Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?

Ah. This may be my problem, but it is not my responsibility. Do email that 403 business to the address above - @dfabulich probably needs to take a look. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything I wrote.

Meanwhile, I guess you could try clearing your cache…if you’re playing on the web, anyway. For other platforms, maybe reinstall (I know, ouch, sorry).

I see, I didn’t expect that there could be a problem on their end.

I’ve emailed them basically that exact message. What actually is a 403 error then in laymans?

Agreed, but you can at least politically marginalize them if you cooperate with the queen well enough. She’ll fire the Blessed Adviser from court if you play your cards well enough.

Choice of Games games actually run in a mini-web-browser, accessing local files if it’s not the web version, and 403 is the http error for “forbidden.” The mini-web-browser tried to access a file, then told itself “no.” That’s about all I can tell you.

Weird, is it easy to fix?

That depends on what’s happening on the back end, exactly. It’s not something they can tell just by looking at what you (the end user) see.

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“I could try turning you into a tortoise.”

“Could I sing?”

The vivomancer thinks for a moment. “Slowly.”

Yeah I love this game xD


ok…gotta ask…


but , when you see the 1st scout attack . If you pick : I do my best to change the magister mind

How do you go about that ? cose so far…it end with lot of dying XD

Simply amazing. Both as game and as story.
First playthrough was one of my wildest rides in CoG’s history, and I never could’ve guessed it’s ending. For those who interested, here misadventures of not so humble Sei Vixson :


Hierophant Sei

A bookish, spectacled man with brightly colored feathers in his hair wearing a shimmering cloak and a navy blue and white uniform fit for the most elite duelists of the capital

Ancient History: 8 (Fantastic)
Fighting: 2 (Decent)
Subtlety: 7 (Excellent)
Charisma: 7 (Excellent)

Optimism: 61%Caution: 39%
Humor: 45%Solemnity: 55%
Empathy: 71%Calculation: 29%


in women)
Tal (married)

Tal: 69 (Great)
Cos: 61 (Very Good)
Sam: 71 (Great)
Vera: 71 (Great)
Thecla: 86 (Great)
Church: 52 (Fine)

Kingdom Power: 5 (Decent)
Adoration: 68%Vilification: 32%

Gold: 777 gold
Glamorous Shirt
Ring of Camouflage
Alchemy Set
Torc of Life and Death
Antidivination Ring
Hierophant’s Miter

Seer Marie
Blessed Sam

Ari the Baby Dragon

The Dead

Plot Points

Chapter 1

You and Tal stumbled on an ancient magic academy.
You discovered a book of vivomancy, and an inquisitor chased you.
You glamored yourself and ordered the inquisitor to leave and never report you.
You explored the academy library.
A divination revealed that the most valuable treasure in the academy was in a room with a dragon and a broken-down airship.
To fetch an alchemy set, you animated Noodles, Tal’s stuffed monkey.
Noodles caused an accident that would gradually disintegrate the whole academy.
You found a laboratory with a trapped specter.
You saw a vision of someone else becoming a specter and betraying the trapped specter.
You freed the specter.
It became clear that the spilled chemicals were going to consume the whole academy.
You rescued a dragon egg from the ancient airship that you used to drill your way out of the ancient academy.
You escaped the magic academy and headed for your hometown of Akriton.

Chapter 2

You flew up the coast of the Negative Sea back to Akriton.
You told your parents that you can use magic.
You met a hat seller but bought nothing from her.
Seer Marie told your fortune with kalot cards.
You taught Seer Marie real magic.
You stopped a thief who stole from Fruitseller Fran.
You saved an old man from the death cloud.
You saved a little girl by animating a gargoyle.
You saved a swineherd from the death cloud.
You agreed to hunt a dodecapede with Tal.
You kissed Tal.
You restarted the automated mine that was the dodecapede’s lair.
You restarted Akriton’s giant fans after the death cloud passed.
Cos and you agreed that you would secretly work for Akriton.
You heard a pair of inquisitors had come to town.

Chapter 3

Two inquisitors came to your door: the more aggressive Blessed Jacob, and the kinder Blessed Sam.
An old man intervened, claiming you weren’t home.
You cast a divination and learned the old man was Mayor Cos, shapeshifted.
You waited until the inquisitors left.
You went to a House of Sun service, led by Blessed Sam.
In the middle, your vivomancy disguise wore off, but Blessed Sam did not take any action to pursue you.
Blessed Sam asked you to heal his pet dragon, Thomas.
You agreed and healed Sam’s dragon.
Blessed Sam helped you hatch your own baby dragon, Ari.
You offered to teach Sam vivomancy, and he agreed.

Chapter 4

You rode to the capital in a wagon with Sam and Jacob.
You sneaked into the Cathedral basement.
You found a university student held in the Cathedral dungeon—the last mage left there.
You freed the student, whose name was Vera.
You invited Vera to explore the Cathedral dungeon with you.
You found a secret passage that avoided a somewhat terrifying room.
You found a room that looked similar to a vision of a pleasant afterlife.
You found a room full of divination crystals monitored by the many-eyed Watcher.
You found the Cathedral’s library.
You found an old statue of Abraxas that promised to answer questions about the Church.
The hierophant came to make an offer of sainthood to you.
Inquisitors and Church guards pursued you out of the capital.
You escaped the Cathedral and headed home.

Chapter 5

You glamored the guards pursuing you and told them to report that you were dead.
You headed back to Akriton.
On returning to the market, you discovered it had burned down due to a lightning strike.
Seer Marie told a fortune in which time is running out, things would come back from the past to haunt you, and you needed to pick something to concentrate in.
She said further you would have your choice between power and chaos, ingenuity and a desperate plan, a shattering crown, a monster with an all-seeing eye, and a tree hiding an enemy, and that you should embrace the magics of the sun when you walk in the shadow of death.
You wrote a letter to the queen warning her of a potential invasion by the Neighbors.
You taught Vera as your apprentice.
You told Vera you weren’t interested in her.
Tal’s house was marked for destruction by the Twilight Band, a group of shapeshifter haters.
You told Mayor Cos that the head of the Twilight Band was Banker Sara, and he had her arrested.
You added automation to Akriton’s foundry, making goods cheaper.
In response to your letter, the queen offered you a position as an advisor, which you accepted.

Chapter 6

You returned to the capital, summoned by the queen for an interview.
You became an unofficial magical advisor to the queen.
You moved into the royal palace.
Spymaster Dol reported that the Neighbors’ airships were spotted near the Negative Sea, confirming your earlier fears.
The queen asked you to determine in what ways the kingdom should adopt magic to stay competitive with the Magisterians.
Blessed Sam became Blessed Advisor Sam when you arrived at court.
You recommended using automation as the main way to modernize the kingdom’s industry and military.
You told the queen glamors were not worth the health risks.
Over dinner with Tal and the queen, you learned of the queen’s childhood stuffed animal, Bear Bearson.
You animated Noodles and Bear Bearson to introduce them, but they fought, embarrassing Tal.
Your power plants and factories came online without a problem.
You learned from a book that negative burn and rot cancel each other out.
A book you bought confirmed your suspicion that automation magic would cease to exist if the Eternal Storm went away.
You learned from a book how to craft an antidivination ring, and made one for yourself.
Cos revealed a penchant for piloting.
You created a divination-based broadcasting system for entertainers, but did not teach the entertainers glamors.
Tal proposed.
You accepted.
A visit to your mother turned deadly when she turned out to be a shapeshifter, who attacked you with a knife.
Your mother recalled the shapeshifter was Fruitseller Fran.
Your mother’s house was destroyed by a Magisterian bombardment.
You told the queen you would try to negotiate for peace.

Chapter 7

You were brought before the high magister, who interviewed you in front of the Magisterian Senate.
As you traveled home, the sky seemed even darker than usual.
You convinced the Magisterian Senate to opt for peace.
You married Tal.
You developed an invention that calms the skies.
An attack of rot left you bedridden for a month.

Chapter 8

Rot finally began to kill you, and you were taken to the Cathedral.
You asked not to see Blessed Jacob.
You asked that Tal be invited to visit you.
You asked that Vera be invited to visit you.
You asked to see Queen Thecla.
You asked that Cos be invited to visit you.
Saint Twimsby paid you a visit.
He brought your pet dragon.
Vera came to visit you.
A voice awakened you and called on you to have faith in it.
You ultimately chose not to sacrifice yourself in the way the voice demanded.
Tal visited you and cried.
Cos visited you, and told you that what you experienced with the voice was a psychotic break.
The hierophant visited you.
The hierophant revealed she had a similar experience with a voice commanding her, and she became hierophant by convincing others that the voice was Abraxas.
The hierophant revealed she had become aware of you by casting a divination to find someone else who might have had a similar experience.
The hierophant offered you her miter, its protection from rot, and the office of hierophant itself.
You accepted the miter and the title of hierophant.

Chapter 9

As hierophant, you tried to create a culture of questioning the established wisdom.
You and Tal had a baby girl.
Cos and Thecla married.
No longer mayor of Akriton, Cos tried to develop his own flying machines.
Queen Thecla became a powerful sorceress.
Your dragon and Sam’s dragon Thomas seem to have chosen each other as mates.
King Sam proved to be an excellent person to have at the helm of Eirinia.
Vera swore off magic and returned to school.
Abraxas came to you and ordered you to cleanse the sky.
You convinced Abraxas to leave the world alone for a time.


How do you persuade Inquisitors Sam and Jacob that you have things to settle in town first instead of going with them immediately to the capital? I wasn’t paying attention the first time I got that option, which means you and Tal can have an extra scene together, but now I can’t seem to trigger it again. Is it a case of being well-liked by the townsfolk, or maybe a charisma check?

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I do have the scout airship that they used to attack during the assassination attempt. And like I said I’m able to use the airship if I fail the first automation check but succeed on the second attempt. Unless it was something different? It just seemed rather strange since the queen asked me to do negotiations and then it was never brought up again. I guess I could just try to fail the first check on purpose but that seems kinda silly.

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I’m having trouble getting the Alchemy set :confused:. Can anyone help me with getting the right routes?

Either heal Tal or fly.

Does anyone know how to get the queen marries her ideal knight achievement?

Set her up with Tal.

I heard that you could do it with a golem to prevent things from going awry in the kitchen. How do you do that? :sweat_smile:

If you can get there at all, you’ll have a chance to meet the golem first.

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Gotcha! Thanks for the help!

All I did was to animate Noodles to get the set off the shelf.