Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

Thank you for the recommendation! I actually bought Tin Star a while ago but I didn’t finish reading for some reason, I’ll definetely pick it up again and read it!


Does anyone know any good scary wips (I’m talking about extremely scary I’ve read heart of the house and although I like it I don’t consider it the least bit scary) any recommendations would be extremely appreciated thx in advance

I really love games / demos where your character’s personality matters and characters in the story actually reacts to their personality, it just gives everything more life. Recently my interest has developed towards a personality I’ve never thought of playing before. The innocent saintly type. Someone who holds no malice or negativity towards others. They’re sweet and honest. I’ve always stuck to playing a flirtatious charming type because it makes everything more fun but playing such a different type of character would be interesting.

Any recommended games where I can play as the saintly type? Let me know and I would also love to hear your thoughts about the topic!


I know there are games where you can play that build but I can’t think of any of them off the top of my head. As for my thoughts on that type of character, I’ll just be blunt and say that’s my least favorite type of character. I’ve always been more a fan of the sarcastic and sneaky antihero; there’s something really fascinating about playing with gray morals but The whole saintly nice guy thing makes me cringe


They’re fun, aren’t they? As a writer, I can say they’re much easier to write as a support NPC than a MC. Reason being, they can’t exactly know about their own naivety. That’s easier to convey in third person. But when you’re selecting options, you’d have to use a lot of dramatic irony (the reader knows but the character doesn’t) to achieve the unreliable narrator (things may not be precisely how the POV views them) effect. If there is a piece that does this well, I’d like to read it too. I use a lot of unreliable narration in my WiP, but it’s for the sake of humor. The MC is a less-than-worldly farmer. So the information the reader has to make their decisions with is sort of filtered through the MC’s ignorance.

Anyway, cool question. Hope you find what you’re looking for. Cheers! @cone


This is the type of MC I most like playing!

My most “saintly” MC is in “A Mage Reborn”, a WIP. It’s a bit subtle there, as it’s mostly the MC’s decisions and stuff like that that make it. Still, there is a lot of small variations to flavor text depending on personality.

The Ballad of Devil’s Creek” is a pretty peculiar one - the MC has a semi-set personality of being a bit snarky and stuff, but at the same time, you can really make an extremely nice and sweet character, even if the first impression the characters will get of them won’t necessarily be that. The game really acknowledges their personality though, even in the phrasing of some choices and stuff like that! That one’s also a WIP.

“The Bastard of Camelot” (check it out here), a WIP that’s moving to Twine really allows for a true saint of a character, but at this point in time the MC is a kid so the world around them still reacts more to the rumors surrounding them than to their true personality. Their personality WILL impact things more and more though.

To a degree, “The Exile” WIP is a bit like that too - the MC has some predetermined traits, but you can really shape your character like you want, including a very “knight in shining armor” type. The only thing I need to mention is that the game is really dark and sad, so everything will be a bit jaded.

Then, let’s not forget “Fields of Asphodel”, where the MC can be the sweetest most adorable thing ever. And yes, that’s also a WIP.

And yes, I know I did mention most of my favorite WIPs… But they are not my favorites without reason :rofl:
Keep in mind, there are a lot more, but these are some of my favorites!


Hi! I’m looking for games to play that are spooky, perhaps dealing the the supernatural. Preferably non violent games.

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A kiss from death is game dealing with supernaturals and a heavy romance focus over violence. It isn’t violence free but it is minimal. Spooky and nonviolent aren’t a combo I’ve really seen around


“A shadow Horror” as far as I remember it is bin violent. If I remember correctly the only violent thing was getting a Scratch on the leg from climbing. Everything else is more lovecraftian psycho horror

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“Fog Knows Your Name” should be a game you try.


Try the keeper of midnight the wip will be back up on dashingdon soon

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They’re not full games, but there was a Halloween game jam last year. You can read the entries here:


If you’re talking weird/creepy like a “Courage The Cowardly Dog” episode, then “Bulb Boy”, “Little Miss Fortune”, & “Fran Bow” meet the mark. They’re all on Steam. Each is a different style/type of game.

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Any games similar to Nothing left (to burn) or any other edgy or depressing games

I liked VTM - Night Road a whole lot. Despite the shared settings I did not enjoy VTM - Parliament of Knives due to the lack of any kind of equipment or skills. What games do you think I might enjoy based on that?


World of darkness hosted a Jam in Ichio this month for doing games based on WoD. Eighty-eight entries so you can try them.

In Choicescript, there are two Entries. @dwsnee

And mine

Could you give us feedback? That would be useful for us to learn to do better games.


Does the setting matter? Or do you just prefer games with skills and stats?
For the latter you might want to try Zombie Exodus Save Haven or Tin Star.


Pardon me if this question is already answered, but I can’t find any! Also, I wanted to put Choice & Hosted Games in the category but it can’t so I put it in General.

I don’t want to mull over some heavy choices that will either kill me or my journey, or some dark and wild ones, but rather I want something to just relax to, and enjoy how the scenes fold out.
From the title, I want to take a rest for a while because I get pressured with these options too easily, haha. I love light-hearted novels, could you help me? Games with a light romance are welcome, too!

I have already read books like Tally Ho, Jolly Good, A Sensei’s Story, Cat’s Choice, My Day Off Work, etc. And I loved them!

Thank you very much :blue_heart:


I like Curse of the Black Cat a lot! It’s a heist game and is a great deal of fun - sometimes higher stakes but more of an adventure romp than anything grim or stressful.


I would say The Parenting Simulator might be good if you haven’t checked it out before. Lighthearted is one of its main keywords. And if you have checked it out before, feel free to buy many more copies. Now that they’re vaxxed, one daughter is about to start jiujitsu and the other cello and dance lessons (not at the same time, though that would be interesting to see), all while my bank account gently weeps.

I would also waitlist CCH 2.5: Fun and Games. It’s a really neat exploration of the Community College Hero world, and while I only tested the D&D campaign section of it I thought it was a great way to get a gaming experience where the stakes are simultaneously nonexistent yet enormous, depending on the importance you place on the game within the game.