some of the surrounding ones are my thoughts on it. You’re not far off the mark in my opinion.


Interesting idea but I’m not sure I like the concept that the telos of the components of a something can maintain the telos of the whole once separated. For example if I file some shavings off a metal hammer is the telos of the shavings still “to hammer?”


Depends on like, whether or not this takes the creative based view, as in, the state of the instrument has undergone change and thus has been “recreated” by the act of filing therefore it undergoes a change in Purpose because it undergoes a change in default State.


If this is the like, stricter view, yeah. Like, because it is only a part split off from the original instrument, and the creation serves no purpose on its own by just existing as a fragment. If you fight with a sword and it shatters, the sword itself no longer exists, but the pieces do, which can serve no other purpose until repurposed, and exist in no other state except as pieces of what they were. They “remember what they were” so to speak. Like a Schrödinger’s… sword?

Whatever. I’m too drunk to philosophise. Going to bed.


Okay you and @Havenstone and @poison_mara have just convinced me and more importantly my character that state-sponsored sports including, sigh, extravagant games every couple of years where the best athletes compete in their natural state might be worth it. Still there will be no equestrian events where the “athletes” get to compete in fancy clothes and boots though, as that would defeat the spirit of equality and be counterrevolutionary. Unless of course we can integrate equestrian things into combined events only and those “athletes” do compete in the other parts in a more acceptable state. It all depends on how many concessions my poor mc would need to make to the despicable “horse lobby” I suppose.
Hmm… that brings up another consideration, given how relatively gender-egalitarian Hegemony society is does that mean (naked) male and female athletes would compete directly against one another, separated only by objective standards such as boxing’s weight classes or would a gender separation for almost all of the sports (save equestrian, which any games my character sponsors won’t have) still make more sense?



Is it possible to take the energy something makes when it goes against its teloi and store into something like say blood?


I don’t remember who it was but I believe one of the characters themselves speculated at one point that it was the suffering of the harrowing that was integral to the whole process. Either in the creation of aetherial (spelling?) blood or in maintaining the wards. Or both.

It would make sense. After all, even the most depraved thurge would have a hard selling these machines as a necessity without a compelling argument.