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Hello everyone. This is my first attempt at a game here so please…be gentle with your reviews on my idea. I’ve been thinking for the last few days that it would be awesome if there was a game where the forum users themselves were the characters. I do have a storyline for it so far . If you’ve read my recent posts on the “who’s your MC” thread then you’ll know that I intend to make the story about two of my MCs i’ve already created. If possible I would like to use bits and pieces from other CoG and HG titles along with anyone who would want to be apart of this,with their consent of course. I would not use anything I don’t have permission to use. I was thinking of making all NPCs be forum users. And any advice or anything you’d like to see would be great to know. At the moment I have a request to make it medieval fantasy themed. And I think that will be the base for all this I think. If anyone has anything they’d like to ask go right ahead. Please remember this is still just ideas at this point and that any feedback would be appreciated. A bit of information on my MCs has been posted on the thread I mentioned earlier but I will certainly add any extra information on them if you would like. Well I hope at least some of that made sense.

From Ashes We Rise [FAWR / WIP] Upd. 30. Oct
Idea: forum community game

Those are good times Marethyu. It pains me whenever I see the word August on the date because that means school is creeping closer :((


I think it’s an awesome idea, especially as it’s medieval fantasy which is a specialty of mine! Feel free to use allusions to Trial of the Demon Hunter, and me as a character. And it might be a good idea to copy and paste some of the info you posted in the other thread over here. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Razgriz Do you plan on only pulling from finished CoG and HG titles or are WIPs eligible too?


@Razgriz I think this is a fun idea! Could you could provide some more information on these two characters? And would we be playing them or someone else?


Thanks Sam. And glad you like the setting. You can thank @PORT3R for that. I’ve been nervous as he’ll about this. Literally got a whole 3 hours of sleep last night because of it. Lol


@TwoSharp Hmm what exactly would you like to know about him? Kojiro Shigeharu is one of two main characters I have. One is from Japan currently (Kojiro) the other has ancestors of some renown in Japanese culture but was born in America ( Adrian Sanada)

Kojiro is human. Adrian is not. Both exist in the same universe. I’ve loosely connected each of them to a series of choice of games and hosted games titles. There’s a long story behind Adrian dating back to an old friend of mine . Kojiro however is rather new to the world. Kojiro is a hero while Adrian,not necessarily evil, will fight for those he cares for,himself and that’s it. Kojiro has had an easier life than Adrian and has not experienced the same loss as Adrian. Adrian has a mysterious connection with two people. Only those two can see behind the cold exterior he puts on. He also doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty if he has to. Kojiro however does his best to get everyone on his side even if it involves being extremely reckless/stupid. Yet he tries to always bring in the bad guys alive. I guess Kojiro would be considered to be a hero of the people while Adrian tries his best to stay out of the spotlight. Lol I honestly could go on and on about these two


You would not play as one of the MCs I’ve mentioned up there however you would be either a close friend to Kojiro or someone Adrian has just recently saved.

@SharpOne both if the authors let me. What I’d love is to have Jason be king of the main empire I’m thinking about making


@Razgriz Thanks for the information! I’ll be looking forward to more.


It could definitely prove interesting!


You of course could use Mara as a bard always you keep her in character, Believe me you dont wanna know what could happen if she doesnt like your work :wink:


Go, @Razgriz! I like the medieval fantasy setting.


@ TwoSharp Good glad you’re interested in this. While most everyone in this community has seemed supportive ive honestly been really worried about even putting this up.kinda thought I’d get mauled by vicious reviews. Glad to see I was wrong so far. Oh and I intend to make this a free game . This is to thank other authors for their great work,put it out there that the authors thank and appreciate the people who’ve given them helpful feedback and to try my hand at this.


@poison_Mara *trembled in fear*

@ Wulfyk hey you got to take some credit. I wouldn’t have started this without your help.


This will likely take a long while for this to be finished. As I have had no experience with choice script before. This will be a learning period for me and I hope you will stick around for the ride


That’s like really awesome I could be your ruggedly handsome vampire in the story. Lol


Lol hmm you know I could use that idea. Adrian himself is a vampire but in my head I can see you being the leader of a coven on this world. I’ll retain the fact that Adrian is from the America we know while Kojiro was born in a land similar to Japan but on the fictional world I’m making.


@Razgriz It sounds very promising. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.


Isn’t it a little anachronistic (I know, I’m a little guilty of that in my works) that this is medieval fantasy with America and Japan :P?


Do you have any idea on a story line yet?


Well in my defense Japan and America play no role in this. America is just a place that Adrian only vaguely remember. And I’m sorry I should have specified what I meant by Japan. Think of samurai,feudal warlords or daimyo, I meant like what Japan was like back during its warring states period. The buildings are built in the same fashion as Japanese castles. Is this making any sense or am I taking shots in the dark? Lol