Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread


Yes it was. I imagine the forum will finally explode with excitement from all the building anticipation when the update is complete so I dobut any one will miss it.

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Yup no changes.

@WinterHawk I hope it’s soon!

@Iello, good point – the choice to speak Shayarin should *set kuria “milord/milady”. I’ll fix that.

And I didn’t say there were no vorpal bunnies. Just no 301 year-old vorpal bunnies. Nothing of the Ancient and Nameless genre.

Edit: and just to note, I think this thread has been running for a year now? Thanks SO much to everyone for your feedback – and your patience!


No tentacle monsters?!

That’s it. I am DONE with this game.

Outrages are so last year.

OK, @WinterHawk and everyone: here’s a new hand-drawn map of the gameworld, in which Karagon is shown as the landlocked backwater that it is.

For reference, this world’s Arctic Circle passes just north of Yanzir, and Shayard City is a little above the 30th parallel. The map has Mercator-esque distortions as you go north, so Nyryal is actually quite a bit smaller relative to Shayard than it appears here, and Erezza’s not quite as big either.

Oooooh. Aaaaah. This map looks goods has anyone tried to sail around the Xaos-lands and the Abhuman federation to get to the other side Erezza?

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Are the Xaos-lands unmapped, or are they really that featureless?

I cant wait to explore the world! :smiley: see the abhumans, and possible undead! AAAH! and definitely get more POWAHFULZ

Wait are we certain undead exist?

Abhuman would either mean eldar or human with more distinct skin colour.


They are mentioned in the index. I can’t remember what parts, but they are a thing. Probably thoroughly unpleasant things too.

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From the index: “Abhumans: the nomadic werefolk who live in the [deserts, hills and] jungles to the south of Shayard. They have a loose tribal federation, rather than any centralized government. The Karagonds call them half-demon servants of Xaos, but still trade with them.”

@WinterHawk: The Abhuman subcontinent is known to go a loooong way south but to be circumnavigable. Still, no one sane wants to try that route; once they left Abhuman waters they’d have to sail an ocean where the prevailing currents push them toward the Xaos coast, make it past the Bloodless Reach without being taken by the Dead, and then round the Ashyk Cape in the farthest north without being trapped in the ice.

Potentially a fabulous CoG, but a terrible trade route.

@Sneaks, unmapped. Definitely not featureless, as you’ll see in person sooner or later.

@Player, no, not certain. But the Nyr are skeptics, and they all believe in the Unquiet Dead.

New page, new link to the game and the new draft world map.

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On the new map. that Avezia city looks like it might be in a nice position to make a decent capital city for an eventual successor state.

Known to Shayardenes as Aveche, hotly contested with Erezza for over a century, and part of Shayard at the time of the Karagond conquest. The Thaumatarchy assigned it to Erezza as part of unpicking Shayard’s little empire. It makes the continent’s best wine.

Im more intruiged by the undead, can you share more about them? :slight_smile:

I propose we find a better name for the undead.

The Silent Ones is good.

The Restless ones sounds like it has a good shot too

Ah, but they aren’t silent. :slight_smile: I like the Restless.

The Shayardene horror stories speak of the undying lords of the Bloodless Reach – the worst abominations created by Xaos. Cunning and cruel, the kings of the Dead hunt down any living human who dares enter their realm, toy with them to give them some hope of survival… and then torment them to death and feast on their flesh.

One of the Nyr stories you’ve read (if you’ve got Int 2) speaks of rash scholars who crept off to the Ward to convince the liches to share the centuries of knowledge they possess. The Archlich Ghaesh himself appeared out of the snows to whisper his dark wisdom to them… and over two years of converse, he persuaded them one by one to cross the Ward to learn to see as he saw. Only one refused, insisting that everything could be learned by talking across the Ward. So Ghaesh patiently continued to whisper to him daily… until the scholar’s hair had grown long enough to blow across the Ward as he leaned in to hear the lich. Instantly Ghaesh seized the hair, pulled him bodily across, and devoured all of the foolish scholars.


The Restless ones it is then.

Whatever you want except the unquiet ones because it sounds lame!

Its like what a nerdy parent would call his little children!