Choice of magics endings [spoilers]

Umm ok I had this weird stuff going on my last two chapters

Chapter 8: You used the erupting negation energy to scour away the Eternal Storm above you.
Chapter 9: You switched the kingdom’s power source to the Eternal Storm.

I was like, nani? So does the Eternal Storm gone for good or I just removed the part of it that’s within cities kingdom? I’m confused :joy:

Also got the most wholesome ending ever: ~prevents war(Thank you esper and the magistrate crowds!)
~Remove and utilize Eternal Strom for making industries and ships! (somehow with automation both are possible, I guess…)
~Me and Vera married, she leads a Mage Academic in the kingdom capital. Tal and Queen Thecla married too and adopts a daughter (melted my heart at this point :heart:)

You definitely erase the storm